Victor Zsasz is a psychopathic enemy of the Batman. Zsasz delights in murdering random victims and mutilating his own flesh with several tally marks to keep score.


Victor Zsasz had amassed a large personal fortune in addition to his family's wealth. One night, he ended up in the Penguin's casino, where he gambled everything he owned and ended up losing it all; afterwards he saw that his life was empty, driven by desire, and there was no point to living. While he was attempting to commit suicide by jumping from Gotham Bridge, a homeless man tried to assault him with a knife. Instinctively grabbing the knife, Zsasz saw in the man's eyes that all life is meaningless and that nothing nor anyone matters. He then proceeded to stab the man to death as a "gift" for saving his life. From then on, he dedicated himself to "liberating" others from their pointless existence

Injustice Comic

Year One

When the Justice League go to Arkham to round up the insane inmates and move them to a more secure location, Zsasz interrupts an argument between Superman and Batman, taunting Superman and asking him if he felt the 'release' from taking a life. Wonder Woman then has Cyborg open Zsasz's cell door, much to Batman's horror and Zsasz's delight, only for the insane killer to be quickly swept away by the Flash to the secure location Superman has created for the Arkham patients.

Year Five

He escapes from prison and murders Alfred Pennyworth.

Injustice 2

Zsasz makes a cameo in the first chapter of the story, being taken hostage by Damian Wayne and killed as a way of Damian stating he agrees with Superman. Before he gets killed he tells Damian he killed 121 women.

Powers and Abilities

Zsasz is a master escape artist, breaking out of every prison that has ever held him.


Zsasz is covered in tally marks, each mark representing a life he has taken. He rarely wears a shirt or shoes, and is only seen in the pants of an Arkham Asylum patient clothes.


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