Due to user JohnsThrone return to the wiki and his and many others request that he have his admin rights restored, I am creating this blog to provide a way to vote whether or not the community wishes those rights to be restored. And so the community will vote whether they want him to have them or not. There are some simple rules:

  • You can only vote a single time in the comment section.
  • All voters must be registered user to prove that they are part of the community and not just random people who decide to vote for no reason
  • All voters must have been on this wiki since atleast 1 week ago, so anyone who hasn't contributed before July 10, 2013 cannot vote so that people are unable to create accounts just to vote one way or the other
  • Poll will close on Thursday July 24 2013

This way all people who vote are certified members of this community who have proven expierence and history on the wiki, so everyone that votes has a valid reason for their choice

Comment saying "Yes" if you want his admin rights restored

Comment saying "No" if you don't want his admin rights restored

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