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Shadows Twilight is a contributor to multiple Wiki's, who prefers to use them to wait in the shadows waiting for the next piece of big news. While he is not afraid to partake in social editing, he refrains from making any large edits, choosing instead to watch and wait.

Editing Rules

1.If someone adds a piece of information that is true, but is at the same time poorly written in any sort, type, fashion, which, way, or form, don't bother correcting it, just undo it altogether, because if the edit wasn't done right the first time, it shouldn't have been made at all.

2.If the page doesn't exist, don't put a link to it.

3.If there is nothing under a section header (i.e. "See Also") then there is no need for that section.

Speculation Guidelines

Note:These are merely my personal feelings about speculation, I'm not trying to impose such opinions on to Wiki policy (yes, I would like this to be Wiki policy, but I try not to be an ass about it).

1. Nothing is official until an official source says it is

  • Official sources are limited to: The game itself, an important figure behind the game (i.e. a director), official guides concerning to the game (with caution), trailers and official media concerning the game (tentative), official social sources of the game (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Note: Certain comments of a certain noobish game director should be taken with a cautionary grain of salt.

2. It does not matter how obvious something appears to be. Without official confirmation, it is still speculation.

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