Ursa is a Kryptonian criminal.


On Krypton, Ursa was a military commander, leader of the renowned Black Zero Unit. She was ordered to arrest Jor-El and Non as they spread news about an incoming destruction of the planet, but she ended up agreeing with them. She allied herself with her superior, General Zod, against the Kryptonian Science Council, but the rebellion was lost and she was exiled to the Phantom Zone. During her imprisonment, she had a son from Zod, and she nurtured her hatred towards the ones who betrayed her people.

Role in Injustice

While trying to get back to his home dimension, Sub-Zero inadvertently opened a portal to the Phantom Zone, freeing Superman and his allies: Zod, Ursa and Non. Wanting to help Superman regain control of his Regime, Ursa started battling Batman and his League.

Powers and abilities

Ursa is a Kryptonian woman which makes her different from regular human beings. Her alien biology grants her the ability to absorb solar radiation from the Earth's yellow sun to not only enhance her physical characteristics, but give her other inhuman feats like flying, projecting beams of heat from her eyes, and the ability to exhale hurricane like winds from her mouth.

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