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The Trickster is one of the Flash's many Rogues, who uses an assortment of themed weaponry and explosives against the Fastest Man Alive.


While the first Trickster, James Jesse, was working for the F.B.I., teenager Axel Walker stole all of Jesse's gadgets and shoes and became the new Trickster. He was also given new "toys" in addition to James' originals.

Injustice Comic

The Trickster arrives at the place where Bizarro attacks his fellow Rogues, killing Heat Wave and Weather Wizard after he claims he's a "fake Superman". Golden Glider and Mirror Master survives and escapes. When Trickster arrives, he tries to convince Bizarro that he is a "friend" and that he is Superman. Bizarro is confused and asked if he knows Superman before he sends the Trickster to somewhere far.

At first, Bizarro sends Trickster into a really cold mountainous area, causing Trickster to complain about getting cold; however, Bizarro then sends him into a desert. Trickster tells him that he is Superman and a king who "wanted to protect everyone from the bad guy". He also tells Bizarro that there's a "fake" Superman who took his throne, which he needs to get rid of.

Meanwhile after Bizarro returns again after trying to attack Superman and Solomon Grundy, Trickster tries his best to explain about the Regime Superman being a "bad" Superman and offers him to help. Bizarro then sneezes so powerful that a wall behind him collapses. Trickster complains about it before telling him that he is hungry and what hamburger is.

In a fast-food chain, Trickster eats hamburgers with Bizarro and then fights with some thugs after Bizarro accidentally throws trash at one of them. One of the thugs points a gun at him, only for Bizarro to blast the thug with his heat vision. Trickster appreciates his friend's help but explains that he shouldn't be killing in front of the witnesses and probably may report this to the Regime, and then Bizarro blasts the whole fast-food chain, killing everyone except his newfound friend, demanding no witnesses before the two escapes.

In-flight, Bizarro asks a seemingly frustrated Trickster if he's mad about it while Trickster yells he is not. Trickster soon explains that it's his fault for being unclear at his words. When Bizzaro was about to cough during flight, he uses two of his hands to cover, then confidently telling that he did well by covering his mouth. However, due to his limited intelligence, Bizarro actually accidentally lets go of Trickster and drops him to fall to his death.

A shocked Bizarro carries his friend's dead body to the old man who found him, demanding him to fix his friend. The old man refuses and tries to call for help, but Bizarro vaporizes his telephone and leaves. Bizarro later sends the dead Trickster to Lex Luthor whom he now realizes his creator to fix his dead friend, then Luthor convinces Bizarro that he will fix Trickster.

Powers and Abilities

The Trickster is a skilled con artist who uses various trick gadgets to fight against the Flash.