The Trench Queen is a cameo character who appears in Injustice 2 as part of a stage transition in Atlantis.


The Trench are one of the three kingdoms survived after the original Atlantis was destroyed by Atlan. Blindly loyal to their king and queen, who hold the Dead King's scepter, they destroy everything in their wake, causing an untold destruction both underwater and on the surface.

Injustice 2

The Trench Queen appears in Atlantis during a stage transition in her nursery. She swallows the fighter whole, but when the chains restraining her tense up, she spits him/her towards Black Manta.

The chained Trench is also seen in the background of Atlantis' arena.

Powers and Abilities

The Trench are extremely strong and durable creatures, able to spit a lethal poison and gifted with sharp fangs and claws. They can breath underwater, and they're able to survive the immense pressure of the oceans' bottom.


The Trench are huge sea monsters resembling giant humanoid piranhas: they have fins and gills like fish, but they move and behave like humans. They are much larger in scale than Atlanteans, and they have impressively long and sharp fangs.

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