The Tower in the comics.

The Tower of Fate is the headquarters of  the mystical superhero, Doctor Fate.


The Tower of Fate was created as a safe haven for the host(s) of the Fate persona. The tower contains many valuable artifacts and tomes, both magical and non magical to assist Kent Nelson and later on his wife Inza Nelson. It is not known how many levels the tower had but it also contained many ancient Egyptian artifacts, obviously from the days of Nabu and or Kent's archaeological days.

Injustice Comic

The Tower is where Zatanna relocated Batman and Alfred after the Dark Knight's crippling at Superman's hands, the Tower being the safest place to hide Bruce from the Man of Steel, as it exists outside of time and space.

Role in Injustice

The Tower is featured in Zatanna's ending, where she teleports all of Superman's followers to save them from execution, but still keeps them imprisoned.

Role in Injustice 2

The Tower appears during the stage transition of Kahndaq.

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