• Injustice 1 did a decent job of allowing gamers to sympathize more with Batman's faction. Superman's fall was a tragic story, but in the end, we fought on Batman's side and most gamers agree with that. However, in Injustice 2, we lost Metropolis and Coast city and Dr. Fate. Metropolis was rebuilt after Lois died since ruins remain, but now there's nothing left of Metropolis, meaning that one of the worst fears of the DC heroes has been realized, a major DC universe city is lost forever.

    Now, I hate to criticize humanity, but in real life, when terrible things happen and people experience them, or are victems to them, they tend to start thinking very much like Superman now thinks. Just look at all the anti-muslim hatred that came after 9/11? What I'm asking is, who did you agree with in Injustice 2? In 1, we never see Lois die or metropolis be destroyed so we never feel the full pain that Superman does. But now something worse has happened, and we see it all.

    Do you now agree that Superman is right? Or are you still with team Batman?

    Me personally, I'm still on team Batman. As much as I can sympathize and even understand Superman's views, the sad truth is no one can save everyone, and in war, losses and sacrifices are innevitable. After WW2, America celebrated, but there were countless thousands of American people who mourned the loss of their husband, father, brother, uncle or cousin because they did not live to see victory. This is one of the reasons I prefer DC over Marvel. It shows more realistic consequences as a result of actions.

    Do you agree? If not, feel free to share.

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    • I'm with Team Batman, simply because of what you said. Loss is a part of life and we must accept it.


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    • Dooly noted.

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