• I have decided to get Mr. Martian! I ran into someone Online that had him, I asked him if he could show him to me and he did! I saw that he had a bunch of moves, and 1 of them got me thinking, the teleport where he comes from the air down on you. I was thinking, could this take down Spammers? I mean, if there was a Superman Spammer that keeps jumping in the air and doing his Eye Lasers, I could just teleport and come down on him! But it's not just that, he is Martian Manhunter and NRS made him for all of his Fans, even though that there's some stuff I don't like that much, when I think about it, is that such a big deal that I don't get him? No, it wasn't! Yes, even though he has some moves that are similar to other moves, at least they made it look different! I also think his Trait is funny! When I was playing with that guy, he did his Trait and it actually made me laugh because Martian Manhunter with long arms just looks funny! So, I'm going to get him! Here are some Ups and Downs I heard of and seen!:


    • Funny Trait! It also gives him some extra nice range!
    • Lots of moves!
    • Very damaging combos!
    • 2 Types of teleports! TIME TO GO DOWN SPAMMMERS!!!!!!!!!! (O_O)


    NOTE: I wouldn't say that these are ACTUAL downs. It's more like things I though would have been better/cooler!

    • Why no special MMH Injustice Costume? :( (But at least it's a cool New 52 Costume! But still...)
    • Some special move rips.... (But at least they aren't 100% The same!)
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