Themyscira is the home of the Amazons and their champion, Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana, and is a Stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us.



  • On the left side of the stage, a Basin of Burning Coals can be found and can either be thrown by Power Characters or bounced off of by Gadget Characters who grab a piece of coal and throw it at the opponent in mid-air.
  • Mid screen of the stage, Two Stone Lion Heads that can be thrown by Power Characters. Also, Two Chains that, when pulled by Gadget Characters, activate a jet of flames from the stone Lion Heads.
  • Between the Two stone Lion Heads, a Statue that the character can kick their opponent into which could open up for additional combos.
  • On the right side of the stage, a large Tree that Power Characters can smash onto opponents and Gadget Characters can smash their opponent into, bounce off of or set explosives down on.


  • On the left side of the stage, a Cannon that can be thrown at opponents by Power Characters or fired by Gadget Characters.
  • Mid Screen of the stage, a Rope that can be used by Gadget Characters to drop a Net of supplies on top of the opponent. Also, a Net Full of Supplies that can be smashed onto opponents by Power Characters or swung off of by Gadget Characters.
  • On the right side of the stage, a stack of Barrels that can be either thrown or rolled at the opponent.

Stage Transitions

  • On the left side of the Temple, a transition can be performed that will knock the opponent/player off of an onlooking statue, causing it to break. As they bounce off the statue they stumble over a flight of stairs and crash into a basin of burning coals. Then they will proceed to fall through a series of trees as a piece of the previously broken statue follows them and smashes them into the Port.
  • On the right side of the Port, a transition can be performed which will send the opponent/player into a wall and bouncing off the wall landing on a catapult, as the opponent/player lands on the catapult, an Amazon cuts the rope launching the opponent/player in the air slamming into a statue and then lands inside the Temple.


  • This stage was one of 5 from the crossover game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, to be redesigned by NetherRealm Studios for Injustice: Gods Among Us .
    • This redesign shows the entire island for the first time, as the crossover split it in half with Shang Tsung's Island.


  • Shazam fighting The Flash at Themyscira.
  • Wonder Woman vs Deathstroke
  • Wonder Woman vs Cyborg
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  • Themyscira Online Battle
  • Aquaman Vs. Wonder Woman
  • Wonderwoman VS. Batman
  • "Athena, guide me!"
  • Wonder Woman vs Harley Quinn in the Injustice Battle Arena
  • Themyscira sketch on archives
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