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The Society is a group of supervillains led by Gorilla Grodd in an attempt to dominate the Earth after the destruction of the Regime.


Injustice 2

Gorilla Grodd founded the Society sometime after the dissolution of High Councillor Superman's One Earth Regime in an attempt to fill the power vacuum left in the wake of the High Councillor's defeat. To this end, he recruited those with similar desires for power, those who desired revenge on the Regime itself, and evenly forcibly recruited some to his cause.

At the end of the story however, all members, save for Grodd, leave the organization after realizing that Brainiac had plans to destroy Earth entirely, instead of conquering it.


Current members

Former members




  • The Society is the Injustice continuity's version of the Secret Society of Super Villains from DC Comics.
  • Four of the Society's members (Scarecrow, Captain Cold, Cheetah, and Gorilla Grodd) along with Brainiac, were members of the original Legion of Doom on the classic Super Friends cartoon.
  • Grodd is a prominent member of The Society in multiple mediums and iterations.
  • Notably, Cheetah is the only member of the Society to not be a Batman or Flash villain.