"Jay Garrick, reporting for duty!"

Flash (Jay Garrick) appears as a skin for The Flash in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a Premier Skin for the Flash in Injustice 2.


Jay Garrick is a speedster from the past, a co-founder of the Justice Society of America and the original Flash. He is friends with Doctor Fate, Black Canary's mother, the original Blue Beetle Dan Garret and original Green Lantern Alan Scott. His successor Barry Allen looks up to him as an inspirational figure and mentor. It is stated that Dinah trusts him a lot as a friend of her mother's. He is in love with a woman named Joan, as he clearly states to Poison Ivy in a pre-fight interaction.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

He appears as the Earth 2 skin available for Flash (Barry Allen).

Injustice 2

He appears as a Premier Skin available for Flash, with a price of 6,000 Source Crystals.

Powers and Abilities

As a speedster, Jay has accelerating healing and speed. While not as fast as his successor, Jay can go 20 times the speed of sound.




  • His voice actor, Travis Willingham, is married to fellow Injustice 2 voice actor, Laura Bailey.


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