Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent
"A chance I'm prepared to take." Cheetah, Wonder Woman
"A frustration at your plight, yes." Captain Cold
"A hero shouldn't take extreme measures." Aquaman, CyborgRed Hood, Superman
"A simple yes would do, Dinah." Black Canary
"A small albeit loud minority." Superman
"Alan Scott's an old friend of mine." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"Apparently, you missed the wings on my helmet." Cheetah, Green Arrow, Supergirl
"Because a justice man never quits." Starfire
"Because I bleed red, white, and blue." Aquaman, DarkseidGrid
"Because pain's no excuse for criminality." Mr. Freeze
"Can't say I like the cut of your jib." Bane, Grid, Leonardo
"Come for a Justice Society audition?" Power Girl, Swamp Thing
"Either way, it will be the end of you." Brainiac
"Ever faced an original Speedster?" Blue Beetle, Darkseid, Leonardo, Supergirl
"Ever tussled with a speedster, Firestorm?" Firestorm
"Find a new line of work, friend." Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash
"For the Corps. Not you." Green Lantern
"Hate is an incredible burden, Bane." Bane
"How do you stack up to his legacy?" John Stewart
"How is it your gods are proud of you?" Wonder Woman
"I don't recommend you cut me, friend." Aquaman, Captain Cold, Darkseid, Grid
"I don't see how you plan to win." Enchantress, Green Arrow, Poison Ivy, Vixen
"I fight for a freer, more just society." Batman, Darkseid, Green Arrow, Raiden
"I got it. I'll call you Kid Atom." Atom
"I had hoped you'd stay reformed." Black Adam
"I have great respect for the Green Lanterns." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"I hear that as a thief, you're the cat's meow." Catwoman
"I never met a good guy with cold powers." Sub-Zero
"I prefer good old-fashioned democracy." Doctor Fate
"I think it's time to rethink your life choices." Atrocitus, Black Manta, CatwomanThe Flash, Harley Quinn, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Robin
"I understand you have powers." Black Canary, Firestorm, Supergirl
"I'm not sure what to make of you." Bizarro, Donatello, Harley Quinn, Power GirlStarfire
"I've never met anything so big and green." Swamp Thing
"I've never met a good guy with cold powers." Sub-Zero
"If you let me, I can help you." Bizarro, Black Manta, CyborgHarley Quinn, Hellboy, Joker, Reverse Flash, Raphael
"Impulsiveness isn't a virtue, son." Raphael, Robin
"In that case, I'm here to punch you." Atrocitus
"It appears people are done with you." Superman
"It'd help if you trusted people." Batman
"It's a good thing I don't scare easy." Scarecrow
"It's tough enough being in the future." Jay Garrick
"Jay Garrick, here to help." Michelangelo, Reverse Flash
"Just thinking about it makes my head spin." Bizarro, Firestorm, Jay Garrick, Michelangelo, Vixen
"Let me show you what the JSA can do." Black Lightning, Brainiac, Power Girl, Scarecrow
"Let's get you up to speed." Aquaman, Atom, Donatello, John Stewart, Leonardo
"Let's see how you compare to Liberty Belle." Supergirl
"Let's see if you live up to Dan Garret's legacy." Blue Beetle
"Like your Venom, it's an addiction." Bane
"Listen up, Atom Jr." Atom
"My heart belong to Joan, miss." Poison Ivy, Starfire
"No, it's refreshingly old-fashioned." Black Manta
"No one doubts your love for Nora." Mr. Freeze
"Now that's just cynical." Batman, Black Adam, Darkseid, Swamp Thing
"Remember what Ted Grant taught you?" Black Canary
"Seems like a person worth listening to." Deadshot
"Small, albeit loud minority." Superman
"So, are you a living machine?" Cyborg
"Some values never become old-fashioned." Red Hood, Robin
"Sounds like you both need to hit the books." Firestorm
"Take a good look in the mirror, chum." Grid
"That's kind of you to say, Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"That's one way to tick off the Speed Force." Darkseid, The Flash
"The blind pursuit of power leads only to ruin." Black Adam, Brainiac
"The race for redemption starts here." CatwomanThe Flash, Superman
"Then you've no excuse for your behavior." Cyborg
"There can't be order without loyalty." Doctor Fate
"There is no ambiguity to your evil." Black Manta
"There's much more than that to be a superhero." Blue Beetle, Donatello, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Power GirlRaphael
"There's no better force multiplier, Batman." Batman
"There's no better revenge than forgiveness." Atrocitus, Red Hood
"There's very little chance of that." Atrocitus, Captain Cold, Enchantress, Gorilla Grodd, Mr. Freeze, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"They might... but the Flash doesn't." Scarecrow
"This will make an interesting bout." Cheetah, Raphael, Sub-Zero
"This old timer can teach you some things." Black Lightning, Donatello, Green Arrow, Michelangelo, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"Time to build a more Justice Society." Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman
"Too many people have guns these days." Black Lightning, Deadshot
"Villains like you bring it out of me." Bane, Joker
"Way to stick your foot in it, Jay." Hellboy, Raiden
"We share a taste for unusual hats." Raiden
"We stand united against evil." Black Lightning
"We were in the Society together, Fate." Doctor Fate
"Well, if it isn't the famous Selina Kyle." Catwoman
"Well then... partners, it is." Black Canary, Green Arrow, Raiden, Vixen
"Wish I felt likewise, Miss Quinn." Harley Quinn
"Without limits, we become villains." Aquaman, Red Hood, Robin, Wonder Woman
"Yep. It's Barry's description to a T." Gorilla Grodd
"You enjoy hurting people?" Atrocitus, Hellboy, Reverse Flash
"You look a little lost, chum." Bizarro, Hellboy
"You must be Gorilla Grodd." Gorilla Grodd
"You run a police state, Adam." Black Adam
"You're a threat to good folks everywhere." Deadshot, Joker, Poison Ivy
"You're an interesting breed, Cheetah." Cheetah
"Your evil won't stand, chum." Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Scarecrow
"Your fall saddens me, Captain Cold." Captain Cold
2P Dialogue Opponent
"A never-ending fight against tyranny." Aquaman
"Ah, someone who knows their history." Hellboy, John Stewart
"Are you ready for our lesson, Miss Quinn?" Harley Quinn
"As long as I live and breathe, I fight evildoers." Batman, Supergirl
"Doesn't matter. I'll save it on principle." Darkseid
"Guess you're not a justice man anymore." Black Adam, Superman
"I can be a bit old-fashioned." Starfire
"I can't say I disagree, friend." Mr. Freeze
"I fought beside her mother in the JSA." Batman
"I have no love for petty criminals." Captain Cold
"I honor presidents, not kings." AquamanGorilla Grodd
"I may be, but I know how to handle you." Scarecrow
"I only ask you to give me a chance, chum." Swamp Thing
"I prefer to remember you as you were." Superman
"I think I'll give you a run for your money." Atom, Donatello, The Flash, Mr. Freeze, Starfire
"I think you'll find it hard to hit me, chum." Deadshot, Grid, HellboyLeonardo
"I think you got the wrong Flash, friend." Atrocitus
"I was hoping you'd send me back, Kent." Doctor Fate
"I'm about to land one of your posterior." Red Hood
"I'm proud to be an original." Red Hood, Reverse Flash
"I'm used to a better class of villain." Joker
"If I'd know, I have brought hot dogs." Atrocitus, Firestorm
"It needs heroes now more than ever." Black Manta, Raiden
"Jay Garrick. Reporting for duty." Black Lightning, Enchantress, Joker, Sub-Zero
"Language, Miss McCabe. You're a superhero." Vixen
"Me, Hourman, Stargirl." Power Girl
"Not the first time I've met the likes of you." Brainiac
"Not while I have breath in these lungs." Darkseid, Enchantress
"Only if you have a chance to come quietly." Cheetah
"Reason for your actions, not an excuse." Bane
"Running around somewhere I'm sure." Bizarro
"Stealing is still stealing, Catwoman." Catwoman
"That power comes with responsibility, son." Blue Beetle, The Flash
"That's a compliment, yes?" Michelangelo, Raiden
"That's what coach always taught me." Cyborg, Wonder Woman
"There's no freedom without sacrifice." Aquaman, Donatello
"This'll be over quick, chum." Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Michelangelo, Raphael
"Took the words right out of my mouth, son." Black Manta, The FlashRaphael, Robin
"We justice men don't like boasting." GridLeonardo
"Yep. As fast as the god Mercury." Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"You have your mother's sense of fashion." Black Canary
"You sure don't look like Al Pratt." Atom
"You'll find I'm no slave to your urges, Ivy." Poison Ivy
"You're not half the Lantern Alan Scott was?" Green Lantern
"You've forgotten to practice your preach." Wonder Woman

In Battle

  • "So much for retiring."
  • "Looks like we need a team meeting."
  • "Let's end this peacefully."
  • "Will you be giving up, then?"
  • "I hope you learn something."
  • "Evil fantasies end here."


Defense Wagers

  • "Let's keep this friendly, chum."
  • "Ability without honor is useless."
  • "You'll answer to the law."
  • "You don't fight fair."
  • "Evildoers never win."
  • "You won't trample the flag."
  • "I'll give my life to stop you."
  • "You won't take our freedom."

Attack Wagers

  • "America needs me."
  • "I'll run circles around you."
  • "That would be incredibly impolite."
  • "Justice men don't back down."
  • "I can't shirk my duty."
  • "Bragging again, eh?"
  • "You're not running from me."
  • "Freedom want. Not given."
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