Teekl is Klarion's familiar, often appearing as an orange furred cat.


Teekl is the animal familiar to Klarion the Witch Boy. It is a furry cat with immense magical powers, including the ability to transform into a were-beast. They also share a psychic bond, allowing Klarion to communicate with Teekl and see through his eyes. It is implied that Klarion cannot exist without Teekl.

Injustice Comic

Teekl debuts alongside his master Klarion in the third chapter of Year Three. Teekl enjoys his master's petting during a meeting of the Insurgency at Jason Blood's home, however, when Harvey Bullock opens the home's front doors, unknowingly breaking a protective seal, Teekl senses the approach of something powerful, alerting his master just in time as both Jason Blood and Bullock are killed.

In the following chapter, Klarion sends Teekl outside to investigate what is attacking them, their link allowing Klarion to learn it is the Spectre when the cat steps outside. Teekl then observes the confrontation between Batman and the Spectre before he is snatched by Zatanna and safely teleported back to the Tower of Fate.

In chapter five, Teekl is lovingly enjoying his master's attentions as he rests on Klarion's neck while the young mage is asked by John Constantine to save Detective Chimp's life. When Klarion agrees, Teekl accompanies his master as they leave.

In chapter seven, Teekl observes the bound Raven and is seemingly lured over by the witch's calls, inadvertently knocking over one of the candles that bind her, allowing Raven to regain her astral projection. Teekl observes Raven's soul-self leaving before it is revealed he was used as part of a ploy by his master Klarion and John Constantine to lure Superman into a trap.

Powers and Abilities

  • Psychic Link
  • Transformation
  • Claws


Teekl's main appearance is an average sized orange tabby with red eyes.

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