Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "This swamp is protected!"
  • "I guard the Green, the plant life of Earth. As long as it lives, I cannot die!"
  • "Good? Bad? I care little for humanity. But I do care..."
  • "...when my swamp burns!"
  • "Hmmm. I see."
  • "If they return, I will be ready."
  • "I would consider that, should our interests align. For now, go. This swamp must heal."
  • "Adaption is nature's way..."
  • "Brainiac is now the Green's protector. It would live forever..."
  • "...preserved in his collection."
  • "Aboard this ship, the Green will live forever."
  • "All nature is data. It can be stored with no loss of fidelity."
  • "What is this place?!"

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A boy and his parasite." Blue Beetle
"A boy fought by Batman's side?" Robin
"A compliment to ease your pain." Black Canary
"A ghost of my past." Swamp Thing
"A thief in the garden." Catwoman
"Addiction is no advantage." Bane
"Alec Holland is no more." Black Canary, Poison Ivy
"And I protect the Earth itself." Black Lightning, Superman
"And now, it is too late." Black Lightning, Poison Ivy
"Are you certain of that?" Cyborg, Leonardo
"Arrogant child." Robin
"Batman is irresponsible." Robin
"Because all life is connected." Aquaman
"Because you are unnatural." Bane
"Bullets will not be enough." Deadshot
"But still equally dangerous." Donatello, Supergirl
"Can you harness the Green?" Green Lantern, Swamp Thing
"Defend yourself." Batman, Hellboy, Joker, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"Definitely foe." Atrocitus, Grid, Red Hood, Reverse Flash
"Dinah Lance returns." Black Canary
"Do not look at me, Clown." Joker
"Fire is no friend of mine." Firestorm, Starfire
"Friend or foe?" Atom, Atrocitus, Bizarro, Green Lantern, Grid, Poison Ivy, Red Hood, Reverse Flash
"Good does not matter to the Green." Blue Beetle, Vixen
"Grodd must be stopped." Gorilla Grodd
"Heat Wave was your partner." Captain Cold
"Hippolyta respected the Green." Wonder Woman
"I also have fists." Deadshot, Poison Ivy
"I am between you now." Cheetah, Poison Ivy
"I am not the only avatar." Swamp Thing
"I am not your friend." Black Adam, Enchantress, Jay Garrick
"I am this world's true guardian." Bizarro, Brainiac
"I dislike this game." Harley Quinn
"I do not need an invitation." Aquaman
"I don't like tricks." Hellboy, Joker, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing
"I doubt that to be true." Cheetah, The Flash, Joker, Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash
"I have not forgotten." Captain Cold, John Stewart
"I knew I smell gunpowder." Deadshot
"I once trusted the Regime." Black Lightning, Leonardo, Wonder Woman
"I see past your beauty." Poison Ivy, Starfire, Vixen
"I think not, Wonder Woman." Wonder Woman
"I will end this nightmare." Joker
"I will not let that stand." Green Arrow, Michelangelo
"I will spare nothing." Captain Cold, Michelangelo, Raphael
"I'm afraid I will strangle you." Firestorm
"It cannot be..." Donatello, Swamp Thing
"It must be removed." Blue Beetle
"It was not an endorsement." Black Adam
"It will not consume the Green." Cyborg
"It would be hard indeed." Wonder Woman
"Joker, you should not be here!" Joker
"Keep your distance from me." Firestorm, Leonardo, Mr. Freeze, Starfire
"Man has offended nature, Arthur." Aquaman
"Much to my dismay." Catwoman, Starfire, Supergirl
"No, it does not." Doctor Fate
"Now you fight for Batman." The Flash
"Of course I am angry, Harley." Harley Quinn
"Of course you would say that." Atom, Bane, Catwoman, Enchantress, Poison Ivy, Power Girl
"One cannot "eat me"." Green Arrow
"Poison Ivy's accomplice." Catwoman
"Reasoning with you is pointless." Green Arrow, Raphael
"Rotted withered roots." Poison Ivy
"Slow down, Barry." The Flash
"So does its Guardian." Darkseid
"So why treat them as slaves?" Poison Ivy
"Stand down, Black Adam." Black Adam
"Superman was right about you." Joker
"That could be inconvenient." Deadshot
"That is disputable." Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Mr. Freeze
"That is unfortunate for you." Black Manta, Brainiac
"The Green is protected." Green Lantern, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Superman
"The Green is stronger." Atrocitus, Raiden
"The Green lives beneath the sea." Aquaman
"The Green sees the truth." Mr. Freeze, Wonder Woman
"The Green will humble you." Batman, Bizarro, Darkseid, Red Hood, Robin, Superman
"The jungle speaks through me." Atom, Gorilla Grodd
"The metal consumes your flesh." Cyborg
"The Parliament begs to differ." Atrocitus, Bane, Brainiac, The Flash, Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, Power Girl, Wonder Woman
"The Parliament of Trees has spoken." Green Arrow, Superman
"The plants are not your subjects." Black Adam
"The Red has cursed you." Cheetah
"The trees bend to your voice." Black Canary, Poison Ivy
"Then I alone can save it." Doctor Fate
"Then let us fight for it." Swamp Thing
"Then surrender to me." The Flash, Supergirl
"There is no need for violence." Batman, Donatello, Harley Quinn, Red Hood, Sub-Zero
"They will burn out first." Atrocitus, Black Manta
"This is not your world, Kryptonian." Power Girl, Supergirl
"This planet's true guardian." Superman
"This time, I am prepared." Leonardo, Scarecrow
"This will be interesting." Atom, Donatello, Swamp Thing, Vixen
"This world is angry with you." Bane, Darkseid, John Stewart, Joker, Superman
"To protect the soil, yes." Batman
"We both have green skin, Brainiac." Brainiac
"We both live between worlds." Atom, Cyborg, Raphael
"We both serve higher powers." Doctor Fate, Vixen
"We meet again, Scarecrow." Scarecrow
"What if you're tangled in thorns?" The Flash
"Why do you attack me, Fate?" Doctor Fate
"Why have you come here?" Atrocitus, Black Lightning, Darkseid, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Michelangelo, Raiden, Raphael, Sub-Zero
"Why pollute your body?" Bane
"You are a weapon of mass destruction." Bane, Blue Beetle, Power Girl
"You are called Firestorm?" Firestorm
"You are just like Superman." Supergirl
"You are no hero, Superman." Superman
"You blew my head off." Harley Quinn
"You claim to serve the Green." Poison Ivy
"You have not earned my trust." Atom, Green Lantern, Jay Garrick
"You have offended nature." Batman, Black Manta, Green Arrow, Michelangelo, Raiden
"You nearly got burned alive." Poison Ivy
"You offend me, Bane." Bane
"You pervert the Green." Scarecrow
"Your anger is not welcome." Atrocitus
"Your cold gun harms the environment." Captain Cold
"Your crimes will not stand." Black Manta, Poison Ivy, Superman
"Your gas derives from plants." Scarecrow
"Your kin has trampled it." Supergirl
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A mere man cannot harm me." Bane, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Deadshot, Joker, Supergirl
"A power you will never control." Brainiac
"All life has emotion." Atrocitus
"Are you human or beast?" Cheetah
"As a mighty oak against you." Black Adam
"Because you have a big mouth." Harley Quinn
"But then you drove it to the brink." Cyborg
"Disturb me at your own risk." Bizarro, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Green Arrow, Grid, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Sub-Zero
"Do not mock the Green." Blue Beetle, Michelangelo
"Do not underestimate me." Batman, Jay Garrick, Robin
"Earth can help itself." Supergirl, Superman
"Green blood won't feed your hunger." Cheetah
"Humanity problems aren't mine." Captain Cold, Jay Garrick, Raiden, Wonder Woman
"I am not here for pleasantries." Catwoman, Poison Ivy
"I am not jolly, Arrow." Green Arrow
"I am not salad." Joker
"I can grow wings, Lantern." Green Lantern
"I commune with them." Blue Beetle
"I do not follow you." Green Lantern, Hellboy
"I do not follow your thinking." Bizarro, Firestorm
"I have changed my mind." Cyborg, Starfire, Wonder Woman
"I too defend the Green." Swamp Thing
"I will be your nightmare." Scarecrow
"I will cede no ground." Darkseid, Donatello, Green Arrow, Hellboy, Leonardo, Red Hood, Superman
"I will to save the Green." Aquaman, Doctor Fate, Starfire
"It is not my nature to yield." Donatello, The Flash, John Stewart, Red Hood
"It is when it affects the Green." The Flash
"Leave here, Amazon." Wonder Woman
"Men like you for a start." Scarecrow
"My power is eternal." Joker, Mr. Freeze, Reverse Flash
"My roots spun deep here." Bane, Raphael
"My strength is root and stem." Bane, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing
"My viewpoint has evolved." Aquaman
"Not at the expense of the soil." Batman
"Not by your methods." Poison Ivy
"Others have tried before you." Aquaman, Atom, Power Girl
"Out of my mind, Grodd!" Gorilla Grodd
"Ra's al Ghul disrespected nature." Robin
"She is only an acquaintance." Joker
"Some beings defy classification." Brainiac, Mr. Freeze
"That intimidates you?" Deadshot
"That title is an ancient relic." Wonder Woman
"The Green always finds a way." Enchantress, The Flash, Poison Ivy, Raphael, Reverse Flash
"The Green bows to no one." Atrocitus, Batman, Darkseid, Enchantress, The Flash, Poison Ivy, Raiden, Superman, Vixen
"The Green will survive." Captain Cold, Sub-Zero
"The Parliament of Trees will not." Batman
"Then we are enemies, Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"Then you should stand down." Supergirl
"They helped the planet for a time." Black Canary
"There are no men like me." Poison Ivy, Power Girl
"To whom do you speak?" Firestorm
"We cannot share the mantle." Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing
"We have no quarrel with a servant of order." Doctor Fate
"Yes. I am Alec Holland." Swamp Thing
"You are far worse than man." Gorilla Grodd
"You disturbed the Green!" Aquaman, Harley Quinn
"You embarrassed green things." Green Arrow, Green Lantern
"You refer to the Black Mercy." Superman
"You will not control me again." Poison Ivy
"You will not harvest it." Bane
"Your claws cannot harm me." Catwoman
"Your rule blights this planet." Black Adam
"You're not ready, boy." Atom
"You're welcome to try." Black Canary, Poison Ivy

In Battle

  • "For the Green!"
  • "Beg for mercy!"
  • "You're broken."
  • "You disappoint me."
  • "Respect the Earth or leave." - After winning a round
  • "You reap what you have sown." - After winning a round


Defense Wagers

  • "You are lost in the weeds."
  • "Fear every blade of grass."
  • "The Green heals quickly."
  • "You are too dangerous."
  • "You should fear nature."
  • "The jungle disowns you."
  • "The Green repels you."
  • "Now comes the fall."
  • "Stop this recklessness."
  • "I will not break."
  • "Cease this game."
  • "You cannot beat nature."
  • "Get off my planet."
  • "Respect this land."
  • "The floral has spoken."
  • "Release this world."
  • "Drop the weapon!"
  • "Come down to Earth."
  • "You betrayed the Green!"
  • "You will not drown me." - Clash with Aquaman
  • "Calm your rage." - Clash with Atrocitus
  • "Give up, Bruce." - Clash with Batman
  • "Crawl away, Beetle." - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "Time for a cat nap." - Clash with Catwoman or Cheetah
  • "Your hunt is over." - Clash with Cheetah
  • "Let it go, Victor." - Clash with Cyborg or Mr. Freeze
  • "Put the gun down." - Clash with Captain ColdDeadshotMr. Freeze or Red Hood
  • "You sick unnatural clown." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Joker
  • "There is only one guardian." - Clash with Poison Ivy or himself
  • "Goodnight, Scarecrow." - Clash with Scarecrow
  • "Yield to me, Amazon." - Clash with Wonder Woman

Attack Wagers

  • "This mountain is not moving."
  • "Challenge accepted."
  • "I will not break."
  • "I shall endure."
  • "Come and try me."
  • "I stand my ground."
  • "You deceive yourself."
  • "Call it a teaching moment."
  • "The Green will survive."
  • "Just warming up."
  • "Your lies won't take root."
  • "Take your best shot."
  • "You won't scorch my Earth."
  • "You don't command the Green."
  • "My anger grows."
  • "But you cannot tame nature."
  • "First we'll finish this."
  • "Patience is a weapon."
  • "I am much more."
  • "Not this season."
  • "And it's not you." - Clash with himself
  • "I am much more." - Clash with Black Adam
  • "I am the wild." - Clash with Cheetah
  • "That is far enough." - Clash with Cheetah
  • "Yes. The natural order." - Clash with Doctor Fate
  • "Green has its experience." - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "I hate that joke, Quinn." - Clash with Harley Quinn
  • "I am smiling." - Clash with Joker
  • "Sturdy as one too." - Clash with Robin
  • "Only for your health." - Clash with Scarecrow
  • "Likewise, young lady." - Clash with Supergirl
  • "But not your dominion." - Clash with Superman
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