Solovar was the leader of Gorilla City.


In an attempt to cleanse the world of humanity's pollution, Solovar works with Ra's Al Ghul to destroy multiple corporations and governments. At the same time, Solovar competes with Grodd, who firmly believes that the humans are beneth working with. Solovar orchestrates both the deaths of multiple billionaires, including Ted Kord, and the kidnappings of relatives of multiple heroes as hostages. The kidnapping plot, however, leaves Batman and Al Ghul's battling and destroying the sanctuary instead. With this, Solovar and Al Ghul decide to unleash Amazo for a test run, seeing the android decimate a town in mere minutes. Meanwhile, Grodd openly defies Solovar's control and rallies other gorillas behind him, but they are defeated and exiled from Gorilla City. Moving on with the plan, Solovar and Al Ghul kill Zodd when he is deemed to dangerous to be an ally, and they later decide to attack Delhi. During the attack, Damian and other members of Al Ghul's group desert them and push Professor Ivo to weaken Amazo. Anasthasia then kills Ivo in an attempt to stop him from sabotaging Amazo. With Amazo destroyed and Ivo dead, Solovar has both of Al Ghul's grandchildren set for execution, but both are able to escape. After this, Harley Quinn returns to Gorilla city as an ambassador from Batman for peace talks. Solovar accepts and goes to Atlantis with Al Ghul. Despite hostilities from both sides, Harley and Poison Ivy are able to talk both parties to have a month of ceasefire. After Solovar returns to Gorilla City, he officiates Killer Croc and Orca's wedding. After the couple depart, however, Grodd returns and invades Gorilla City during Solovar's sleep. When he wakes up, Solovar realizes that his son is now in Grodd's custody, and that his telepathic powers have returned to him. Grodd then telepathically promises to let Solovar's son live if his father accepts his fate. While Solovar and Grodd communicate telepathically, Solovar realizes that something different is in Grodd's mind. Before he can pry any further, he is executed by Deadshot.

Role in Injustice

Solovar was mentioned when Gorilla Grodd fights against Doctor Fate and Atrocitus.

Power and abilities


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