Snap Trap is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 3189.


Snap Trap is well known throughout space for luring victims towards him with a hypnotic stare. Once in range, he uses his extremely large jaws to bite down on the victim's skull and crush it, using his long tongue to draw out the victim's spine. Somehow, the victim is left alive and in unendurable pain.

Injustice Comic

Snap Trap debuts in the seventeenth chapter of Year Two, joining his leader and several of his fellow Corps members as they go into space outside of Earth to confront the recently arrived Green Lantern Corps. Snap Trap is soon after caught in a blast fired from Mogo.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • FLight
  • Construct Creation


Snap Trap is a magenta, humanoid, crocodile wearing the standard uniform of the Sinestro Corps.

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