Slushh is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 3376.


Slushh is a globular being composed of acids which can liquefy flesh within seconds, leaving only the bones left to be carried around in his body. He was imprisoned by the Warlords of Pisun in a red oil sea for millions of years until he was freed by a Qwardian Power Ring and joined the Sinestro Corps.

Injustice Comic

Slushh debuts in chapter seventeen, accompanying Sinestro and several other Sinestro Corps members into space outside Earth to confront the large group of Green Lanterns that had arrived. When a battle breaks out, Slushh is caught in a blast fired from Mogo, killing him instantly.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gelatinous acidic body
  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • Flight
  • Construct Creation


Slushh is a living gel like being with several bones and disc items floating inside his body, the gel shaped into a roughly humanoid form, the collar and sigil of the Sinestro Corps inside him and his ring in his right 'hand'.

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