Injustice: Gods Among Us

Story Mode

  • "I'll be happy to see Green Arrow die again..."
  • "Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, now Hal Jordan? This just keeps getting better."
  • "You amuse me Jordan."
  • "The One Earth government is similar to mine on Korugar."
  • "An alliance was logical."
  • "So for now I tolerate humans.
  • "Even Hal Jordan."
  • "As do all who wish to live."
  • "We must suppress this filth."
  • "Those I've gathered here are the elite. The best and bravest soldiers this planet offers."
  • "Yours is heroic mission. It requires that you transcend your humanity. Embody the highest Earth One principles: Obedience. Order. Control."
  • "But those who defy the High Councillor's commands. They will be executed without qualm or hesitation."
  • "Firing squad, assemble!"
  • "Yes. Quite enough."
  • "Desertion, Flash? Poor timing, don't you think?"
  • "Not so super, was he?"

In Battle

  • "You will know the meaning of fear." - Intro Quote
  • "You will submit!" - Outro Quote
  • "Fear me!" - After winning a round
  • "Be afraid!" - After winning a round


  • "Enjoy your final moments." - Clash with any character
  • "You will die screaming!" - Clash with any character
  • "This is the power of fear!" - Clash with any character
  • "Have the courtesy to expire!" - Clash with any character
  • "Fear me, creature!" - Clash with any character
  • "Young earthlings are doubly obtuse!" - Clash with Cyborg, Raven, Nightwing, Shazam
  • "I'll pierce your armor with a thought!" - Clash with armored characters

Defense Wagers

Attack Wagers

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