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You can't beat Earth's mightiest mortal!

Shazam is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013). He is classified as a Power User, and uses magical powers derived from six ancient Gods and Heroes.

About Shazam

Twelve year old Billy Batson was chosen above all others by the wizard Shazam to be his champion of justice, Captain Marvel (also known as Shazam). When Billy speaks the wizard's name, a bolt of magic lightning strikes him, and he becomes the World's Mightiest Mortal. As Captain Marvel, he possesses the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury (SHAZAM). Captain Marvel makes his mighty presence felt across the world wherever injustice falls, and stands as a strong member of the Justice League when those heroes require any of his skills.


Injustice (Default)

Young Billy Batson was chosen by a mysterious wizard to become Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. By saying the word “Shazam,” Billy transforms into an adult with magical powers granted to him by the gods.


Being young, Billy Batson was more apt to be persuaded and bullied into working for Superman. As the regime’s oppression grows, Billy begins to have second thoughts about the justifications of his actions.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Shazam is first seen in the beginning of the game after the opening cinematic battling Black Adam while the Justice League face various other villains. Shazam dominates Adam during the battle, managing to land several punches on him and even sending him flying into Hawkgirl's mace with a blast of electricity.

When Billy sees Green Lantern and Wonder Woman knock Doomsday down from the sky, the dazes Black Adam with a punch and shouts, "SHAZAM!" before quickly moving out the way. The magical bolt strikes Adam and strips him of his powers, making him revert to his mortal form just as Doomsday lands on him.

When the threat of the Joker detonating a nuclear device is brought to the League, Shazam flies alongside Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl to intercept the Clown Prince of Crime. Shazam witnesses the disappearance of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Batman, and the Joker's disappearance. The main reality Shazam is not seen for the rest of the game.

In the parallel dimension, Billy has sided with Superman's One Earth government because of peer pressure and acts as a messenger of sorts and an enforcer.

In the parallel dimension, Shazam is first seen in Atlantis alongside the Parallel Flash greeting Aquaman, who they are unaware is actually the duplicate Aquaman. Shazam is honored to be one of the first surface dwellers to visit the lost undersea kingdom, giving Aquaman a respectful bow. After Aquaman requests to read the treaty Superman wrote, Shazam notices Aquaman's sudden hesitance and outrage over the treaty's demands.

When Aquaman refuses, Shazam and the Flash quickly attack him, though the duplicate King of Atlantis easily dodges Flash's charge and Shazam's bolt of electricity, which strikes the Flash instead. Shazam easily brushes Arthur's trident aside when thrown at him but is briefly knocked out by Aquaman's sudden punch.

After the Flash is defeated by Aquaman, Shazam rises into the air and unleashes twin streams of lightning from his hands at Arthur, who dodges them yet again. Arthur tries to prevent more fighting and asks to see Superman, but Shazam harshly reminds him, "You don't talk to Superman! You do what he wants! And you're going to do what you promised!" and fights Aquaman, but is likewise defeated like the Flash.

Shazam is not seen again until Deathstroke's chapter. Shazam and the Flash are in the Watchtower, with Shazam beginning to express doubts over Superman's current course of actions. Though at first okay with siding with Superman because "Bad people got what they deserved," he is clearly unnerved by using the duplicate Batman as bait. Though Flash tries to comfort him, Shazam reminds him of what Superman did to Green Arrow.

Before continuing their conversation, the Flash realizes something is wrong with the teleporter when Deathstroke announces his presence. The Flash is quickly subdued by some explosives Deathstroke had planted, and when Shazam attempts to attack Deathstroke, he is struck by the final one Deathstroke placed and knocked into the main floor of the Watchtower. Shazam battles Deathstroke but loses due to a combination of being weakened by the explosive and Deathstroke's greater combat experience.

Shazam is removed from the Watchtower by Cyborg and teleported back to earth, where he joins in the battle against Batman's insurgents. Shazam attacks Lex Luthor after seeing him defeat Hawkgirl, who manages to surprise him but is repelled by Luthor's shields. After knocking Luthor away, he demands to know, "Since when are you with them?" Luthor says he was with Batman the day Superman decided to "Herd us like sheep". Shazam argues that "He only wants what's best for us." But Luthor reminds him that Superman is no god and battles Shazam. Billy loses and is briefly knocked out.

When Luthor attempts to strike Superman with a kryptonite-based weapon, Shazam wakes up at the last second and blasts him with his lightning, allowing Superman to tackle Luthor to the ground, rip him from his suit, and snap his neck in a furious rage. When Superman is overwhelmed by his actions and hearing the people's shock and disgust over murdering Lex, he flies off, with Shazam slowly walking towards Luthor's body and watching Superman go with a confused look on his face.

Shazam is seen again in the Fortress of Solitude alongside Flash and Yellow Lantern when he overhears Superman's plans to level both Metropolis and Gotham, along with his intentions to invade the duplicate's dimension in retribution for interfering in their world. Shazam is horrified by Superman's plans, calling it crazy and saying they're going too far.

Though Wonder Woman declares they will maintain order, Shazam disagrees, saying they must impose limits, especially on themselves. Superman orders him to be silent, but Billy pleads to him, "We can't do this! Have you gone nuts?! Lois would never want-"

But mentioning Superman's deceased wife proves to be too much for the Man of Steel. Superman snatches Billy by his throat, and despite the younger hero's struggles, he cannot break free from his grasp. Billy tries to cry out "SHAZAM!" to bring his lightning bolt down, but Superman quickly freezes his mouth shut. Billy's screams of horror are muffled by the ice as Superman burns through his eyes and melts his brain with his heat vision, murdering the boy in cold blood and letting his body fall to the floor, with Shazam's death also serving as an example to the others in the room of just what happens if they dare question his orders from this point onward, as well as a harsh warning to everyone tempted with crossing him. His corpse is later buried in the snow by a grieving Solomon Grundy.

Billy's death was not in vain, however. This final act pushed the Flash to abandon Superman's regime and join Batman and the duplicate heroes, informing them of Superman's plans and helping them plan a counterattack.

Injustice 2

Due to his death, Shazam doesn't appear in the sequel. However, his death led both The Flash and Green Lantern to turn against Superman's Regime and joined Batman's Insurgency. He was mentioned by several characters during Story Mode and in Battle Mode. He was mostly mentioned by Batman, Blue Beetle, Black Adam, and The Flash. In the mobile version of Injustice 2, Shazam is a playable character.

Personality and traits

Shazam, despite his technical status as a villain he (along with The Flash), is by far the nicest member of The Regime. He is often very polite and only follows the Regime because he is genuinely trying to do the right thing and believes the regime is doing so, as well as the one most against using violence except for other criminals. He is shown to be good friends with The Flash, as they spend most of the game together, get along well, and Shazam's death is what causes The Flash to defect. He is also good (and maybe more) friends with Harley Quinn in the comics. He is also shown to greatly respect and idolize Superman which is part of the reason why he stuck with him for so long even after he turned evil and created the regime as he thought Superman could do not wrong. Although, he told Harley that he joined the Regime to keep Superman in check in the comics.

He is initially very loyal to the regime, but during his many years in it, he started to question if what they were doing was correct, even bringing up to Flash while mentioning Superman murdering Green Arrow. When Superman goes full supervillain and plans to destroy Gotham and Metropolis to set an example. Shazam finally realizes that the Regime has gone too far and openly says this to Superman that this has gone too far, showing further that he was the nicest member of the Regime as he was the first to realize this. The choice would, unfortunately, cost him his life, however.

Powers and Abilities

Billy Batson is granted unbelievable power as Captain Marvel. He becomes faster, stronger, and tougher both physically and mentally. Due to his immense level of power and its magical origins, Marvel, in many cases, can stand toe-to-toe with Superman should the need arise. As a result, he is a physical and magical powerhouse against the forces of evil, tempered greatly by the advanced wisdom and compassion of Billy Batson. Billy derives the following powers from gods and ancient heroes: Shazam is empowered by six different Olympian Gods and heroes, giving him a plethora of powers that put him on par with the likes of Superman, making Shazam one of the most powerful beings in Injustice. Billy possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, is invulnerable, can fly, and control magical lightning. Shazam can use his lightning in several different ways, from throwing thunderbolts, strengthen himself further, or even use it to teleport short distances. Though powerful, Billy doesn't possess the same level of control over his magic in comparison to Black Adam.

  • Solomon's wisdom grants: Enhanced mental perception, omnilinguism, hypnosis and clairvoyance.
  • Hercules' strength grants: Vast super strength, allowing him to lift over 100 tons.
  • Atlas' stamina grants: Superhuman endurance, accelerated healing, and self-sustenance.
  • Zeus' power grants: the ability for Billy to transform into Captain Marvel, and vice versa. Also grants magical resistance, teleportation to the Rock of Eternity, power augmentation, and the ability to wield mystical lightning.
  • Achilles' courage grants: Invulnerability, heightened bravery, and telepathic resistance.
  • Mercury's speed grants: Super speed and the power to fly at supersonic speeds.

Special Moves

  • Atlas Tornado: Shazam charges headfirst at his opponent, flying past them as he spins while covered in lightning. The Meter Burn version has Shazam grab and throw his opponent into the ground after the attack connects.
  • Bolt of Zeus: Shazam summons a bolt of lightning into his hand and throws it at his opponent. The Meter Burn version increases the size and power of the lightning bolt.
  • Herculean Might: Shazam grabs his opponent, jumps and turns, while summoning a bolt of lightning to strike them as he lets go. The Meter Burn version causes the opponent to bounce after the lightning bolt strikes them.
  • Achilles' Clutch: Shazam grabs a ducking opponent and lifts them into the air before throwing them back down. The Meter Burn version has Shazam do a divekick after tossing his opponent.
  • Mercury Storm: Shazam teleports back or forward in a stream of lightning.

Mobile Exclusive Move

  • Roaring Strike: A series of quick strikes is accented by a shocking end.

Character Trait

Solomon's Judgment: Shazam calls down and catches bolts of lightning that augment all of his punching attacks to increase their damage for a limited period of time.


Super Move-1375399612

Other Moves

  • Grab: Shazam grabs his opponent, and slams then down on his knee as he simultaneously calls down a lightning bolt, throwing them aside after it strikes.

Super Move

  • The Power Of SHAZAM: Shazam uppercuts his enemy into the stratosphere and pummels his opponent with a series of blows. Then he elbows the opponent in the back, grabs his enemy by the legs, spins his enemy, and throws his opponent back on the ground.


Move List

Basic Attacks:

  • God Punch - [ L ]
  • Knee Strike - [ M ]
  • Hook Kick - [ H ]
  • Hook Punch - [ ← + L ]
  • Thundering Elbow - [ ← + M ]
  • Power Cross - [ ← + H ] / ( Hold to charge or [← + MB ] to Bounce Cancel )
  • Roundhouse Kick - [ → + L ]
  • Hercules Uppercut - [ → + M ]
  • Mighty Slam - [ → + H ] / ( Hold to charge or [ →+ MB ] to Bounce Cancel )
  • Low Jab - [ ↓ + L ]
  • Lifting Cut - [ ↓ + M ]
  • Sweeping Kick - [ ↓ + H ]

Air Attacks:

  • Jumping Strike - [ L ]
  • Mercury's Sidekick - [ M ]
  • Achilles' Fist - [ H ]


  • Forward / Reverse Throw - [ ← / → L + H ]

Combo Attacks:

  • One, Two Punch - [ L, L ]
  • Solomon's Wisdom - [ L, M ]
  • Hercules' Strength - [ L, L, M ]
  • Atlas' Stamina - [ L, M, ← + H ]
  • Zeus' Power - [ L, M, → + H ]
  • Achilles' Courage - [ → + L, M ]
  • Mercury's Speed - [ ← + L, M ]
  • Mighty Colossus - [ ← + L, M, H ]
  • One, Two Kick - [ M, M ]
  • Mighty Charge - [ ← + M, H ]
  • Mighty Force - [ → + M, M ]
  • Roaring Strike - [ → + M, M, H ]

Special Moves:

  • Atlas Torpedo - [ ← , → , M ]
  • Bolt of Zeus - [ ↓ , , M ]
  • Herculean Might - [ ↓ , ← , → , L ]
  • Achilles' Clutch - [ ↓ , , L ]
  • Advancing Mercury Storm - [ ↓ , → , H ]
  • Elluding Mercury Storm - [ ↓ , , H ]



Following the events in the parallel dimension, Shazam's fellow heroes returned home. But an alien virus contracted during the transfer created in them acute mental instability. They turned on their fellow crime fighters in a deranged fury. Alone and desperate, Shazam shared the power of the Word with his adopted brothers and sisters. Their purity of heart gave them courage. The Army of Shazam incapacitated the former heroes. Eventually they took the place of the Justice League as primary defenders of Earth.


Injustice Gods Among Us - Shazam Ending 【HD】



Shazam has a red costume with gold and white accents. Electricity flows through his suit and the white lightning bolt logo on his chest. He wears a gold belt, gauntlets, and boots along with a white hooded cape.


Shazam wears a red costume with more black accents. His torso is red with a larger lightning bolt down the center. The sides of his costume are black, and he now wears a black hooded cape. He has a modified gold belt and gauntlets.

New 52

Shazam wears his New 52 attire with a different cape, hood, and armor pieces.


  • Shazam is empowered by the following heroes and gods: Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, Courage of Achilles and Speed of Mercury.
  • Shazam was also playable in NetherRealm's (as Midway Games at the time) crossover game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008), using the character's original name, Captain Marvel.
  • Shazam's Super Move, "The Power of SHAZAM", deals 39% damage, making it (along with the Flash's "Speed Zone") the strongest in the game.
  • Shazam is a teen as Billy Batson, making him the youngest playable fighter by far.
  • Although Shazam derives his powers from various Greek and Roman deities and heroes, his wisdom is taken from Solomon, a Biblical icon.
  • Shazam's single-player battle mode ending has a nod to the Kombat Rage from MKvsDCU's story mode.
  • The Shazam featured in Injustice combines his previous history with DC Comics before the post Flashpoint reboot with a modified design taken from New 52.
  • Billy conversing with Shazam in Chapter Nineteen is potentially a reference to the Golden Age incarnation of Captain Marvel being a separate identity from Billy Batson.
  • He becomes a playable character in the mobile version of Injustice 2, reusing his moveset and supermove from the first Injustice game.
  • In comics, Billy is 12 years old in Year One, so he died at 17 by Superman.
  • The execution of Shazam by heat vision is very close to the scene of the killing of Black Adam by Superman in the DC Universe Online Cinematic Trailer.
  • Since Harley Quinn had a crush on Shazam, she was probably enraged and sad when The Flash told her about his death at the hands of Superman.
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