Wiki Rules:

1. No spamming. Everyone here should be mature enough to not go against this simple procedure. 

2. Do not advertise or encourage trolling/vandalizing or others to help you do so.

3. Major trolling of any kind is NOT tolerated. General users who join the chat frequently know how to lightly troll or tease each other with insults and pranks, and that's fine, but if you're seen being a legitimate prick to someone, you're gone.

4. All new users should be welcomed politely and treated with respect. It is also best if you don't jokingly insult them until they've gotten used to it and/or know it's not serious.

5. This is an English only site, exclusive use of foreign language excludes the majority of our users. People speaking foreign languages have the ability to partake and use sites aimed at people of their own language, and so these people will be politely asked to leave.

6. Do not post links to anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work) i.e Pornography, Gore.

7. Any serious offensive discriminatory remarks will not be allowed.

8. If a conversation is making people uncomfortable (religion, personal things, etc) and you are warned to drop it, please do just that. If someone is making you uncomfortable, just ask a mod or admin to get involved.

9. Power abuse will not be condoned. If anyone with power in the general wiki or chat misuses it, the situation will be investigated into unto a judgement can be made.

10. If you are under the age of 13, and you admit to this or get caught, you will be banned. No exceptions.

Consequences of Rule Breaking

- A Minor offence to rules 1-5 will be met with a warning. If a user is warned more than 2 times of their violation they will be banned for 1 month.

- A Major offence to rules 1-4 will be met instantly with a 1 month ban. These major violations include heavily agressive behavior to other users and excessive and deliberate spamming.

- A Minor offense to rules 6-7 will be met instantly with a 2 week ban. This includes the posting of explicit nudity as well as use of real world gore and extreme fictional gore.

- A Major offense to rules 6-7 will be met instantly with a 2 month ban. This includes the posting of fully explicit pornography and extreme real world gore.

- If a user believes someone on the wiki is violating rules 8-9 the user should then inform an admin of their rule breakings, to which admin shall pass judgement and determine the outcome of the situation. The exception of this being a higher power explicitly violating user rights. The results can range from warnings, bans or restriction of power.

- All users violating rule 10 shall be banned until the user can prove they are of valid age to use the wiki.

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