I'm Batman.

Jason Todd is the adoptive son of Batman and the adoptive brother of Damian Wayne and Athanasia al Ghul.


Jason is briefly mention by Superman when Batman visits the Kryptonian in the red sun prison.

Several days after the Injustice War, he infiltrated A.R.G.U.S., and killed Rick Flag and Amanda Waller. He then took control of the Suicide Squad, killing the members he deemed "useless". He then had a confrontation with the real Batman, beating him easily. He lead the Suicide Squad on a mission to Stryker's Island to free Damian Wayne.

Later he dig up Alfred corpse with Damian and Athanasia and when Batman arrive and call the Batwing he activate the teleporter so they can escape with Alfred corpse.

At Ra's Base he appears with him and Vixen and interrupt Animal Man warning that Batman is here. He orders El Diablo to destroy the entrance so they can't escape.

Later he encounter Harley escorting the children and try to activate the bomb in her head but failed due to Atom deactivating the bomb in time, he fight Wild Cat and shot him revealing that he know Ted. just when he was about to finish him when Connor interrupted the fight and use a super sonic scream against him knocking him out.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

He first appear when Batman inform they new allies about the situation and he is surprise that He-Man doesn't know what is a reporter. Later he appear behind Batman wearing his mask and witness him getting mad at Teela for letting He-Man left the base until he suddenly appear telling everyone that he has a plan.

Later when they attack the Black Oracle, he save Orko's life from one of the monsters.

Later when Swamp Thing and Mossman opened a portal from Earth he is one of Batman teammate against Darkseid and Skeletor Minion.

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