Story Mode

  • "I detest violence, Luthor, but I'm even less fond of you."
  • "Yes you are. I can feel it."
  • "This is your final chance to accept the High Councillor's amnesty, Deathstroke..."
  • "Something's not right...He's Hal Jordan. Yet..."
  • "You feel his pain? Not yet..."
  • "Enough. Whoever you are...
  • "You're under arrest."
  • "Ares aids the Insurgents... As a strategist, he's no Athena."
  • "I serve both. Superman's victory shall hasten my father's return."
  • "And all shall bow before him."

In Battle

  • "You are a fool!" - Intro
  • "This is no game." - Outro
  • "Darkness take me!"
  • "Darkness take you!"
  • "Azarath!"
  • "Feel Trigon's might!"
  • "Now I unleash hell!"
  • "This is your fate!" - Occasionally after a throw
  • "No mercy!" - Occasionally after a throw
  • "Do not try me." - After winning a Round
  • "You cannot win." - After winning a Round


  • "I will amplify your pain!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Your emotions power me." - Clash with any Character
  • "Welcome to your nightmare." - Clash with any Character
  • "I know you." - Clash with any Character
  • "Your weapons are worthless." - Clash with any Character
  • "Toys can't save you." - Clash with any Gadget User

Defense Wagers

  • "No more terrorism." - (Regime) Clash with Batman
  • "Do you know the trouble you found?" - (Regime) Clash with Batman
  • "I'm in no mood, Victor." - Clash with Cyborg
  • "I feel your doubts." - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "You will know fear." - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "Don't push it, Dick Grayson!" - Clash with Nightwing 
  • "You will feel pain!" - Clash with (Regime) Nightwing 

Attack Wagers

  • "Let's go see him." - Clash with Batman
  • "I'm quite at home in the dark." - Clash with Cyborg
  • "Finished with you, Victor!" - (Regime) Clash with (Regime) Cyborg
  • "You forced my hand." - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "Bold words for the weak man." - (Regime) Clash with Deathstroke
  • "I can read your misgivings." - Clash with Nightwing 
  • "Your anger makes you careless." - Clash with (Regime) Nightwing 
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