Year One

Raven answers Wonder Woman's call for heroes at the Watchtower. She and Nightwing exchange glances when Wonder Woman makes a speech about how no one was untouched by the tragedy of Metropolis and that there are heroes who no longer stand with them.

Raven appears when Mirror Master attempts to escape into his mirror dimension. She forces him out, her face demonically contorted as she pushes Mirror Master halfway out, allowing him to be interrogated by the Flash and Wonder Woman.

Raven is seen intervening in a war between two nomadic tribes in Sudan. She summons the image of her father Trigon to end the conflict by terrifying them into surrender.

Raven is among the gathered Justice League as Luthor presents the finished enhancement pill.

Raven, along with several other members of the Justice League, appears before the United Nations as Superman announces his intentions to hunt down Batman before unveiling his new army.

Year Two

Though she does not appear physically, Zatanna mentions in that Superman is having Raven scour several magical dimensions in his hunt for Batman.

Year Three

Constantine captured Raven at some point and trapped in her a mystical seal inside a church in Gotham. Constantine later shows both Batman and Detective Chimp her location, with Constantine's reasons being in case something were to happen to him. Raven tries to threaten Constantine by saying, "When my father comes--" but the mage simply retorts that her father will come when he calls.

Raven is still bound in Gotham City when she spots a cat nearby. Though momentarily surprised, Raven calls the cat over, causing it to accidentally knock over one of the candles that line the seal binding her. Triumphant, Raven projects her astral form and escapes.

Seeking Superman out, Raven finds him alongside the Spectre in the upper atmosphere. Though Raven tries to approach the Man of Steel, the Spectre mistakes her reasons and unleashes a stream of emerald light on her, harming Raven's astral form. Superman stops the Spectre and a weary Raven manages to tell Superman of her captors, Batman and Constantine, before quickly realizing her window is closing and the seal is being repaired. Before she is pulled back to her binding place, Raven manages to show Superman where she is bound before being pulled back, desperately crying out to Superman to save her.

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