Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A god dares insult you, Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"A task you will find impossible, Captain Cold." Captain Cold
"A war comes which threatens this realm." Blue Beetle, Captain Cold, Doctor Fate, Enchantress, John Stewart
"As a kombatant, you have untapped potential." Black Canary, Robin, Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"As do I." Green Lantern
"Because vengeance has hardened your heart." Cyborg, Mr. Freeze
"Before it leads you to ruin." Mr. Freeze
"Begone from this realm, beast!" Atrocitus
"Beneath your sarcasm lies despair." Cyborg, Power Girl, Raphael, Red Hood
"Do your realm's defenders have honor?" John Stewart
"First, you will earn my respect." Aquaman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Robin
"How do you command the flora?" Poison Ivy
"I am free of mortal temptation." Catwoman
"I am not yet fully acquainted with this realm." Cyborg
"I am Raiden, God of Thunder." Superman, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"I bring the Elder Gods' judgment." Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl
"I can see why Kano recruits you." Bane
"I fear Shinnok toys with us both." Raiden
"I have no patience for mercenaries." Deadshot
"I have the power of the Elder Gods." Green Arrow, Red Hood, Scarecrow
"I need aid to protect Earthrealm, Flash." The Flash
"I seek allies, Arthur Curry." Aquaman
"I seek allies, not minions." The Flash
"I sense great power within you." Firestorm, Power Girl, Raphael
"I too command lightning." Black Adam, Black Lightning
"I will act as needed to save your realm." Doctor Fate, Superman
"In all the realms, there is no one like you." Bizarro, Harley Quinn
"In my realm, Liu Kang and Kitana rule Edenia." Raiden
"Is no realm free of sadistic villains?" Bane, Black Manta, Donatello
"It burns his already troubled soul." Robin
"It is a certainty, Brainiac." Brainiac
"It is a struggle as eternal as the Elder Gods." Black Manta, Donatello
"It is possible that Dark Kahn returns." Sub-Zero
"It makes you a formidable kombatant." Black Lightning, Jay Garrick, Michelangelo
"It must be cleanse in this realm's Jinsei." Red Hood
"Join me in Earthrealm, Blue Beetle." Blue Beetle
"Let us see if you deserve it." Black Adam, Vixen
"Like all tyrants, you will fall before me." Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd
"Living in the shadows darkens your soul." Batman, Raphael
"Neither of us are from this realm." Leonardo, Raiden, Sub-Zero
"Not even the Elder Gods can rehabilitate you." Black Manta, Captain Cold, Joker, Reverse Flash
"Only fools propose riddles to gods." Atom
"Only if you can control them." Grid
"Perhaps so, but you will still fall." Atrocitus, Darkseid, Poison Ivy
"Perhaps you too fight like Sindel." Black Canary, Starfire
"Prove yourself worthy of the invitation." Firestorm, Green Arrow, Jay Garrick, Leonardo
"Resurrection has tainted your soul." Red Hood
"She takes you on a fool's journey." Cheetah
"Still, you are in service of evil." Enchantress, Gorilla Grodd, Grid
"The Black Dragon will not corrupt this realm." Bane
"The Elder Gods command it." Blue Beetle
"The Elder Gods can aid your quest." Grid, Mr. Freeze
"The threat you pose must end." Bane, Cheetah, Darkseid, Enchantress, Joker, Wonder Woman
"The White Lotus offers the hand of friendship." Batman, Green Arrow, Jay Garrick, Leonardo
"Then honor me with your kombat." Atom, Bizarro, John Stewart, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"Then you know we must fight." Doctor Fate, Sub-Zero
"Then you will be a formidable kombatant." Green Arrow
"There is much yet to learn, Black Canary." Black Canary
"This realm will not be threatened." Bizarro
"To the Netherrealm with you!" Brainiac, Darkseid, Hellboy, Scarecrow
"Very well. I will demonstrate." Donatello, Superman, Wonder Woman
"We must fight together, or you will die alone." Aquaman, Michelangelo, Supergirl, Swamp Thing
"We must prepare ourselves for kombat." Green Lantern, John Stewart, Leonardo, Sub-Zero
"When we last met, I respected you." Superman
"Whether you are friend or foe eludes me." Harley Quinn
"Whose incompetence led to this folly?" The Flash, Raiden, Sub-Zero
"Will you aid in this realm's protection?" Aquaman, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Deadshot, Firestorm, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"Yet another of Shinnok's minions." Darkseid, Enchantress, Hellboy, Joker, Scarecrow
"Yield, denizen of Netherrealm." Bizarro
"Yield, Hal Jordan." Green Lantern
"You are a dirty beast befouling this realm." Cheetah, Donatello, Gorilla Grodd
"You are a woman unmoored from her realm." Power Girl
"You bring Batman nothing but sorrow." Robin
"You endangered all realms with your evil." Darkseid, Reverse Flash
"You face the true God of Thunder." Brainiac, Wonder Woman
"You have stolen lightning from the Elder Gods." The Flash, Reverse Flash
"You have stolen this power." Poison Ivy
"You must temper that power with wisdom." Firestorm, Raphael
"You remind me of the queen I knew." Black Canary, Starfire
"You require training to defend it." Black Lightning, Blue Beetle
"You see the future as I do." Atrocitus, Doctor Fate
"You shrink small enough to move among realms." Atom
"You will yield to Earthrealm's protector." Donatello, Hellboy, Scarecrow, Swamp Thing
"Your charms cannot entice me, Catwoman." Catwoman
"Your generation of heroes is impressive." Michelangelo, Supergirl
"Your god Anansi gives you great power." Vixen
"Your heart is as pure as the Jinsei." Jay Garrick, Michelangelo, Starfire
"Your hubris will prove false, Black Adam." Black Adam
"Your ill-gotten gains will be returned." Catwoman, Deadshot, Reverse Flash
"Your obsession takes you down the dark path." Cyborg, Grid, Mr. Freeze
"Your power is a divine origin." Black Adam, Cheetah, Vixen
"Your pretensions to honor do not fool me." Captain Cold, Catwoman, Harley Quinn
"Your stolen realms will be returned." Brainiac
"Yours is the worst kind of depravity." Deadshot, Joker, Poison Ivy
"You'd spend eternity in the Netherrealm." Batman
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A fact I have used successfully in kombat." Black Manta
"And you draw hellfire like a revenant." Starfire
"Cretins like you fall easily." Hellboy, Joker, Scarecrow
"Cybernetic warriors do not intermediate me." Cyborg
"I am a Thunder God, not a sorcerer." Deadshot, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"I am from the different realm entirely." Green Arrow, Grid, Leonardo, Power Girl
"I am Raiden, God of Thunder." Bane, Darkseid, John Stewart, Red Hood
"I am Raiden, master of truth and light." Batman, Blue Beetle, Captain Cold, Michelangelo
"I believe our kombat brought us here." Sub-Zero
"I do not threaten those who do no harm." Bizarro
"I have defeated both kings and gods." Bane, Black Adam
"I have experienced cold, Victor Fries." Mr. Freeze
"I seek allies against Shinnok." Aquaman, Brainiac, Cyborg, Sub-Zero
"I serve only the Elder Gods." Black Adam
"I will banish you to the Netherrealm." Poison Ivy, Superman
"In mine, they govern the Netherrealm." Raiden
"It is a burden few are fit to carry." Blue Beetle, Supergirl
"It is less wise to fight a god." Aquaman, Wonder Woman
"More like memories of my future." Green Lantern
"Mortals exist to protect the Elder Gods." Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy
"My aid can tip the battle against Brainiac?" Batman
"Nor I, one who wields the powers of animals." Vixen
"Not the likes of you, Scarecrow." Scarecrow
"One already grown tired of your boasting." Robin
"Or I will drop yours at the foot of your throne." Gorilla Grodd
"Our realms converge bringing chaos." Doctor Fate, The Flash
"Since the beginning, I have protected Earthrealm." Firestorm, Swamp Thing
"The death of Liu Kang haunts me still." Atrocitus, Reverse Flash, Starfire
"The Elder Gods will stand against you." Brainiac, Darkseid, Grid
"The Elder Gods' powers is unrivaled." Catwoman, The Flash, John Stewart, Mr. Freeze, Wonder Woman
"The Shaolins will value your fellowship." Firestorm, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, Leonardo
"The thunder is mine to command." Black Lightning, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing
"The White Lotus will align against you." Bizarro, Raphael
"They pervert this realm's life force, Jason Todd." Red Hood
"Though I command magic, I am no sorcerer." Harley Quinn
"We were allies on Apokolips, Superman." Superman
"What sorcery gives you power?" Enchantress, Michelangelo, Vixen
"Where I'm from, this hat is common." Jay Garrick
"Why assume we must be enemies?" Catwoman
"Why waste breath on a dishonorable assassin?" Deadshot, Robin
"Worlds will collide in kombat." Doctor Fate, Sub-Zero
"Yet we find ourselves here in kombat." Atom, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"You are learning, but are you a champion?" Atom, Donatello
"You speak to Raiden, protector of Earthrealm." Black Manta, Captain Cold
"You trifle with the God of Thunder?" Atrocitus, Black Canary, Cheetah, Donatello, Reverse Flash
"You will be quick work for a Shaolin." Black Lightning, Raphael
"You will need allies in the coming war." Power Girl
"You would do well at the Wu Shi temple." Enchantress
"Your sadistic evil oozes from every pore." Joker

In Battle

  • "It is foolish to provoke a god." - After winning a round
  • "You may withdraw." - After winning a round
  • "Your challenge is proven unwise." - After winning a round
  • "Your kombat embarrasses you." - After winning a round
  • "Your bravado proves empty." - After winning a round


Defense Wagers

  • "There is a storm coming."
  • "You will yield."
  • "You have yet to show skill."
  • "You should fear the god's wrath."
  • "You are worthy of the Shaolin."
  • "You shamed this realm."
  • "I will trap you as I did Shinnok."
  • "I'm truth and light."
  • "Begone, creature!"

Attack Wagers

  • "Elder Gods, protect me!"
  • "Jinsei, give me strength!"
  • "Not the end I have foreseen."
  • "I cannot be defeated."
  • "Now feel my full power."
  • "The Elder Gods will not forsake me."
  • "Thunder take you!"
  • "Dark Kahn, of course." - Clash with Darkseid
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