RRU-9-2 is the Green Lantern of Sector 279.


RRU-9-2 is a robotic law enforcement unit. Cold and sterile, RRU-9-2 is rumored to have been a Manhunter Android. Those rumors are widely believed to be true, and few Green Lanterns trust or agree to work with RRU-9-2.

Injustice Comic

RRU-9-2 makes his first appearance in chapter eight of the Year Two series. He is among the thousands of Green Lanterns recalled to Oa. He participates in Hal Jordan's capture before departing with Kilowog to Earth to apprehend Superman.

After surviving the beam fired from the watchtower, RRU-9-2 would join Isamot Kol in battling Hawkgirl. Though they managed to defeat her, Ch'p was soon murdered by Sinestro.

In chapter eleven, RRU-9-2 attempts to engage Sinestro but is repelled by his sword constructs and soon finds himself surrounded by the recently arrived Sinestro Corps.

In the next chapter, RRU-9-2 surrenders his ring and his person to be detained as a prisoner of war on Earth on Kilowog's order. RRU-9-2's final fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Robotic physiology
  • Super strength and speed
  • Unlimited endurance
  • Increased durability
  • Wields Power Ring
  • Flight


RRU-9-2 is a massive robot on par with Kilowog's height, constructed of green metals with various weapons and exhausts covering his body, with the Green Lantern insignia embedded on his chest.

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