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Procanon Kaa is the Green Lantern of Sector 422.


A long-lived Green Lantern, Procanon Kaa has acted as a mediator within the Khund Empire and that has made him unpopular. Because of his mediation activities, some of the Khund warlords have banned him from a number of the worlds in the sector he patrols, and they also consider him an enemy of the Empire.

Injustice Comic

Kaa makes his first appearance in chapter eight of the Year Two series, among the thousands of Green Lanterns recalled to Oa. He is among the many Lanterns who apprehend Hal Jordan during his failed attempt to escape Oa and warn Superman of the Corps plan. He then accompanies Kilowog to Earth to apprehend Superman for trial.

Procanon Kaa arrives on Earth with Kilowog and the rest of the strike team, confronting Superman immediately. Before they can move to capture him, Kaa and the rest of them are caught in a blast from a beam fired from the Watchtower by Cyborg.

Kaa survives the beam attack thanks to his ring and joins his fellow Lanterns in battling Shazam and Hawkgirl. After all three heroes are subdued and captured, Kaa witnesses Sinestro murder Ch'p.

In chapter eleven, Procanon Kaa flies to intervene in the battle between Hawkgirl and Tomar-Re before the Sinestro Corps arrives and surrounds the Green Lanterns.

In chapter twelve, Kaa surrenders his ring, allowing himself to be taken prisoner on Earth. Procanon Kaa's ultimate fate is uncertain at this time.

Powers and Abilities

  • Indomitable Will
  • Power Ring mastery
  • Flight


Procanon Kaa is a blue skinned humanoid alien who wears the standard Green Lantern uniform and domino mask.