Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Allow me to make some adjustments." Doctor Fate. Green Lantern
"Are you from another other Earth?" Reverse Flash
"Back home, I run a software firm." Cyborg
"Best be ready to show me, kid." Donatello, Firestorm, Leonardo
"Can't smile if you lose your teeth." Joker
"Even on my world, you're filth." Joker
"Ever feel like you don't fit in?" Power Girl
"For the record, I've got seniority." Supergirl
"Functional. I like it." Black Manta
"Get to the point, pointy hat." Raiden
"Heard you like to run your mouth." Black Adam, Green Lantern, Joker, Supergirl
"Heard your mom was a hellcat." Robin
"Hope you got dental coverage." Atom, Donatello, Enchantress, Green Lantern, Michelangelo
"How many friggin' Earths are there?" Power Girl, Raphael, Supergirl
"How's that bio-belt work anyway?" Atom
"I brought punch and everything." Green Arrow, Sub-Zero
"I don't believe we met." Black Lightning, Black Manta, The Flash, Hellboy, Superman, Wonder Woman
"I don't even know where to start." Atrocitus, Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl
"I think I like your powers better." Vixen
"I need to arrest you, Victor." Cyborg
"I need your help to get home." Green Arrow
"I said beat it, Frosty." Sub-Zero
"If we can't agree with on the facts." Power Girl, Swamp Thing
"Is it hot in here, or is it just me." Atrocitus, Starfire
"I'm better than your Earth's Clark." Black Canary
"I'm nobody's trophy." Deadshot, Enchantress
"I'm not above twisting your arm." The Flash, Green Arrow
"I'm not asking, Doctor Fate." Doctor Fate
"I'm stranded in the wrong universe." Captain Cold, Hellboy, Raiden
"Karen Starr of Earth-2." Power Girl
"Karen, I love that cape." Power Girl
"Know a monitor named Bob?" Red Hood
"Krypton." Brainiac
"Let me show you what I'm made of." Black Canary, Black Lightning, Catwoman, Superman, Wonder Woman
"Let's see if you're as tough as he says." Red Hood
"Let's send you back to yours." Hellboy, Power Girl
"Long as I'm not the only girl." Jay Garrick
"Maybe beating you can change that." Aquaman, Power Girl, Robin
"Maybe I can start over here." Black Lightning, Catwoman
"No, I'm just starving for a challenge." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"Nobody talks like that to Power Girl." Batman, Darkseid, Hellboy, Scarecrow
"On any Earth, I'm a hero." Superman
"People on this Earth have no manners." Black Manta, Captain Cold, Michelangelo, Wonder Woman
"Said every villain ever." Brainiac, Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash
"Sell your ice cream somewhere else." Sub-Zero
"Send me home to save my world." Doctor Fate
"Sharing is caring, your highness." Aquaman, Supergirl
"So you're gonna take on Power Girl." Black Canary, Deadshot, Green Lantern, Robin
"So you're Tas-a-manian." Starfire
"Someone who sees through you." Superman
"Sorry about the property damage." Batman
"Sounds like a tough case of OCD to me." Darkseid
"Step aside, meathead." Bane
"Stop right there, Bizarro." Bizarro
"Sure, that helps justify it." Blue Beetle
"Tama... Let's get this over with." Starfire
"That only make sense in reverse." Bizarro
"The Kal I knew was nothing like you." Superman
"Then I'll call the Justice League." Raiden
"Then what's next to my Justice League audition?" Batman
"There are human popsicles in your fridge!" Mr. Freeze
"There's no Grid on the Earth I come from." Grid
"They didn't have my muscle." Swamp Thing
"This Earth is all warped and twisted." Scarecrow, Superman
"This world seems okay to me." Poison Ivy
"Throwing a party without me?" Green Arrow, Sub-Zero
"Time to prove I can move a mountain." Swamp Thing
"Was that a serious proposal?" Bizarro, Black Adam, Enchantress, Poison Ivy
"We aren't joining squat, Adam." Black Adam
"We haven't been properly acquainted." Robin
"We need to estabilish boundaries." Harley Quinn
"Well, aren't we a couple of misfits." Raiden, Raphael, Reverse Flash, Starfire
"Well, I'm not playing." Cheetah
"Well, that was a heck of a bad read." Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy
"Were you wearing my suit again?" Harley Quinn
"What sniff around me, lady?" Cheetah
"Who else is in the Justice Society?" Jay Garrick
"Who's ready for roughhousing?" Batman, The Flash, Michelangelo, Superman, Wonder Woman
"Who's the fastest woman?" The Flash
"Why are you such a big bully anyway?" Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd, Red Hood, Reverse-Flash
"Why sniff around me, lady?" Cheetah
"With pleasure." Bane
"Yeah, but I've always been an animal lover." Vixen
"Yeah, that's one way of putting it." Black Lightning, Grid, Superman
"You are the epitome of creepy." Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow
"You blew up Krypton." Brainiac
"You got a date with the law." Red Hood
"You have human popsicles in your fridge." Mr. Freeze
"You know you could be more helpful." Wonder Woman
"You saying it's too complicated for a blonde?" Atom, Black Adam
"You see any tears, snow bunny?" Captain Cold
"You seem like a friendly fellow." Gorilla Grodd
"You won't say much with a broken jaw." Joker
"You're on, sister." Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Afraid you'll lose the match?" Green Arrow, Superman
"All the time and I guess you do, too." Power Girl
"Back off, creepazoid!" Scarecrow
"Batman sent you to test me, didn't he?" The Flash, Green Lantern
"Billions, trillions, infinite?" Power Girl
"Bruce told me to teach you." Harley Quinn
"But I'm one of the good ones." Black Manta, Red Hood
"'Cause you can't possibly kill me." Atrocitus
"Do you think I should put on a coat?" Captain Cold, Sub-Zero
"Eyes up here!" Green Lantern
"Heat vision and nano vision will fry you up." Atom
"I come in peace." Black Manta, Superman
"I'd rather inspire than intimidate." Gorilla Grodd
"I got all the power here, Joker." Joker
"I'll give to you if you can beat me." Black Canary, Power Girl
"I'm a Kryptonian girl, stuck on the wrong Earth." Doctor Fate, Red Hood, Scarecrow, Vixen
"I'm finally graduated to nickname status!" Catwoman
"I'm here to help, not harm." Batman, Doctor Fate, Gorilla Grodd, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood
"I'm no man's specimen, Fries." Mr. Freeze
"I'm not a woman you wanna mess with." Enchantress, Superman, Michelangelo
"I'm not pretending to be anyone." Wonder Woman
"I'm Power Girl. Playing dress-up?" Supergirl
"I've got all the power here, Joker!" Joker
"I've heard better lines at the Ace o' Clubs." Atom, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern
"Just start the job interview, Bruce." Batman
"Keep your hormones in check, kid." Robin
"Like you've got sharp enough claws." Cheetah
"Maybe you read the wrong history." Reverse Flash
"My deal is I wanna talk to Kal-El." Cyborg
"My Earth isn't lost. I just can't find it." Darkseid
"No. Me am Power Girl." Bizarro
"Nope. I'm Karen Starr of Earth-2." Power Girl, Supergirl, Superman
"On my Earth, we're cousins!" Superman
"On my world, I was a hero." The Flash, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"Says the cryptic stranger with a pointy hat." Raiden
"So's this Kryptonian." Aquaman
"That makes us the elite." Starfire
"Ugh, single? Yes, and happily so." John Stewart
"Why? You not trifle-proof?" Bane
"With one hand tied behind my back." Firestorm
"Would you say that if I were a man?" Grid
"You can't handle this much woman." Blue Beetle, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Joker, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"You get points for effort, Deadshot." Deadshot
"Your princess is in another castle, Brainiac." Brainiac
"You're going down, down and away." Green Lantern, Michelangelo, Wonder Woman
"You're the only terror here, Adam." Black Adam

In Battle

  • "Girl power!"
  • "In your face!"
  • "Knock knock, crud."
  • "I am not impressed."


Defense Wagers

  • "This is quite the display of girl power."
  • "You'll beg for mercy soon."
  • "I'm here to stay."
  • "I'd deal creeps like you every day."
  • "Stop trying to kill me!"

Attack Wagers

  • "Now you're asking for it."
  • "And what's wrong with that?"
  • "I'm not that kind of girl."
  • "You don't even know me."
  • "That would explain a lot."
  • "You won't like me when I'm angry."
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