Penelops is the Green Lantern of Sector 1355.


Penelops is a veteran Green Lantern re-recruited when the Green Lantern Corps returned. He's a being of extreme willpower, famous around the Corps for using his ring to change his planet's orbit with only a stray thought. Several Corpsmen have asked Penelops to train them privately in how to use their willpower to the fullest, but Penelops has politely refused.

Injustice Comic


Penelops accompanies several members of the Green Lantern Corps to Korugar to investigate rumors of Sinestro's abuse of power. He was among the many Lanterns who witnessed Sinestro's breakdown and ousting from the corps.

Year Two

In chapter fifteen, Penelops joins Guy Gardner among the massive gathering of Green Lanterns leading Mogo to Earth in preparation to free the planet from Superman's tyranny.

In chapter seventeen, Penelops arrives at Earth alongside the rest of the Green Lanterns, with the war against Superman and the Sinestro Corps quickly beginning. With the mutual destruction of both Corps, Penelops final fate is uncertain.

Powers and Abilities

  • Green Lantern Ring Mastery
  • Flight
  • Alien Physiology
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Camouflage
  • Tentacles and Stingers
  • Superhuman Strength


Penelops is a squid like alien with a single large eyeball emerging from the mass of his tentacles, his Green Lantern ring worn on one of his many tentacles.

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