The Parademon hordes are the shock troops that make up the bulk of Darkseid's army, the dread lord using them to maintain order on Apokolips and conquer other worlds.


Loyal to their master but none too bright, the armored Parademons fly through the air, carrying powerful weapons used to quell the rabble. Their true strength is in their numbers, which reach into the hundreds of thousands. When acting together, they can overwhelm even the toughest heroes. They are chosen from the most sociopathic and cruel residents before their bodies are genetically retrofitted and being given gliders and trained in combat.

Injustice Comic

Year One

Parademons emerge from a Boomtube in France, attacking the gathered civilians on the orders of Kalibak, as he seeks to test Superman's enforced peace.

The Parademons are revealed to be attacking the most populated cities across the world on Kalibak's orders. Kalibak summons even more of them to overwhelm Superman, but the enraged Man of Steel annihilates all of them in a massive blast of heat vision, reducing dozens of Parademons to ash and bones in seconds.

The remainder of Kalibak's invasion force attack various populated cities across the world, with many heroes failing to do little more than delay them. Ultimately, after murdering Kalibak, Superman unleashes his full power by flying at superspeed across the planet and using his heat vision to eliminate each Parademon, vaporizing them into ash that rains down on the stunned and grateful populaces, as well as some shocked heroes.

Year Four

Numerous Parademons are seen on Apokolips during Superman and Darkseid's battle, and when Ares is later brought before the dread lord, more Parademons restrain the god of war for their master.

Injustice 2

They made a appearance in Cyborg Super-Move and Darkseid can summon them with boom tube.

Powers and Abilities

All Parademons are cybernetically and genetically altered to possess superhuman strength and durability, allowing them to overwhelm native populations of weaker planets. Their armor gives them glider wings for flight, and they are trained in the use of several lethal weapons such as glaives and blasters.


All Parademons are green skinned monsters with red eyes and fanged teeth, with each wearing golden Apokoliptian armor with mechanical wings.

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