Non is a Kryptonian criminal.


A renowned scientist on Krypton, Non was Jor-El's mentor. Together, they found out the planet was about to explode, but the Kryptonian Science Council didn't believe their research. Unlike Jor-El, Non decided to go against the Council, and he allied himself with military leader General Zod to replace the planet's leadership in the desperate attempt to save Krypton. Defeated, Non was lobotomized and reduced to a mindless brute, and then exiled to the Phantom Zone. There, he became little more than a slave to the vengeful Zod.

Role in Injustice

While trying to get back to his home dimension, Sub-Zero inadvertently opened a portal to the Phantom Zone, freeing Superman and his allies: Zod, Ursa and Non. Non engaged Batman in battle, ready to restore One Earth Regime.

Powers and abilities

Non is from Krypton and when under a red sun, he possesses no superpowers of any sort. But, when he is under a yellow sun, his strength and physical attributes are all increased to superhuman levels. He is also capable of flight, heat vision, super-breath, freeze breath, and healing at an enhanced rate.

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