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Mirror Master is one of The Flash's enemies and appears in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic.


Mirror Master is a criminal who fights the Flash as a member of the Rogues. Evan McCulloch was at one point a professional assassin in Scotland until he received the equipment of his predecessor Sam Scudder. He possesses a mirror gun that allows him to travel into an alternate dimension from any reflective surface, appear in many places at once, and perform other physical transmutations.

Injustice Comic

Mirror Master first appears in Chapter Seven, leading a team hired by the US government through several shell companies to kidnap Superman's parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent from their home in Smallville. Mirror Master kicks down the door to their bedroom, ordering them down on the floor. When they don't act fast enough, he shoves Martha down, prompting Jonathan to punch him despite McCulloch's warning.

Jonathan is restrained on Mirror Master's orders and then smacked upside the head by Master's rifle, knocking him out. McCulloch orders his men to torch the house before he and his men retreat into his mirror dimension with the Kents in tow. When Superman arrives at his parents' burning house, Mirror Master greets him through a mirror, mocking Superman, unfazed by his threats. He tells Superman that he will never see his parents again but that they are safe, despite McCulloch having to rough up Superman's father. In a rage, Superman smashes the mirror, but Mirror Master is unaffected.

He goes on, telling Superman a "Simple message: Stop what you're doing." He advises Superman to stop interfering with government affairs and their wars and go back to doing superhero stuff like punching supervillains or destroying giant robots. If he complies with this, his parents will stay alive, but if he forgets his place again, they will start "Sending little pieces of one of them. Maybe we'll even let you choose which one."

Mirror Master is the subject of a Justice League manhunt in Central City, with several of the Flash's Rogue gallery being interrogated by the League for McCulloch's location. It is ultimately Captain Cold who reveals where Mirror Master is: A bar in Keystone City.

The Flash and Wonder Woman crash the bar and make for McCulloch sitting at the bar, but it is revealed that it's not Mirror Master but a projection from the nearby wall mirror. Mirror Master mocks Flash but the Speedster has the last laugh when Raven appears behind McCulloch and forces him out halfway from the mirror. Wonder Woman forces the location of Superman's parents out of Mirror Master with her Lasso of Truth and the threat of smashing the mirror he is only halfway out of.

Mirror Master quickly reveals that the Kents are in Bolivia. Wonder Woman then orders Mirror Master to strip himself of his weapons so they can use his tech to free the Kents.

Though he is not seen after this, he was incarcerated at The Trench with the rest of the Rogues.

Year 5

Mirror Master reapers in Year five, when Catwoman is captured by Bane and Killer Frost, Mirror Master assists Batman in distracting the two criminals in order to buy time for Batgirl to rescue Selina. Once successful in their rescue, Mirror Master helps them all escape.

Following the destruction of the Regime's underwater prison, Mirror Master and the rest of the Rogues are approached by Batman to join the Insurgency. Agreeing, the Rogues join Batman, and cause widespread chaos in order to buy more time for Batman to make his next plan. After a certain crime, however, they are tracked by Bizarro, who labels them as the bad guys and immediately fights them. During the fight, Mirror Master calls Bizzaro "Fake Superman", which causes Bizzaro to attack them with his Heat Vision, instantly killing Weather Wizard and Heat Wave, and nearly killing Mirror Master and Golden Glider. Before he can, Trickster distracts Bizarro long enough for the two to escape.

In the end, the two mourn the loss and receive a surprise visit from Flash, where they grieve together.

Powers and Abilities

  • Thievery
  • Trained Mercenary
  • Wields Mirror Gun that gives him following abilities:
    • Illusion Casting
    • Teleportation
    • Size Alteration
    • Access and Control of Mirror Dimension


Mirror Master wears a military-themed variant of his classic costume to keep in with the design theme of the costumes in Injustice, which includes black body armor and several holsters for his various weapons and ammunition, including his Mirror Gun and his green head mask.