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Man-At-Arms is a guest character from the Masters of the Universe Franchise and Mattel Franchise that appears in the Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe crossover series.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

Early life

He was trapped in the dwell of delusion with He-Man and Teela but was rescued by Mossman.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

He first appear after He-Man defeated Faker. He followed Adam after that all the civilian trow tomatoes to him.

Later,with new allies from another dimension, by traveling to the mountain he realizes that the Darksmoke prison is gone.

Later, with Cyborg, they are hosted at the castle of Grayskull where they meet the Sorceress but they got interrupted by Steppenwolf attack. Later on top of the castle he shoot downs Parademons and ask Cyborg if he can pilot the Talon Fighter to which he respond yes.