Lucius Fox appears as a non playable character in Injustice 2.


One of the few men knowing Batman's secret identity, Lucius Fox is the corporate executive at Wayne Enterprises, and takes care that some of the company's resources always finance the Dark Knight's war on crime. He's one of Bruce Wayne's best friends, and a trusted advisor.

With many of Batman's allies gone due to the Superman's Regime, Lucious Fox is one Batman's few remaining friends left in Gotham.

Role in Injustice

Lucius is seen advising Bruce Wayne in finding new allies to his cause.

Powers and abilities

Lucius Fox doesn't possess any superhuman power, but he's a skilled businessman and a capable leader. He also served in the US Army during the Korean War, so he has a military training.


Lucius Fox appears as an middle-aged African-American man, wearing eyeglasses and well-dressed.

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