Larvox is the Green Lantern of Sector 17.


Larvox is an asexual being from the planet Sputa, which has a very unique evolutionary cycle. Here insects, bacteria and plants became more prominent than mammals. All denizens share in a community with no true individuality. This is done in harmony with the planet, and not something imposed by their society. It was this free will that allowed Larvox to be a longstanding member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Injustice Comic

Larvox makes its first appearance in the eighth chapter of the Year Two comic series among the thousands of Green Lanterns recalled to Oa. It accompanies Kilowog and a large group of Green Lanterns to Earth to apprehend Superman.

Larvox arrives on Earth along with the rest of his teammates and is among the Green Lanterns caught in the beam fired from the Watchtower. Larvox survives and engages in a battle with Superman, Shazam and Hawkgirl. The three are subdued, but before they can be transported to Oa, Ch'p is killed by Sinestro.

In chapter eleven, Larvox is among the many Lanterns attacking Superman, firing a beam at the Man of Steel as Isamot Kol and Kilowog charge him and Arisia Rrab vainly attempts to hold him place. Larvox is then surrounded by the newly arrived Sinestro Corps members after Superman refuses to heed Kilowog's ceasefire and retreat.

In the next chapter, Larvox surrenders his ring and allows himself to be taken prisoner on Earth on Kilowog's orders, sparing himself death at the hands of the Sinestro Corps. Larvox's ultimate fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Indomitable Will
  • Green Lantern Ring Mastery
  • Flight


Larvox is an amoeba-like alien with one eye and multiple tentacles. It wears its own variation of the standard Green Lantern uniform.

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