Kryb is the child-hunting Sinestro Corps member of Sector 3599.


A member of the Sinestro Corps, the alien hag Kryb has one of the most frightening methods of instilling fear. She targets members of the Green Lantern Corps who are married and have recently had children, murdering the parents and taking the children, keeping them in a sack-like pouch on her back.

Injustice Comic

Kryb debuts in chapter seventeen of Year Two. She is a part of the team of Sinestro Corps member led by Sinestro himself and Superman to confront the Green Lanterns outside of Earth. Kryb is caught in the blast fired by Mogo when the war between the Corps begins and she is killed instantly.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Controlling Liquids
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • Flight
  • Construct Creation


A blue skinned alien, Kryb's body is thin and skeletal with long thin strips of black hair on her skull, and a pouch like protrusion jutting from her back.

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