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Killer Moth is a villain against Batman and appears in the Injustice 2 Comic.


Drury Walker was a lowly criminal who had been inspired by the various costumed heroes in Gotham, so took on the identity of a millionaire philanthropist, "Cameron van Cleer" and created his own set of gadgets to essentially mirror Batman's paraphernalia. However, whereas Batman fought for justice, Killer Moth was more interested in greed and rather sold his services to the criminal underworld. Adopting his persona from a moth, Killer Moth serves as a mercenary for the criminal underworld, that if paid, will protect them, much like how Batman defends Gotham.

Injustice 2 Comic

He is a member of the Suicide Squad formed by Amanda Waller. However, when Batman Copycat took over after killing Amanda Waller and Rick Flag, he decided to eliminate the less useful members of the squad. Killer Moth was among that group and thus was killed when his head exploded via the nanobombs in his head.

Powers and Abilities

Killer Moth has no superpowers and his skills are generally inferior compared to Batman. However, he was a skilled gymnast and competent in unarmed combat. He also, unlike Batman, is willing to wield firearms. However, perhaps his greatest strength were his exotic and ingenious gadgets. His gadgets mostly folloed a moth theme and included of a cocoon gun, a Mothmobile, and a utility belt.


  • It is unknown if Killer Moth ever turned into Charaxes, though it is unlikely.