Kid Flash is the side-kick of The Flash and member of the Teen Titans. In Injustice 2, The Flash has two costumes pertaining to Kid Flash.


During one fateful day, Kid Flash was playing around with teammates Beast Boy and Superboy in Metropolis. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Superman was tricked into killing Lois Lane, whose heart had a detonator.

Oblivious to the coming danger, Kid Flash charged straight into the heart of the city when the bomb was detonated and was among the Titans killed.[1]

Injustice Comic

Year Three

Kid Flash appears in Superman's visions, appearing as one of the many superheroes gathered at Congress to hear Supergirl's message to the world.


Kid Flash wears the reverse colored costume of his mentor Flash's, minus the top portion of the mask, exposing his head of hair.

Injustice 2 costumes of The Flash


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