Karu-Sil appears in the Year Two comic series. She is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2815.


Karu-Sil's family was slaughtered during a raid on her home. She was taken in by a pack of three beasts, who hunted with her and raised her as their own. Wanting to look more like them, she sharpened her teeth into fangs. They were found by Blish, the sector's Green Lantern, who killed the beasts, thinking they had been trying to attack Karu-Sil. She was sent to an institution on Graxos IV, where she killed her psychologists. Karu-Sil was freed from the institution when she was chosen to represent her sector in the Sinestro Corps. She frequently used her power ring to make constructs of the three beasts she had grown up with.

Injustice Comic

Karu-Sil participates in the capture and execution of Kyle Rayner on Sinestro's orders at the end of Chapter Two of Year Two.

Karu-Sil returns in chapter eleven alongside several other members of the Sinestro Corps, ready to confront the Green Lanterns on Earth.

In the next chapter, Karu-Sil uses her ring to keep several of the Green Lanterns restrained, but is ordered by Sinestro to leave the planet along with the rest of her fellow Corpsmen when Superman decides to keep the Green Lanterns as prisoners of war. Karu complies and joins the rest of the Sinestro Corps as they depart the planet.

In chapter seventeen, Karu-Sil is among the Sinestro Corps that confronts the Green Lantern Corps outside of Earth. When the war between their forces begins, Karu-Sil is killed alongside a quarter of her fellow corpsmen when they're caught in a blast fired from Mogo.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • Flight
  • Construct Creation


Karu-Sil wears the standard Sinestro Corps uniform, has long brown hair and a self-mutilated face revealing her long fanged teeth.

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