Isis and Black Adam, queen and king of Kahndaq.

Kahndaq is the kingdom of Black Adam.


Kahndaq is the homeland of the antihero Black Adam, who served as the magically powered superhero of Egypt over 3600 years ago. In 1600 B.C. Kahndaq is burned to the ground; Black Adam's wife and children are killed during this attack. The loss of his family and children eventually drives him to take extreme measures to protect Kahndaq. This in turn forces the wizard Shazam to remove Adam's powers and entomb him for centuries.

In recent times the country is ruled by a dictator named Asim Muhunnad. Muhunnad is deposed by Black Adam, and executed. Adam then declares himself the new ruler of Kahndaq.

Injustice Comic

During Black Adam's rampage in Chapter Nineteen, he mentions Kahndaq was attacked by a neighboring country, which he proceeds to level to the ground with his bare hands before he is stopped and depowered by the Justice League. Before he was depowered, he pled Billy Batson to protect the country in his stead.

Role in Injustice

Kahndaq is mentioned several times over the course of the game, once by Superman when he confronted the Black Adam of the alternate dimension, advising him to return to his kingdom. Adam then revealed that the despotic Superman of that universe had based his One Earth regime on Adam's rule. The kingdom is seen in Adam's ending, having been turned into a paradise by Adam and his wife Isis after Adam destroyed the world, with Kahndaq protected from the devastation.

Stage Interactables

Black Adam's Palace

Rock of Eternity

Stage Transitions

  • On the left side of Black Adam's Palace, a transition can be performed that will send the opponent through the portal to the Tower of Fate. The opponent falls down inside the tower to another portal that leads to the Rock of Eternity.
  • On the right side of the Rock of Eternity, a transition can be performed that will knock the opponent down a staircase and through a wall. The opponent then spirals toward a portal, hitting a rock on the way, and a bolt of lightning blasts them down to Black Adam's Palace.
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