Joker Clan is a group of criminals that work for The Joker. They are a part of Batman's Insurgency under Harley Quinn's command, and they can be seen at certain points of the game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Joker Clan is first alluded to by Harley Quinn, when she meets with the Joker and is defeated by him. The Joker then held a stump speech for the congregated Clan, revealing his goals for the group to upset the Regime's order more than ever before, and unveiling a "happy pill" as the key for their goals. However, the meeting was interrupted by Regime forces led by Nightwing and Hawkgirl, although the altered Batman, alongside the alternate versions of Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, arrived to back the group up after Harley Quinn activated a signal requesting assistance. They then went underground as they had been exposed.

The Joker Clan was later ordered by Batman, via Harley Quinn, to act as a distraction within Metropolis while the rest of the insurgency attacked Stryker Island (specifically, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman leading the main forces against Yellow Lantern, Diana, and Kal-El, and Batman and Green Arrow infiltrating the prison to rescue the alternate Batman). They later arrived to back Harley Quinn up against Lex Luthor until she told them to stand down as he was their ally, also citing that Joker had been acting against them (referring to his attempted murder of Harley when she was defeated by Luthor), and continued to harass the regime forces in Metropolis.


Members of Joker's Clan be seen throughout certain places of the game, they can be considered "Cameo Appearances":

  • A member can be seen on the Gotham City stage at the "Alley" area on the far right.
  • They appear in the Joker's ending.


  • Every member of Joker's Clan looks exactly the same in Injustice: Gods Among Us.


  • Members of Joker's Clan listening to Joker's speech.
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