Jimmy Olsen is a cameo character in the Injustice comics


James "Jimmy" Bartholomew Olsen is well recognized as Superman's pal. He began working at the Daily Planet as an intern in his teenage years as a copy boy and junior photographer. However, he later became a full-time employee as an investigative reporter and photojournalist. His closest friends and co-workers are Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Perry White. Superman has given him a signal watch to call on him in case he is ever in danger or needs help.

Injustice Comic

Jimmy first appears alongside Lois after she receives a tipoff from a source about a senator getting a payoff at the Metropolis docks. After waiting for a while, Jimmy begins to get nervous and expresses doubts over the politician showing, though Lois convinces him to wait when a woman in a trench coat shows up. Just as he points out this is not the senator, Jimmy is shot dead by The Joker and Lois is kidnapped. The next morning, Superman discovers his body.

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