Jim Corrigan is the deceased GCPD detective who hosts the spirit of god's wrath, the Spectre, giving the Spectre guidance.


Jim Corrigan is the original human host of the Spectre. Murdered in life as a police detective, his soul was bonded to God's spirit of divine vengeance. Using his conscience and willpower, he controls the Spectre force and gives it human perspective.

Injustice Comic

Some point prior to the beginning of Year Three, Corrigan was confronted by Mister Mxyzptlk and was defeated by the fifth dimensional imp, driven insane by a spell to mimic the effects of Joker Toxin, and locked up in Arkham Asylum as its sole remaining patient. Mxyzptlk would then usurp Corrigan's identity of the Spectre and use it to protect Superman from magical users. The new Deadman, Dick Grayson, finds Corrigan in Arkham, and despite his insanity, Jim was able to reveal to him who was truly behind stealing the mantle of the Spectre.

Powers and Abilities

Corrigan possesses no innate supernatural powers of his own, but formerly served as the host of the Spectre force, giving him the spirit of vengeance's nearly limitless power.


Corrigan possesses a head of red hair with a single white streak, and though he normally wears more casual attire, in Injustice he is seen in an Arkham straight jacket.

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