Jennifer Pierce is the daughter of Black Lightning and sister of Anissa Pierce. She has electrokinesis power.


YEAR 1 (injustice 2)

She is seen at laurel and Oliver wedding waiting on the stairs for Laurel before Bruce leaves. when Ollie is about to kiss his wife she is on the chair with her sister behind Barbara.When the wedding is crashed by the Suicide Squad her father try to escort her and her sister with Connor but he failed. After witnessing her father being knock out by Captain Boomerang, she is shot with the other kids with  tranquilizers from Deadshot and she is taken away by the Suicide Squad.

When they wake up they realise that they are captured by ra's al ghul and they meet Harley Quinn and her daughter Lucy.Harley warn them to not use their power because people here are cruel.

When they heard an explosion they decide they decide to use their power because Lucy has a plan.

When they saw ra's entering  they room she throw electric energy to them but they realise that it' Luke and his father who take his form. Now free, they are escorted with Harley that join them on the way because she is more worried about Lucy than the bomb in the head. When the group got attacked by the league with Killer Krock and Orca.

They are escorted by Harley to get to the teleporter room but they got interrup by the Batman copycat who try to trigger Harley's bomb but failed due to Atom deactivating the bomb in time. They are now escorted by Atom to the teleporter room leaving Harley and Connor behind.

Later at home she was with her sister and ask her father to stay the night but got interupted by governement agent because her father was the only one that can replace the president.

When her father become president she was next to him with her sister looking at the camera.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electrokinesis


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