Iris West is an intrepid reporter and long-time love interest of Barry Allen, The Flash.


Iris West is the wife of Barry Allen, aunt of Wally West and grandmother of Bart Allen, related to multiple generations of The Flash legacy. Her children are the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn Allen. She is a reporter working in Central City.

Iris asked Barry to promise to stand up to Superman if he went too far. He promised but later had done nothing when Superman assaulted a protestor, Iris saw Barry doing nothing and this act made her hate and disappointment in Barry and thus ended her relationship with him, blaming him for everything that is happening. Barry later tried to talk to her, but she wasn't interested as she was still angry at him.

Injustice Comic

Year One

She is not seen but stated by her in year five she was in Austalia. While Galaxor was fighting against Superman and Wonder Woman she witnessed Barry doing absolutely nothing.

Year Five

Iris was walking in Central City until Barry appeared told her that he wanted to see a friend. In response, she said that they weren't friends anymore due to a promise that he couldn't keep and walked away.

She is later seen being arrested by the regime for betrayal by King Shark and Girder until the Flash shows up and tries to save them. When she sees the Flash killing King Shark she tells him that he is no better than Superman and tries to surrender to Girder before Barry takes her ton a rooftop. They argue about their points of view and Iris tells Barry that she saw him doing nothing when Superman had broken Galaxor's back and tells him that he isn't the man she knew. Later it is stated by Superman that Barry had arrested her and her follower.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

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