He-Man defeat Faker who took his place, imprison his parents and take his kingdom for 3 month, in the aftermath, Adam realize that the kingdom prefer when Faker was the ruler because at least he knows how to punish criminals. Shortly afterward he is taken away by Swamp Thing where he meet for the first time Batman(Damien Wayne) and his allies.They inform him of the treat that pose Superman after that he defeated Brainiac and take control of the Ship.

But they are attacked by Teela and Orko appear and start a fight until Mossman stop Teela and tells her that he and Swamp Thing have the same goal and that Batman is telling the truth, they than take them to they earth while Cyborg, Swamp Thing and Starfire stays to protect their universe.

Back on earth, Copperhead punish delinquents for pre-crime in front of Wonder Woman who confirm to Superman in the Black Oracle that the new system who identified crime with though is working. It is revealed that Batman is actually a mindless slave that obey and assist Superman and that Skeletor is also working with him because Superman save him and this is where his loyalty came from and tells him to take the sneakers of Freeddy Freeman.

Later in Space Zodac is attacked by Black Racer, he is defeated by Darkseid and he failed to deliver his message to Sorceress. Darkseid than is satisfied and tell that he is coming to Eternia.

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