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Injustice: Gods Among Us features a fully featured and fleshed out story mode that details the events of the prime DC universe characters being transported to the alternate earth, where the main events of the story occur. The story is divided into twelve chapters where a different character is played in each chapter, much like how Mortal Kombat's story mode was divided.

The chapters and characters accordingly are:


"I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universe.

"Some are just like our own...but for one or two significant events, exactly the same." - Lex Luthor.


Five years before the main events of the story, Injustice: Gods Among Us opens with a close up of what's left of the Daily Planet before slowly panning out, revealing the devastated city of Metropolis before cutting to the Gotham City police station, where dozens of officers are reacting in a combination of stunned shock and panic, with a news feed revealing over eleven million people have died due to a nuclear bomb detonating in the heart of the city. The camera slowly closes up on a heavily guarded interrogation room, where maniacal laughter can be heard from inside revealing the culprit behind this genocide: the Joker.

The Joker is being interrogated by Batman, who demands to know where he got the nuke, but the Joker refuses to give a straight answer. As Batman lunges over the table to grab the Joker, the wall behind the two explodes violently...revealing Superman, his eyes burning red with restrained heat vision. He orders Batman away from the Joker, despite the Dark Knight assuring him he's handling the situation. The Man of Steel stalks towards the Joker before violently tossing the table between himself and the Clown Prince of Crime aside, grabbing him, and shoving the Joker against the two way mirror of the room. Superman rants about being drugged before despondently moaning Lois's name and mourning his unborn son. The Joker mockingly points out both Metropolis and Krypton's destruction, which prompts Superman to smash his fist next to the Joker's face, cracking the mirror behind him.

The Joker further mocks the grieving Man of Steel, which prompts him to toss the Joker across the room. The Joker staggers to his feet, further deriding the hero over his belief that he could have a family and that locking him away will magically reform him while walking over to his chair as Superman once again moves closer to him. The Joker then tells Superman to leave so he can escape and make further plans to 'top' the destruction of Metropolis. Pushed to his limit, Superman snatches the Joker by his neck and lifts him off the ground.

Batman tries to intervene but Superman gently brushes him aside, knocking the Dark Knight flat on his back. As Superman returns his attention to the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime manages to choke out one final insult, asking if Superman will find love again, and that he hopefully wouldn't kill his next family. Superman's eyes flash red as he draws his fist back, while Batman watches in horror, and the Joker grins one last time before the screen cuts to black and the madman's final laugh is heard mixed in with the sound of tearing flesh.

Chapter One: Batman

The story cuts to "Elsewhere" and Green Lantern is seen using a mini-gun construct to fire on a fleeing Sinestro while Superman grapples with Ares, god of war. Superman disarms Ares of his sword with a blast of heat vision while Hal continues to chase after Sinestro, though he's forced to stop when Sinestro creates a spiked shield construct to ward him off. As Green Lantern continues after Sinestro, Shazam furiously attacks Black Adam with Hawkgirl's aid.

Superman manages to knock Ares out, allowing Wonder Woman and Aquaman to restrain him. Before he can head to the Watchtower to deal with the one behind this attack, Lex Luthor, Doomsday lands behind him, forcing the Man of Steel to contend with the monster, but finds himself easily backhanded aside, leaving Wonder Woman and Aquaman to handle the creature.

On the Watchtower, Cyborg blasts an armored Luthor with his sonic cannon, though his attack is easily deflected and Luthor retaliates with missiles. Bane is knocking Nightwing around when he spots Luthor's missiles heading their way and quickly moves aside to let Nightwing be struck, though Dick is saved by the timely intervention of Raven, who redirects the missiles at Solomon Grundy as the zombie gets Cyborg in a bear-hug, allowing Cyborg to get the upper-hand.

Luthor and Raven exchange banter before Nightwing is suddenly yanked away by the neck by Catwoman's whip. Luthor tries to blast Raven but she teleports away and Cyborg is thrown across the Watchtower by Grundy, landing next to Nightwing as Bane approaches them. Nightwing contacts his former mentor Batman for assistance, but Batman is heading for Arkham Asylum to ensure that Luthor didn't free the Joker. Despite Nightwing's assurance, Batman continues on his way after assuring Dick he'll be there soon.

An orderly leads Batman to the Joker's cell but Batman stops him from opening the cell and reveals a trip wire and several explosives inside the cell. Batman suddenly pulls his cape over himself and the orderly as several shuriken fly at them. Deathstroke reveals himself to be under Luthor's employ and the one who freed the Joker. He attacks Batman, but is easily outmatched and bested by the Dark Knight. As Batman leaves the Asylum, he attempts to contact Nightwing but can't reach him.

Back in Metropolis, Hawkgirl tries to attack Doomsday but is easily held off, forcing Green Lantern to intervene. Working with Wonder Woman, she knocks Doomsday out of the sky. Shazam sees the monster falling and shouts his magic word next to a dazed Black Adam, turning Adam back into a mortal just as Doomsday lands on him. Down in the streets below, Green Arrow and the Flash witness the 'thunder of the gods' and Ollie saves the mortal Adam from falling to his death. Though Doomsday begins to rise back up, further enraged, he is prevented from attacking the two by Superman, who tackles into the monster into the sky while flying at full speed.

Back on the Watchtower, Cyborg pummels Solomon Grundy with punches while Raven attempts to strike Catwoman with magical bolts of energy. Nightwing valiantly attempts to defeat Bane, but the larger villain finally knocks him out with a powerful strike to his back. As Luthor watches his minions do his bidding, Batman teleports onto the Watchtower behind him. Luthor then orders Bane to deal with the Dark Knight. Bane threatens to once more to break Batman's back, but is instead bested by Batman who moves on to Luthor.

Batman weakens Luthor's more powerful armored suit by throwing several explosive batarangs at him, and then finishes him in a fight. Batman then places a device on Luthor's armor, deactivating it as Raven and Nightwing lead his beaten cronies through a portal out of the Watchtower. Batman contacts Superman and learns the other villains have been dealt with and the Man of Steel is personally taking Doomsday into 'very deep space'. Just then an alarm sounds through the Watchtower, Cyborg pulls up a screen and to Batman's horror, they see the Joker and Harley Quinn in the heart of Metropolis with a nuclear device.

An incredulous Batman demands an explanation from Luthor, who reveals he plans to use the Joker to destroy Metropolis, killing most of the Justice League so he can swoop in as a 'hero' to re-build the city. Nightwing knocks him out as Batman issues a code red and gives the League the Joker's coordinates.

In the heart of the city, the Joker arms the nuke while Harley Quinn happily watches before spotting Batman teleport down close to them. The Joker orders Harley to leave, and when she protests, he slaps her, forcing her to go. As the Dark Knight hurriedly moves closer to the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime takes the nuke off standby. The League approaches from two fronts, land and sky, with Wonder Woman with Hakwgirl and Shazam while Green Lantern carries Green Arrow and Aquaman while Flash races ahead of them.

Batman tries to convince Joker not to press the button but the Joker asks for 'one last dance' and raises the trigger for the nuke. The scene slows down as Batman charges the Joker while the League finally reaches them. Strangely, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker become engulfed in blue auras of energy before vanishing just as Batman collides with the Joker.

The two arch enemies land in a street of Metropolis, though Batman notes something is wrong. The Joker, furious that his trigger no longer works, and blaming Batman, tries to attack him, though is easily held off. The Joker decides to kill Batman and the two battle in the street, with Batman emerging victorious. Batman subdues the Joker when several armed squads of soldiers arrive, weapons aimed at both Joker and Batman. One of the men orders Batman to put his hands up, and after seeing how vastly outnumbered he is, Batman complies, but activates a supersonic disruptor which causes all the soldiers to double over in pain. Batman throws a smoke grenade, allowing himself and the Joker to escape.

As Batman looks down on this strange new Metropolis, listening in on several radio chatters between the soldiers, he murmurs to himself, "I'm in a nightmare..."

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Chapter Two: Green Lantern

The scene cuts to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Arrow looking over a very different Gotham City, discussing what possibly happened to send them where they are. Deciding they have to get back to their Metropolis in case the Joker's nuke did go off, the group decides to split up, with Wonder Woman and Green Arrow investigating Gotham while Aquaman heads to Atlantis to search the archives for answers. Hal heads to Ferris Aircraft to find a power battery to recharge his ring.

Once at Ferris, Jordan realizes some things are off before stumbling upon Cyborg and Raven, dressed in very different costumes, torturing Deathstroke for refusing the 'High Councillor's' amnesty. As Raven gets dangerously close to killing Deathstroke, Hal intervenes. Cyborg and Raven both note something is off about him before Raven attempts to subdue him with her dark magic. Brought to his knees, Hal unleashes a shockwave with his ring to free himself, stunning Cyborg before battling Raven, who attempts to arrest him, and defeating her. Hal approaches Cyborg, demanding to know who his and Raven's boss is. Instead of answering, Cyborg attacks Green Lantern, though Hal manages to defeat him.

Lantern then frees a less than grateful Deathstroke, who warns him of the danger he's put himself in by attacking agents of the High Councillor. Before Jordan can get anymore answers, he is contacted by Wonder Woman who informs him that Sinestro is attacking her and Green Arrow. Hal promises to head back after charging his ring, but when he turns to get Deathstroke, the mercenary has escaped.

Back in Gotham City, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow are overwhelmed by Sinestro, who is wearing a different costume as well, and after knocking Ollie out, is delighted to see Green Arrow 'die again' before throwing an axe construct at the archer. Green Lantern arrives in the time to deflect Sinestro's axe construct. Delighted over the opportunity before him, Sinestro attacks Hal with several powerful constructs that Hal counters with his own. As they exchange blows, Hal learns of the 'One Earth Government' when Sinestro compares it to his rule over his home world Korugar, with Sinestro admitting an alliance was logical. Hal learns that his doppelganger on this earth has sided with Sinestro and the other heroes who 'wished to live'. Hal and Sinestro then battle on the streets of Gotham, with Hal overcoming his former mentor yet again.

Green Lantern moves to check on Wonder Woman when she suddenly calls Hal's a second Hal Jordan appears behind them, only wearing a yellow version of his uniform, bearing the Sinestro Corps. insignia. Hal is shocked his doppelganger has taken up the yellow ring, and infuriated when the alternate Jordan calls Sinestro's methods right, while claiming he's still about order, like the Guardians of the Universe. Disgusted with his alternate's cowardice, Hal battles his twin and defeats him.

As the three look down on the unconscious Yellow Lantern, they're further disturbed by this development before being forced to flee into the back alleys at the sound of police sirens. As they hide, Green Arrow wonders if there are any good guys left just as they run into this world's Batman.

Back on the prime earth, Superman oversees the Flash and Cyborg as they work diligently to find their missing friends. Superman assures them they will find them.

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Chapter Three: Aquaman

The story shifts to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, where Aquaman, masquerading as his doppelganger, is speaking with an Atlantean historian, and quickly learns of the destruction of this world's Metropolis at the hands of the Joker, the deaths of Superman's wife Lois Lane and their unborn child, which caused the grief-stricken Man of Steel to murder the Joker and seize absolute power over the world by creating his One Earth Government, his Regime, and brought several superheroes in as his enforcers, virtually eliminating crime as they took on the roles of judge, jury and executioner, with Superman reigning as the High Councillor.

Before Aquaman can learn more, a guard informs him that the High Councillor's envoys have arrived in his throne room. Arriving in the throne room, Aquaman sees this world's Flash and Shazam have brought him the treaty this world's Aquaman is to sign. Quickly reading it, Aquaman learns that Superman plans to subjugate and control Atlantis's armies. Outraged, he refuses to sign the treaty, prompting Flash and Shazam to attack him.

Arthur manages to knock Shazam out briefly before engaging the Flash and defeating him. Shazam revives and attacks Aquaman, who demands to see Superman. Shazam refuses and battles Aquaman, only to be defeated as well. Just then, several soldiers charge into the room, with this world's Aquaman following them, confirming to Arthur he is in a parallel dimension. The parallel Aquaman demands to know who Arthur is, with Arthur declaring himself the king of Atlantis before expressing his disgust that his twin would submit to Superman. Annoyed, the parallel Aquaman sics his soldiers on Arthur, but the heroic Aquaman defeats each one of them easily before engaging his doppelganger in battle and overcoming him.

More soldiers arrive and the parallel Aquaman orders them to attack when they all mysteriously freeze in place. Ares appears before Aquaman, who was drawn to the conflict occurring in Atlantis to feed off of it. Aquaman accuses Ares of being the one who summoned them to this world, though Ares denies this, but claims to know who did. When Aquaman demands answers, Ares refuses and the two duel, with Aquaman defeating the weakened Ares. After pointing out his weakened power, Ares admits that because Superman has nearly eliminated conflict, his powers are almost gone.

He then reveals the existence of Batman's Insurgency, saying he most likely brought Aquaman and his friends to their world. Ares further reveals Aquaman's friends are with the Insurgents and complies when Aquaman demands to be taken to them.

The story shifts to the Insurgency's headquarters where Green Arrow holding a pill with Green Lantern and Wonder Woman close by when Aquaman suddenly appears, surprising them. When Arthur explains it was not their Ares who sent him, Green Arrow introduces not their Batman. The Insurgency Batman explains the pill Arrow just took is a durability enhancer Superman gives his soldiers. Aquaman explains his encounter with their doppelgangers, with Batman defending some of them, saying they joined Superman out of fear or have "lost sight" and believe he's right.

When Aquaman asks if Batman is the only one left, this world's Lex Luthor walks in, shocking the heroes. Luthor explains in this world he never became a criminal and is Superman's best friend. Batman then explains he brought them all specifically to help him use their DNA to unlock a kryptonite weapon he created in case Superman ever went rouge. While reluctant to use such a weapon on Superman, they agree to help him.

The scene shifts to the alternate Superman's Fortress of Solitude where Kal-El is overseeing the creation of a control collar for Doomsday. Wonder Woman walks in, complimenting Kal's work, though he barely responds. She then asks him if he's comfortable with their relationship, and he assures he is. She then tells him Yellow Lantern has arrived, which he already knew.

Diana leaves as Hal steps in. Hal informs Kal-El of the arrival of the duplicates, and the High Councillor orders them to be found and brought to him immediately.

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Chapter Four: The Joker

Back in Gotham City, the Joker has arrived, having stolen a One Earth soldier's vehicle, killing the solider as well and conversing with his body over the various possibilities of this strange new world and what his old gang could be like. He seems to be unaware of Batman watching him from above as he steps out into the streets, intrigued by the graffiti of his face all over the walls. When the Joker hears a train moving above, he manages to spot Batman descending down on him and lands a lucky kick on the Dark Knight. Laughing, the Clown Prince of Crime further mocks the Dark Knight when he sees him stagger up and the two engage in a fight.

The Joker defeats his longtime nemesis thanks to the lucky hit he managed to land, and as he looms over Batman's beaten form, preparing to 'put a smile on that puss', holding a spray bottle of Joker Venom, he spots two flying forms approaching and decides to hide, leaving Batman to be captured by this world's Hawkgirl and Yellow Lantern, who believe him to be their Batman, unaware he is another duplicate.

The scene cuts back to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, where the High Councillor has successfully finished the control collar for Doomsday and is pleased by the results. Kal-El is then alerted to Batman's capture and quickly agrees to meet with them.

The Joker watches Yellow Lantern and Hawkgirl leave with Batman when he suddenly confronted by this world's Harley Quinn, who believes him to be an impostor, desecrating the memory of her Joker by wearing his costume. The Joker attempts to convince her of his identity, but fails and they fight. When the Joker wins, Harley realizes he is the Joker, though not the one from her world, and is shocked, then overjoyed, deciding to take him to meet her Joker Clan.

The scene cuts to the inside of Stryker's Island, where Superman and Wonder Woman walk in between two rows of soldiers who bow in their presence while Yellow Lantern strips Batman of his equipment in his cell. As Superman and Wonder Woman step into the cell, the High Councillor quickly realizes this is not their Batman after scanning him with his X-Ray Vision, only another duplicate. Superman then looms over the shocked Bruce and demands to know why he is here.

The story switches back to the Joker and Harley's clan in the Jokerized Arkham Asylum, with the Clown Prince of Crime inciting the clan members into a frenzy as he lays out his plans to make their attacks bigger and more damaging, using the One Earth governments enhancement pills so they won't be harmed in the process. Planning to make himself into a 'king', the Joker revels in their cheering when the wall behind him bursts and Superman's soldiers charge in. The Joker is amazed when he survives a pointblank blast of machinegun fire thanks to the supplement he took, and helps his clan fight back. Hawkgirl and Nightwing rush in to lead the soldiers, with Hawkgirl snatching the Joker into the air. Seeing this, Harley activates a distress signal from this world's Batman.

The Joker escapes Hawkgirl's grasp with some acid and they battle on the ground, with the Joker defeating her thanks to his enhanced durability. As he looms over her, the Joker grins darkly and bends over to cut off Hawkgirl's wings with his knife when Nightwing sees him and hits him with a batarang. The Joker retaliates by throwing several razor sharp playing cards at the young hero, weakening him, but failing to hold him off. The Joker questions him over switching sides to Superman, but Nightwing only calls Batman a criminal like the Joker. The Joker and Nightwing then fight but the Clown Prince of Crime defeats him as well. The Joker moves to finish Nightwing off when Batman and the heroes from Joker's world arrive to fend off the soldiers. Hawkgirl realizes they're outnumbered and quickly grabs Nightwing, escaping with him, much to the Joker's irritation.

Harley thanks Batman for showing up, though the heroes become on edge after seeing the Joker, with Wonder Woman holding him in place. The heroes quickly learn their Batman has been taken by Superman's forces, but the Insurgent Batman insists they must complete their mission and obtain the kryptonite weapon. Before they go, he locks the Joker up so he won't interfere with their plans or cause any trouble in this world.

Back on the Prime Earth, the Flash and Cyborg inform Superman that they have discovered the location of their friends on a parallel Earth. They then explain their plan to modify the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill to pull all the heroes back at once without risking anyone else going over to that world.

On the parallel earth, Deathstroke meets with Lex Luthor, having finally agreed to join the insurgency and aid them in bringing an end to Superman's regime. When Luthor questions his sudden change of heart, Deathstroke admits that his torture made it personal.

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Chapter Five: Green Arrow

Batman leads the duplicate heroes to his lock-downed mansion, and as he disables the security system keeping them out, he explains how Superman exposed his identity and froze all his assets, eliminating his Bruce Wayne persona. Batman further explains the Man of Steel's downfall, revealing the Joker of his world altered Superman's perspective, making him kill Lois and their unborn child, while Lois's heart was linked to a monitor that detonated a nuke in Metropolis, causing Superman to go mad from grief, blaming himself for his wife and child's deaths as well as the absolute destruction of Metropolis. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern sympathize but Green Arrow quickly changes the subject when Batman explains his counterpart died trying to convince Superman the error of his actions.

Batman decides to split the group up, taking Aquaman with him to restore power to the Batcave while having Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow secure the entrance to the cave. The group split, with the trio making their way to the study where the cave's entrance lies. On arriving outside the study, Green Lantern and Arrow note the low temperature before Hal is knocked out momentarily by a sudden attack from this world's Killer Frost and Solomon Grundy, both working for Superman's Regime and guarding the mansion. Ollie and Diana charge into the study, with Wonder Woman battling Killer Frost while Green Arrow faces Solomon Grundy.

Thanks in part to the durability supplement Batman gave him, his superior speed and fighting tactics, as well as being much smarter than Grundy, Ollie is able to overcome the monster and temporarily subdue him. Ollie turns to help Diana with Killer Frost when he spots Hal staggering back up and realizes Grundy is also back on his feet. Ollie quickly moves out of the way and lets Hal knock Grundy out of the mansion, but as this happens, Killer Frost defeats Wonder Woman by freezing her in a block of ice. Green Arrow frees her, but Diana is unconscious, and Killer Frost advances rapidly, attacking Ollie with volleys of ice.

Green Arrow defeats Killer Frost and ties her up just as Green Lantern returns, revealing he left Grundy in orbit to subdue him. Batman and Aquaman regroup with the trio and they head into the Batcave.

The scene cuts to the interior of a Luthor Corp. building where Superman is giving Lex data from the duplicate Batman in hopes that his friend will make a device that can identify the other doppelgangers in their world. Lex tries to dissuade Superman by saying it will take some time but Kal-El is confident in him to get it done. Lex tries to get his friend to stay for dinner but Superman promises a later time, but as he leaves, he pauses and asks Lex if it is possible for another Lois Lane to exist in the world the duplicate's are from. Lex tries to remind Kal-El there was only one Lois, but Superman leaves with a contemplative look on his face.

Back in the Batcave, the heroes question how Batman was able to hide the weapon from Superman after seeing how ransacked the cave is, with Batman explaining the walls are lined with lead and that the weapon was DNA locked with Superman's closest allies being the keys to unlocking, but because Green Arrow was dead and the others chose to side with Superman, Batman had to bring the duplicate heroes to his world to regain the weapon. Batman then has Green Lantern destroy a section of the cave's wall and removes a large rock from it, with a large scanning device rising from the floor. The rock is placed atop it and Batman has all of them place their hands on individual scanners. The rock is destroyed, revealing a metallic case inside with the weapon and piece of kryptonite inside.

Batman tries to leave with the weapon when the cave suddenly begins shaking, forcing him to quickly hide the case as the alternate Wonder Woman and Black Adam arrive. Diana is shocked to see her counterpart, allowing Black Adam to attack her, with Green Lantern and Aquaman racing to her aide. Green Arrow manages to hit the alternate Diana with an explosive arrow, knocking her out of the sky, bringing their battle to the ground. Ollie manages to defeat the alternate Wonder Woman while his friends try to bind Black Adam and bring him down. Adam unleashes a massive burst of lightning, knocking all the other heroes out except Ollie.

Somehow, Green Arrow manages to defeat Black Adam, but when the heroes recover from his attack, Batman discovers that the weapon has been damaged by Black Adam's electrical attack, though the kryptonite remains intact. Batman says even with Luthor's resources, it will take time to repair it.

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Chapter Six: Cyborg

Back on the prime Earth, Cyborg and Flash have completed modifications to the Cosmic Treadmill and are ready to test it in the hopes of bringing their friends back home. The treadmill is activated and while Flash finds the right vibrational frequency to the alternate earth, the machine goes haywire, and despite Superman's orders to shut it down, Cyborg tries to salvage the test, only to be drawn into the alternate earth himself.

Cyborg is teleported inside a cave structure with a lab not far away, the Insurgency headquarters, where he overhears the alternate Lex Luthor and Deathstroke discussing plans of attack on Superman. Unaware of the situation on this earth, Cyborg readily attacks the two, with Luthor ordering Deathstroke to stall Cyborg while he gets into his exo-suit. Deathstroke eagerly battles Cyborg, but is defeated by the heroic duplicate of his nemesis. Cyborg only has a moment to revel in his victory when Luthor returns, ready for battle in his suit, but Cyborg defeats him as well.

Batman and Cyborg's fellow League members suddenly arrive on the scene, with the Insurgency Batman ordering Cyborg at ease while the other heroes check on Deathstroke and Luthor. Cyborg asks what he's missed and Batman replies, "It's a long story."

The scene cuts to Superman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave, looking over the scanner with Wonder Woman wondering why Batman risked coming back. Superman is suddenly weakened momentarily, and when he scans his hand with his Microscopic Vision, he sees kryptonite fragments. Realizing what Batman now has, Kal-El decides it's time to flush the Insurgents out.

Back at the Insurgency base, Cyborg is brought up to speed on the situation and suggests they return to the prime earth to repair the weapon, with Green Lantern also suggesting they bring reinforcements. But Batman suddenly storms in and turns on a news announcement. Superman declares in a press conference both Batman's capture and planned execution at Stryker's Island. But of course, this is not the Batman of his world but the duplicate and the heroes realize it is a trap to lure them all out.

With no time left to get help, Cyborg then lays out a plan to take over the Watchtower to gain access to its teleporters to safely remove Batman from Stryker's, even though Lex reveals the prison is protected from such ways of infiltration, Cyborg plans around it, telling the heroes to get their Batman past the teleportation dampeners so that he can safely be removed before he is killed. The heroes plan a diversion to allow Cyborg to safely infiltrate the One Earth heroes ranks, with Cyborg even disguising himself as his counterpart. When Deathstroke decides to go with Cyborg, he refuses at first, but relents after Luthor and Batman explain the only way to access the Watchtower is from the Hall of Justice and that he'll need someone shadowing him if his cover is blown.

Later at the Hall of Justice, Cyborg and Deathstroke has successfully infiltrated the building, and Cyborg begins ordering Deathstroke to re-program security for him. Deathstroke attempts to be friendly with Victor, arguing that they have no past history like their counterparts, but Cyborg reveals he already knows about all the times Slade was contracted to kill the Teen Titans in this world. The two then split up, with Cyborg heading to the teleporters.

Just as he arrives to them, the alternate Catwoman appears from the teleporter. She gives Cyborg a casual hello but notices something is off by his impersonal responses and easily tricks him into revealing his true identity as a duplicate of her world's Cyborg before attacking him. Cyborg defeats her, but before he can resume reprogramming the teleporters, his systems are suddenly hacked by his counterpart, who is trying to shut his body down. Cyborg at first tries to resist him, but quickly changes tactics and returns the favor to his counterpart, eventually causing both of them to experience a painful feedback.

Cyborg then challenges his counterpart to a fair fight and his villainous duplicate agrees. After a hard fought battle, the heroic Cyborg emerges the winner. Deathstroke arrives moments after, impressed but annoyed that Cyborg 'beat him to it.' Cyborg then learns of the torture his counterpart inflicted on Deathstroke, but this does little to get any sympathy from Cyborg.

Fights :

Chapter Seven: Deathstroke

The two teleport onto the Watchtower, and Cyborg quickly gains control over the teleportation controls thanks to the fact when his counterpart hacked his systems, he exposed his pass codes, allowing Cyborg easy access. Surprised but impressed, Deathstroke moves ahead, assuring Cyborg he won't be long. Slade comes across Flash and Shazam, both conversing over their worries over Superman's increasingly ruthless actions. Before they can discuss further, Flash realizes something is wrong with the teleporters and Deathstroke reveals himself, luring Flash into several explosives that knock him out and injure Shazam.

Deathstroke defeats Shazam and heads for the reactor core of the Watchtower, sabotaging it and setting the station to explode in less than ninety minutes. The Flash attempts to intervene, but he is too late and defeated by Deathstroke. Slade returns to the teleportation chamber, where an irate Cyborg furiously demands to know what he did and tries to stop the self-destruction, but Deathstroke tells him it's too late and that his priorities were always Superman's downfall, not rescuing Cyborg's Batman.

Cyborg contacts Batman and informs him of the Watchtower's imminent destruction and urges him and the others to hurry. Batman tells him the Insurgency is almost in position and then cuts contact. As Cyborg prepares to evacuate everyone off the Watchtower, he is contacted by Luthor who requests Deathstroke to be teleported to Ferris Aircraft to retrieve a prototype weapon to replace the damaged one so the kryptonite can be re-weaponized. When Cyborg asks if Batman is aware of this, Luthor responds that he is not, and explains that he has to be the one to use the weapon against Superman, because if Batman does and the weapon fails, then he will die, and with him, the Insurgency.

Cyborg is impressed by Luthor's selflessness and Deathstroke asks for the coordinates.

The scene cuts to Batman with Green Arrow, with Batman contacting Harley Quinn and ordering her to use the Joker Clan to occupy local law enforcement. Harley agrees, but secretly frees the Joker, who is annoyed by her eagerness to comply with Batman's orders before they leave.

Back on the Prime earth, the Flash informs Superman that while the modified Cosmic Treadmill can be repaired, most of its systems were synced with Cyborg's and he doesn't know how long it will take to modify it. Superman urges Barry to keep trying, as they may be their friends only way home.

Moments later, Deathstroke arrives at Ferris Aircraft, and overhears Killer Frost discussing with Wonder Woman her discovery of the temporal rifts that brought the duplicates to their earth, possibly revealing the location of the Insurgency's headquarters. As Killer Frost sends the information to the Flash to verify it, Deathstroke sneaks up on Wonder Woman and binds her with her own Lasso of Truth before engaging Killer Frost, who he easily defeats.

Wonder Woman approaches Deathstroke and engages him in a fight, but Deathstroke reveals how he knows all her techniques, allowing him to defeat her. Deathstroke then heads deeper into the Aircraft hanger and finds the weapon Luthor needs. He contacts Cyborg, informing him of his success before requesting to be teleported to Luthor. Cyborg complies and then contacts Batman, asking him if he's ready.

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Chapter Eight: Batman

Informed by Cyborg that they're down to forty-five minutes before the Watchtower is destroyed, Batman, with Green Arrow, replies that they're in position within the underground of Stryker's. Above ground, Superman has amassed a massive brigade of soldiers along with all his generals. When he sees Aquaman rise out of the seas armed with his trident and a swarm of massive undersea crab beasts, the Man of Steel gives the signal to begin the attack.

In the courtyard of Stryker's, Batman and Green Arrow are attacked by Nightwing and Catwoman, with the latter managing to tackle Batman to the ground after jumping off Nightwing, who grapples with Green Arrow. Selina flirts with Bruce, who refuses to hear her out when she tries to explain why she joined with Superman's regime to protect him, saying she led Superman to others to save his life. Batman coldly replies, "Small comfort for the ones who died in my place."

Batman shoves her off and gets back up, trying to move ahead but Catwoman stops him again, pleading with him to runaway with her so they can finally be free from Superman and the Regime. Batman refuses and Catwoman attacks him, enraged. Batman defeats his former lover, and sadly tells her she joined the wrong side.

Green Arrow and Nightwing continue to battle one another, with Ollie disgusted that after Bruce took him in and trained him, he betrayed him by joining Superman. Nightwing delivers a swift kick to Green Arrow's midsection and dryly tells him, "I'm not Dick Grayson," and moves in for the kill when Batman blocks his attack and informs Green Arrow that this Nightwing is his son, Damian Wayne. As father and son square off, Damian tells him that Superman was more of a father than he ever was. Batman retorts that Damian stopped being his son the day he murdered Dick Grayson, who he calls his real son.

After a father and son showdown, Batman stands over his disowned son and declares him dead to him. After binding Catwoman and Nightwing, Green Arrow asks Batman if he's okay, Bruce just responds that they need to get moving.

The battle between the Regime and Aquaman's crab beasts rages on, with Superman attempting to get to Arthur himself only to be intercepted by Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

Inside Stryker's, Batman and Arrow have found the cell containing Bruce's duplicate, when Ollie suddenly begins firing arrows at Batman, his mind and body under Raven's control. Batman manages to dodge, deflect and catch each arrow Raven forces Ollie to fire and soon after subdues Green Arrow, freeing him from her control. Raven herself attempts to attack Batman but is subdued by a single attack from the injured duplicate Batman.

The two start to carry off the injured Batman when the prison shakes and Yellow Lantern comes crashing down from the ceiling. Batman orders Arrow off with his duplicate and moves to confront Hal. Jordan, happy to find the real Batman, decides to put an end to the Insurgency, but loses the ensuing battle due to his injuries. Batman reaches out to Hal, telling him Superman is their true enemy.

Back in the battle, the Man of Steel is strangling Wonder Woman when he is struck by Aquaman's trident, distracting him and causing him to drop her into one of Green Lantern's constructs. As Arthur races to collect his trident, Superman flies down to intervene and the two grapple, with Aquaman getting a few hits in, though Superman sends him flying with a single blow.

As he rises into the air clutching Arthur's own trident, Green Lantern attempts to trap Kal-El in a cage construct but Superman destroys it with his greater willpower and chases Hal into the sky, grabbing his arms and begins to pull them from their sockets when he sees a wall on the prison explode and flies down to investigate.

Green Arrow begins to panic when he and the two Batmen don't teleport after escaping the prison, while on the Watchtower, Cyborg curses as the equipment is unable to lock onto them.

The three attempt to flee when they are confronted by Superman himself. He demands from Batman to know if he thought he could be fooled again like the Joker did so many years ago. Batman argues that it's not about Joker but Superman himself. Superman counters that he has perfected this world, and laments the loss of innocent lives years ago because he held back, saying he could have saved them if he had not held back all of his power.

As the two Batmen and Green Arrow continue to back up, Batman asks him if he meant to control and oppress by releasing his full power. Superman snaps that he could have prevented Metropolis's destruction and saved his family, his eyes burning red. Bruce reminds Clark that crime took his family too, but Kal-El counters, "You weren't the gun."

The two Batmen and Green Arrow suddenly jump off the prison and plunge into the oceans below, only to finally teleport to safety. Superman angrily realizes the Watchtower has been compromised and flies into outer space, heading straight for the station, only to be pushed back as it explodes. Fuming, Kal-El's superhearing picks up Lex Luthor declaring back on Earth, "Your time is over!"

Fights :

Chapter Nine: Lex Luthor

Three hours earlier, Lex Luthor is preparing his warsuit, now carrying the kryptonite weapon, while listening to a news report detailing the battle between Superman's forces and Batman's insurgents, just as Aquaman rises out of the seas with his crab beasts. Taking the nanotech supplement, Lex gets inside his warsuit and powers it up, his expression grim but determined.

He is next seen flying over Metropolis and heading for Stryker's when his suit's warning signal goes off and Lex sees two missiles chasing him. He attempts to evade them but as he flies higher into the sky, they eventually catch up, just as he activates his force field, the blasts knocking him back down into the streets below, his suit's flight capabilities damaged, forcing him to wait fifteen minutes while internal repairs and recharges begin. Just then, Harley Quinn and the Joker ride up and the Joker has decided he wants Lex's suit. Lex orders them aside so he can confront Superman, which surprises Harley. Lex admits to his deception in allying with Superman but Joker orders Harley to fight Lex so he can take his warsuit.

Happy to serve, Harley attacks Lex, but is easily beaten, with Luthor urging Harley to stay away from the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime is angered by failure and decides to kill her with his knife, though Luthor stops him and the two battle. Despite being enhanced by the nanotech supplement, Joker is still defeated by Lex. Harley, enraged by his attempted murder, grabs the Joker's own knife and moves in to kill him, though stops when Lex consoles her for falling for his tricks again.

Throwing the knife aside, Harley tells some approaching Joker gang members to back off when they threaten Luthor. Lex asks Harley to lock the Joker up again and Harley tells him to go get Superman.

On Stryker's, Green Lantern engages his yellow counterpart, with Hal countering Yellow Lantern's machinegun with a fighter jet  construct that knocks Yellow Lantern through the building's roof and into the prison itself. Hal doesn't have long to enjoy his victory when he is attacked by Black Adam and Hawkgirl, defending himself with a brick wall construct as a shield. Though they manage to destroy it, Luthor arrives in time to knock them away with missiles.

Luthor orders Hal to help Wonder Woman while he deals with Adam and Hawkgirl. He flies back into the city, leading them on and knocks them out of the sky by outmaneuvering them and unleashing another salvo of missiles. Adam is knocked out when he lands on a car and Lex follows after Hawkgirl, who landed in front of the Hall of Justice.

Hawkgirl tries to recover her mace but Luthor magnetically pushes it aside and demands she surrender her Nth-metal belt, the source of her powers. Refusing, Hawkgirl flies up and dodges Luthor's attacks, recovering her mace and battling him on land. Luthor tells her she's over-matched and proves himself right when he defeats her.

He attempts to take her belt but is attacked from behind by Shazam, who demands to know how long he's been with the Insurgents. Luthor retorts "Since Superman decided to start herding us like sheep." Shazam replies that he only wants what's best for the world, but Luthor declares, "We aren't his playthings...and he's no god!"

Luthor battles Shazam and defeats him, telling the younger hero that no good comes from hero worship before accessing his suit once more, surprised that it has been badly damaged once more, with flight out again. Seeing the Watchtower's destruction, Luthor learns there were no casualties after Cyborg evacuated the station and that while Superman was caught in the blast he is unharmed. Whispering to himself, "May fortune favor the foolish." Lex calls to Superman and declares that his time is over.

In space, Superman hears this and infuriated to be challenged, flies back down to Earth, straight for the Hall of Justice.

Luthor prepares the kryptonite weapon, but just as Superman is in range, Shazam recovers and attacks him with a stream of lightning, allowing Superman to tackle him into the ground, creating a crater while news helicopters circle around.

Standing over the wounded Luthor, Superman is shocked by his best friend's betrayal, but Lex weakly asks who betrayed whom. Ripping Lex out of his destroyed warsuit, Superman snarls that he gave him and the world peace, but Luthor calls his peace a joke. Outraged, Superman chokes Lex before snapping his neck, killing him.

Horrified as he stands over his best friend's body, Superman can only listen to the people's disgusted reactions before he is overwhelmed. Screaming in anguish, he flies back into the sky, leaving Shazam alone to watch him go.

Fights :

Chapter Ten: The Flash

Sometime later, Superman and his generals are gathered in his Fortress of Solitude, and while the Man of Steel himself sits away from them deep in contemplation, Wonder Woman reveals that the duplicates have incited insurrection in the people with Sinestro and Black Adam urging that they contain the situation as soon as possible. Superman suddenly begins to rant about how he made the people safe and gave them peace but all they do is whine and complain, and side with the criminals.

Rising up, he declares that if they want chaos, he will give it to them. As Superman makes plans to destroy both Gotham and Metropolis and then invade the home dimension of the duplicates, the Flash, Shazam and Yellow Lantern walk in. Shazam is disturbed by Superman's plans, and when Superman asks if he has a problem, Shazam says he is going to far.

Wonder Woman says that mortal man's world is in-capable of self-rule and they must maintain order, but Billy says that they're has to be limits on what they do, especially on them due to all their power. Superman orders him to be quiet, but Shazam goes on, saying they can't do this before asking Superman if he's lost his mind and that Lois would never have wanted this.

This proves to be to much for the Man of Steel and he snatches Shazam by his neck. Billy attempts to choke out his magic word but Superman freezes his mouth shut and then proceeds to burn through Billy's eyes with his heat vision all the way to the back of his skull, killing the boy and letting his corpse fall to the ground.

Looking at the rest of his enforcers, he asks if anyone else has any objections. He then gives out orders to each of them, with Cyborg and Raven to take over global communications, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Black Adam to follow him, Sinestro to prepare the troops and Yellow Lantern and Flash to prepare Doomsday. With one last glance at Billy's body, Superman and his followers depart.

The Flash and Yellow Lantern stare at Shazam's corpse as Solomon Grundy lumbers over. A subdued Yellow Lantern tells Grundy to take Billy's body and the saddened monster promises to give the boy a grave before carrying him off. The Flash watches them go before finally agreeing with Billy, saying this is not what they signed up for.

Yellow Lantern disagrees, saying they did their job and eliminated crime. Barry says Billy wasn't a criminal and Yellow Lantern writes him off as a casualty of war and acceptable loss. The Flash, enraged starts to say something before sadly admitting he deluded himself into believing they were doing the right thing but admits they're not.

Refusing to participate any longer, he says he is done and turns to leave but Yellow Lantern snatches him by the arm, saying there is no done and that if he leaves he's dead. Saying goodbye to his friend, Flash races off but Lantern tries to stop him by sealing the door off with a wall construct. Flash simply vibrates through it and stumbles into the main area of the Fortress, with Yellow Lantern in close pursuit, pleading with Barry not to make him do this.

The two battle it out, and the Flash emerges triumphant over his friend, telling him he left him no choice. Before he has a chance to leave, Solomon Grundy charges in, angered by the Flash attacking Lantern and forcing the Flash into another battle. After defeating Grundy, the Flash races out of the Fortress and all the way from Antarctica back to North America in under ten seconds, already back in Gotham when he sees a bright beam of yellow light.

Deciding to take a detour, the Flash finds Sinestro rallying the One Earth's forces and preparing to execute soldiers sympathetic to the fallen Luthor and the Insurgency. The Flash disarms every soldier and confronts Sinestro, but the alien warlord easily captures Flash in a construct and then flings him all the way to Wayne Manor, following him there and telling him his desertion was poorly timed.

Agreeing, the Flash faces off with Sinestro and emerges triumphant. Deciding he can't just leave Sinestro lying unconscious, the Flash quickly constructs a small pyramid tomb around him and races off to warn the Insurgents of Superman's plan.

In the Insurgency's underground headquarters, Green Arrow is making more arrows when the Flash arrives, shocked to see his old friend apparently alive again. Less than enthusiastic to see the Flash who he still thinks is on the Regime's side, Ollie fires an arrow that the Flash easily catches, and Barry attempts to remind him that he can't hit him.

Ollie admits he wasn't trying and the trick arrow explodes in Barry's hand. Chiding Barry that he has to think fast to be fast, the two square off and the Flash wins their brawl. Promising that he's on their side now, Barry offers his hand to the fallen Ollie and asks that he listen to him.

Fights :

Chapter Eleven: Wonder Woman

The Flash tells the gathered Insurgents Superman's plans to destroy Gotham and Metropolis before invading the duplicate's dimension. Cyborg calls the plan insane while Wonder Woman is dead set on stopping him. Green Lantern points out that it will be an overwhelming fight when the Insurgency Batman tells them all that because they failed to utilize the kryptonite weapon, he's sending them back to their world and destroying the inter-dimensional transporter.

Green Arrow tells him that won't stop the genocidal Superman from following them, and Batman tells him it will give them time to prepare themselves. Wonder Woman reminds him of Luthor's sacrifice and refuses to leave until they've seen the battle to its end. The prime universe Batman suddenly brings up an alternative: Bringing their Superman over to finish the fight.

The Insurgency Batman refuses, saying one Superman enough. Wonder Woman insists to him that their Superman is nothing like this world's. Before anything else can be discussed, an explosion rocks the Insurgency hideout and a swarm of Regime enforcers rush in. The Insurgents quickly move to counter them and Wonder Woman finds herself facing Bane.

Diana questions why Superman spared him and Bane simply replies that the High Councillor appreciates his talents before pulling out a massive assault rifle and opens fire on Wonder Woman, unloading several clips of hundreds of bullets at Diana, but the Amazon Princess deflects each bullet using her bracelets. Frustrated, Bane throws the weapon aside and faces Wonder Woman in combat, but is outmatched against her and defeated.

Wonder Woman tells the beaten Bane that growing up in Pena Dura should have taught him the value of mercy, though Bane retorts that it only taught him fear is better than respect and tries to attack her again, only to be easily knocked flat out on his back. Before Wonder Woman can do anything else, she vanishes suddenly and reappears on Themyiscira. Confused, she is suddenly confronted by Ares, who reveals he brought her here.

Ares bids her to be calm and insists that he only wants to talk but Diana refuses to listen and faces him in combat. Warrior and deity clash and Wonder Woman defeats the weakened Ares and demands to be sent back to her friends. Laughing his defeat off, Ares tells Wonder Woman her friends will survive the battle against the Regime and that if she truly wishes to help them, she will heed his words. Deciding to listen, Diana tells him to talk quickly.

Back in the Insurgency base, the two Batmen work together to defeat Bane again, and the Insurgency Batman tells his duplicate they need to move the transporter before it gets damaged or else he and his friends will not be able to return home. With his duplicate's compliance, they rush off.

Back on Themyiscira, Ares has finished telling Diana of Superman's plans, which she already knows, and when Ares asks if she knows how he intends to execute his plan, she admits she doesn't and Ares reveals her counterpart is preparing an army of Amazons to invade and subjugate an entire continent.

Diana is in disbelief over her counterpart's actions, and Ares suggests she stop her. When Wonder Woman questions why he would have her do this, reminding him the coming conflict would empower him, Ares corrects her by saying it would be brief, as once Superman consolidates his rule, he will be powerless.

Diana understands his motives are far from selfless and begins to speak to him when Raven suddenly appears. Ares leaves Diana to defeat her and stop her counterpart. Raven is hardly surprised by Ares actions and Wonder Woman quickly realizes that Raven is really serving her father Trigon, not Superman.

Raven reveals Superman's victory will hasten her father's return and all will bow before him before battling Wonder Woman. Though empowered by her father's dark magic, Raven is still no match for Wonder Woman and defeated, with Diana telling her not to count on her father's return.

Diana then heads to the island's ports and witnesses her counterpart giving orders to her troops as they prepare to invade Metropolis. Diana calls her duplicate out and orders her army to stand down and stop abetting Superman's madness. The villainous Wonder Woman reminds her that she holds no sway here. The heroic Wonder Woman tries to remind her they are to temper man's aggression, not enable it, but her corrupted counterpart counters that Superman showed her the truth after Metropolis, that man's aggression cannot be tempered, only quelled.

Realizing that her counterpart has fallen too far and is to enamored with Superman to see the horrors of her actions, the two Dianas face off, able to counter each other blow for blow, all the while Diana tries to remind her of her former values but makes it clear she will depose her to stop her.

The two Wonder Women battle and ultimately, the heroic Diana defeats her villainous counterpart. She is instantly surrounded by the Amazon troops, but Diana is able to convince them that her counterpart's actions have pulled them from their true path in helping the world. She urges them to help the innocent once again and they stand down, now following her instead of the Regime.

In Metropolis, the Regime forces march on, laying waste to all in their path while the monstrous Doomsday levels entire buildings with a single headbutt and the homicidal Superman destroys the bridges out of the city with his heat vision, grinning cruelly as he watches cars filled with screaming people plummet into the waters below before flying off.

In Gotham, Sinestro observes Regime forces battling loyalists to Luthor before spotting a sewer burst open and Cyborg dueling Yellow Lantern, with Green Lantern and Hawkgirl grappling in midair, Arrow chasing Catwoman into the street and Aquaman being manhandled by Black Adam.

In the Batcave, the duplicate Batman is informing his counterpart of the situation and tries to tell him they need to hurry when his counterpart announces once he's done working on the transporter, he's sending him and his friends home. Understanding his counterpart's concerns, admitting he too has planned for the day Superman might lose control, but without their help, he and everyone else will die. The Insurgency Batman admits this might be his fate but Batman reminds him they don't believe in fate. He then moves towards the transporter but his alternate tackles him and the two get in an intense battle.

The Insurgency Batman insists this is his world and his fight though his alternate reminds him it became their fight when he brought them over. The prime Batman defeats his counterpart and tells him they're losing time. The Insurgency Batman insists it will be a mistake, but his duplicate reminds him he brought them over here because he had faith, faith that they would uphold the values he had given everything to defend.

Asking him to trust them and himself, he tells him to end this. Standing up, the Insurgency Batman dryly asks him if he even knows how to work the transporter. The duplicate Batman deadpans that he was hoping he wouldn't notice.

The Insurgency Batman activates the transporter, and blue energy outlines a figure before a familiar red S shield emblem begins to appear...

Fights :

Chapter Twelve: Superman

Brought up to speed on the entire situation and observing the destruction of both cities on the Batcomputer, the prime Superman tells the prime Batman they need to get started and that innocent people are dying. While the Insurgency Batman looms in the background, the prime Batman tells Superman they will take the Regime's generals so Superman can focus on his counterpart. Superman however decides they should work together to prevent more casualties before going after his alternate.

The Insurgency Batman continues to listen as Clark admits Doomsday will be tricky, and when Batman reminds him of the collateral damage that fight will no doubt cause, Superman decides he'll have to force that fight elsewhere. Turning to face the Insurgency Batman, Clark asks him if there's anything else they need to go over. The Insurgency Batman walks up to Superman and admits that while it's not entirely accurate, he says he's glad to have him back. Superman nods and smiles.

In the air above the streets of Gotham, Green Lantern battles Sinestro while Yellow Lantern attempts to hack Cyborg apart with a large cleaver construct, though Cyborg dodges it and blasts him with his sonic cannon, stunning Yellow Lantern and allowing Flash to race around him in circles. Hal unleashes a shockwave of yellow energy to knock Barry away and as Cyborg attempts to blast him again, his arm cannon is frozen by Killer Frost, who along with Solomon Grundy chase after Cyborg.

Black Adam sees Aquaman battling Hawkgirl and picks up a car to crush the king of the seas under when it suddenly explodes in his hands. The fighting stops in an instant as everyone looks up and sees the heroic duplicate of Superman approaching from the air, the two Batmen close behind on the ground. Telling Black Adam that if Kahndaq exists in this world he should return home, Adam instead attempts to strike Superman, only to be punched down an entire street with a single blow.

Calling Superman weak, proclaiming his world suffers for it and that there is no place for him here, Black Adam begins lobbing more cars at Superman, forcing the Man of Steel to destroy them with his heat vision before they reach him. Black Adam eventually attempts to rush Superman down but Clark easily counters him and throws him to the ground. Rising back up, Adam declares that this world's Superman modeled his government after Adam's own in Kahndaq and that neither allowed insurrections, the Man of Tomorrow and the ancient protector of mortals square off in the streets of Gotham.

Although Adam boasts that his power equals Superman's, Clark defeats the fallen champion and declares the evil of the Regime must end. Wounded but far from finished, Black Adam attempts one final rush at Superman only to find himself suddenly encased in ice by the Man of Steel's freeze breath. Satisfied that Adam is contained, Superman turns to the rest of the battle only to be suddenly crushed under a massive mace construct by Sinestro. The battles stop as everyone watches a cackling Sinestro slam the mace down several more times before approaching the crater where Superman had been standing.

As Yellow Lantern walks over to his mentor, Sinestro jokes that the Man of Steel wasn't so "Super" after all...only to suddenly feel a gentle tap on his shoulder. Whirling around with his ring hand clenched into a fist, Sinestro's punch is easily caught by Clark, who calmly and easily takes Sinestro's ring off his hand, de-powering him instantly. Looking at Yellow Lantern, Superman tells him this is his chance to do what's right and he should take it. Without a word, Hal slips his own ring off and hands it over to Superman.

In Metropolis, Luthor loyalists run away from a massive oncoming tidal wave while behind it, the alternate Aquaman leads a legion of Atlantean soldiers down the streets before the wave is suddenly frozen solid by Superman's freeze breath. A shocked Aquaman watches the heroic Man of Steel easily lift the frozen wave up and throw it out of the city. Arthur then challenges Superman, demanding to know if he's ready to take on the might of Atlantis. Superman responds with, "Yes. We are."

Suddenly, legions of Amazons led by the heroic Wonder Woman appear on the rooftops. At Wonder Woman's signal, they attack the Atlanteans, leaving Superman to face Aquaman, who tells him he's not wanted here. Though tenacious and skilled, Aquaman is ultimately no match for Superman's greater power and defeated. Admitting he's not wanted but clearly needed, Superman floats back into the sky to watch the Atlanteans retreat after their leader's defeat.

Wonder Woman informs him of the Atlanteans broken ranks and Superman tells her to ready her Amazons for rescue and recovery efforts in the city. Diana promises to break off a legion as quickly as possible. Superman thanks her and tells her she makes it look easy, though Wonder Woman reminds him to ask her how easy it was when they're done. Superman starts to tell her something else when he is struck by a massive Regime vehicle and knocked through several buildings before coming to a grinding halt in a street below.

The monstrous Doomsday lands in front of the vehicle and picks it up, throwing it off Superman and lifting him up, preparing to attack him when Clark forces him away with a blast of heat vision and proceeds to pummel Doomsday with several earth shaking blows, though the monster is annoyed at best and easily throws the Man of Steel aside. Quickly following after him, Doomsday begins stomping on Superman several times before Superman catches his foot, throws him off, and then tackles the monster at superspeed, flying into the upper atmosphere. As both burn in the heavens above, with Doomsday furiously pounding Superman's back in an effort to free himself, Clark spots this world's Fortress of Solitude below and crashes himself and Doomsday inside, where they came to a painful stop.

Both man and monster rise up, winded but far from finished, with Doomsday breathing in anticipation, "I live to kill you." Superman declares he will live disappointed and the two face off. Superman manages to best the monster that once killed him and successfully flings the beast into a nearby portal into the Phantom Zone. With only one last opponent left, Clark looks up and sees the villainous Kal-El floating down to face him, proclaiming he knew they would eventually pull him over and that he does not belong in this world.

Clark tells his counterpart that his obligations don't end at the borders of his dimension, Kal-El proclaims himself this world's savior and protector, with Clark asking if the destruction happening in Gotham and Metropolis is 'protection'. Kal-El says that disobedient children must be punished, with a horrified Clark trying to remind him they're not gods and that they don't decide who lives and who dies, an enraged Kal-El screams that the decision became his when the Joker turned him into a weapon of mass destruction.

Clark tells him he knows what he lost and Kal-El asks him why he judges him. Suddenly calming down, Kal-El tells his duplicate that after he's killed him, he'll go to his world and bring his Lois here, and that once she sees how he's perfected this world she will be impressed, but Clark interrupts and tells him she will be afraid and disgusted, but Kal-El is too far gone at this point, only caring that she'll be alive again. Clark tries one last time to reach out to his counterpart, telling him Lois's death justifies none of his actions but Kal-El screams that the Joker stole her from him.

Realizing his alternate cannot be saved, Superman tells him, "And you stole this world's freedom! It's time to give it back." The two Supermen face off in the Fortress of Solitude, their power equal and their battle devastating, but Clark triumphs over his insane counterpart and declares his reign over.

Kal-El attempts one last attack with his heat vision, but Clark counters with a blast of his own, stunning his alternate and allowing him to beat him into submission. Clark tells him he will not terrorize the people of this world any longer, though Kal-El tells him that all they understand is fear and one day he will learn that. Moments later, Green Lantern arrives with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Insurgency Batman, all of them surrounding the beaten Kal-El.

Looking up at his one time friend, Kal-El tells Bruce, "You'll have to kill me." Batman solemnly says, "Not even you. There's been enough killing."

Fights :


Over the next several days, Superman's One Earth Regime is dismantled, with his enforcers arrested, including the Flash, who turns himself in to atone for his aiding of Kal-El's madness. The Joker is returned to the Prime Earth at gunpoint by Harley Quinn, with the Prime Batman waiting to take him back to his cell in Arkham.

On Oa, the Prime Hal Jordan brings the de-powered Sinestro and his alternate before the Guardians of the Universe while back on Earth, the alternate Diana has her crown and title stripped from her by the Amazons and imprisoned. Cyborg goes to Lex Luthor's grave and somberly lays a piece of his armor against his headstone before departing.

All the while, the Prime Superman and alternate Batman converse in front of a cell window, discussing the aide and recovery of his world, with Superman offering his and his allies help, though Batman declines, saying the people need to feel in control. When Superman asks if Batman has a future in his world, Bruce admits crime will return.

When Clark asks of Kal-El, Batman reveals he and his accomplices will stand trial. Superman then admits that his alternate was right, that if he was ever put in the same position, he is unsure of what he would truly be capable of. Batman tells him he better never find out, for his world's sake. As the two begin to walk away, Batman tells Clark to keep in mind if he ever loses control, he will come for him. Chuckling, Superman tells him to get in line.

The last scene of the story is a close up of Kal-El, trapped in a prison cell surrounded by red sun ray lamps...his expression twisted with rage as his eyes slowly burn red.


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