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The Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic is a comicbook series that can be purchased digitally on Comixology for $0.99 per chapter, or as a physical comic for $3.99 (Original Series)/$2.99 (Year Two onward) an issue.

The series acts as a prequel, taking place during the five years before the main events of the game's story mode. The series is released weekly. Though the original series had three chapters that made up a single issue, with the Year Two series, it has become two chapters instead. Each Year describes the events of the prequel comics:

  • Year One - the establishment of the One Earth Regime
  • Year Two - The Green Lantern War
  • Year Three - Magic users
  • Year Four - The Greek Gods and the New Gods
  • Year Five - Villains and the Regime's recruitment of more villains to join their cause

Starting from issue six of the Year Two series, the physical comic has become a twice-monthly release.

A sequel series to tie in with Injustice 2 was announced at the San Diego 2016 Comic-Con panel, with series creator Tom Taylor returning as the writer.


Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Ground Zero

Injustice 2

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe

Year Zero


Collected Editions

Year One

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-6)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Volume 2 (Collects Issues 7-12, Annual)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One - The Complete Collection (Collects Entire Series)

Year Two

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-6)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two Volume 2 (Collects Issue 7-12, Annual)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two - The Complete Collection (Collects Entire Series)

Year Three

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-7)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three Volume 2 (Collects Issues 8-12, Annual)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three - The Complete Collection (Collects Entire Series)

Year Four

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-7)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four Volume 2 (Collects Issues 8-12, Annual)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four - The Complete Collection (Collects Entire Series)

Year Five

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-7)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Volume 2 (Collects Issues 8-14)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Volume 3 (Collects Issues 15-20, Annual)

Ground Zero

  • Injustice: Ground Zero Volume 1 (Collects Issues 1-6)
  • Injustice: Ground Zero Volume 2 (Collects Issues 7-12)

Injustice 2

  • Injustice 2 Volume 1 (Collects Issues #1-6)
  • Injustice 2 Volume 2 (Collects Issues #7-12, #14)
  • Injustice 2 Volume 3 (Collects Issues #13, #15-17 and Annual #1)
  • Injustice 2 Volume 4 (Collects Issues #18-24)
  • Injustice 2 Volume 5 (Collects Issues #25-30)
  • Injustice 2 Volume 6 (Collects Issues #31-36 and Annual #2)

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe

  • Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe (Collects Issues #1-6)

Year One Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: The Man of Steel's at a happy point in his life--he's got some good news to share with Batman. But tragic times are just around the corner, as one of Batman's deadliest foes is in Metropolis on a surprise visit!

Chapter 2: When someone close to Superman disappears--apparently a kidnapping victim--the Man of Steel summons his fellow Justice League members to help him search. But why can't Superman find this person himself? And will their efforts be in time?

Chapter 3: Superman battles one of his most deadly foes while an innocent life is in danger. Tragic events are about to unfold that will change the course of history for the heroes of the DC Universe. It all kicks into high gear here!

Chapter 4: In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy he unwittingly helped to trigger, Superman faces his greatest loss and his most challenging moral decision ever. Everything is about to pivot on the choice he makes; it could change the course of the world--and the lives of all the super heroes--forever.

Chapter 5: Green Arrow is featured in a solo adventure. Fearful of Superman's vengeance, the archer is put in charge of protecting the Joker's crazed accomplice, Harley Quinn. Finding somewhere to hide Harley isn't the challenge--keeping his sanity during prolonged contact with her is. But who will be the first one to drive the other crazy?

Chapter 6: Still reeling from the destruction of Metropolis, news from a war-torn country creates a tipping point for the Man of Steel. He decides it's time for him to take a more proactive role in stopping man's inhumanity to man. But does the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman mean he's created a new enemy or converted an ally to his cause?

Chapter 7: Fearing Superman's campaign for a new world order, the military hits back at his one vulnerable spot...his family.

Chapter 8: With Superman at his most vulnerable, the Justice League rallies to stop the government's last desperate effort to thwart the Man of Steel's plan for world peace. Will they come to regret their choice?

Chapter 9: As Wonder Woman faces an entire army, her actions are closely observed—and questioned—by Ares, God of War. But it's Ares' motives that soon come under question by the Amazon Princess. Is he fearful that Superman's plans to put an end to war might make his entire purpose obsolete?

Chapter 10: Superman confronts Batman on his home turf. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes turn their attention to a potential adversary from under the sea...

Chapter 11: While Superman confronts Batman, the rest of the JLA take on their old ally, Aquaman. But the Lord of Atlantis isn't about to bow to anyone. He's ready to bring forth his own dreadful weapon of destruction.

Chapter 12: The Justice League's battle with Aquaman and his undersea forces comes to its shocking conclusion. Will Atlantis be able to maintain its neutrality in Superman's new world order?

Chapter 13: In the land down under, The Flash must face the consequences of his choices. Superman and Wonder Woman have brought their campaign for a new world order to Australia and are confronted by a new hero. But what connection does this would-be champion have to the Scarlet Speedster?

Chapter 14: Arkham Asylum is full of villains Batman's put away many times, only to see them get back on the streets and commit their evil deeds again. Now Superman's decided it's time for a more permanent solution. But the Dark Knight is not pleased with this incursion on his domain—and he isn't about to stand down.

Chapter 15: There's a standoff in the halls of Arkham Asylum, as Superman attempts to whisk its inmates to a secure prison and Batman tries to stop him. Robin joins with Superman, Harley Quinn shows up at the wrong time and a very imposing inmate is turned loose.

Chapter 16: The clash at Arkham Asylum continues, as the powerful villains released by Harley Quinn have brought a halt to Superman's plan to move them to a secret and more secure prison. But with victory in the heroes' reach, tragedy strikes. Don't miss the shocking conclusion.

Chapter 17: In defiance of Superman's war on crime, Catwoman is still in the burglary business. However, when she's visited by the Man of Steel, he's not out to arrest her but to put her on a very special assignment.

Chapter 18: As Superman continues his world-spanning crusade, Batman and Catwoman have a secret rendezvous—with the President. Possible recruits for the resistance movement are debated, including a few surprise candidates.

Chapter 19: After a hard-fought battle against Black Adam, Superman and Wonder Woman decide on a desperate tactic to ensure that he remains subdued. But Shazam (and his alter ego, Billy Batson) wonders if this is the right thing to do. How much longer will he remain loyal to Superman's campaign?

Chapter 20: When the Joker nuked Metropolis, it was assumed there were no survivors. But now a distress call comes from the ruins. Is it an automated signal, a hoax, or a trap? No one is sure if Superman should respond. Who or what will he find?

Chapter 21: Batman's resistance team goes on the offensive, targeting Hawkgirl. Inside the Watchtower, Superman and his allies consider their response. But it may be Lex Luthor who comes up with a plan.

Chapter 22: Lex Luthor proposes his vision for how the Justice League might implement Superman's peace keeping mission. Meanwhile, storm clouds gather on far off Apokolips, as Darkseid's son Kalibak plans an invasion.

Chapter 23: Superman's out to establish peace on earth. But what happens when the planet is overrun by alien hordes? Will former allies put aside their differences for the common good?

Chapter 24: Millions are dying from the invading hordes of Apokolips. Superman is forced to remove any remaining inner restraints and unleashes a truly terrifying display of power.

Chapter 25: Superman's standing with the public is on the rise after responding to a surprise attack by Apokolips. That development has forced Batman's rebels even further into the outsider role—and now their teams are about to face off!

Chapter 26: In the Fortress of Solitude, the Kents confront Luthor over his plans to give other people super powers. Meanwhile, Superman confronts the Flash over...a game of chess?

Chapter 27: Luthor presents the pill that will produce an army of super-soldiers. Robin takes matters into his own hands, leading to a deadly encounter in the Batcave with his father.

Chapter 28: In a deadly game of one-upmanship, Superman is about to reveal Batman's identity to the world. But Batman will do anything to stop him, even if he has to bring down the JLA's satellite headquarters.

Chapter 29: Superman and his team head off to confront Batman. But who they find turns out to be much deadlier. Once again, former allies clash with deadly results.

Chapter 30: The angry Man of Steel who now proclaims his grim agenda to the world is a far cry from the smiling hero who once helped a boy with a broken bike. In "The Man of Yesterday," a young man reminisces about his hero in happier times.

Chapter 31: Batman launches a dangerous gambit to break into Superman's Fortress and steal the super-soldier pill. Everything's on the line as he and his team have only minutes before Superman sees through their distraction.

Chapter 32: Superman has caught Batman's team inside his fortress. But before he can unleash his fury, he suddenly finds himself in the greatest battle of his life, going head-to-head with Captain Atom. It's an epic battle with deadly consequences!

Chapter 33: Tragedy follows tragedy as Batman's disastrous assault on Superman's Fortress comes to a brutal end. Even if he gets what he came for, will the price prove too costly for his team?

Chapter 34: Batman now possesses one of Superman's super pills, but he knows his former friend is coming for him. It's a race against time to see if he can manufacture more pills and shift the balance of power.

Chapter 35: It's a deadly showdown between Batman and Superman—two former best friends now turned deadly enemies. Batman has run out of time to replicate the pill that will give anyone Godlike powers. He's about to pay a terrible price.

Chapter 36: The final confrontation between The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight! Soon, no one will be left to get in the way of Superman implementing his New World Order. But a surprise may be lurking in the shadows of the Batcave.

Year Two Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: As the series returns, the Black Canary is still dealing with the death of Green Arrow. And Superman issues a threat.

Chapter 2: Superman searches for the outlaw Batman while the Green Lantern Corps take an interest in Superman's New World Order.

Chapter 3: On the planet Oa, the Guardians are concerned about Superman's new role on Earth. An unlikely ambassador is summoned to pay a visit.

Chapter 4: While Green Lantern lays down the law for Congress, the JLA Watch Tower gets a surprise visitor.

Chapter 5: Ganthet of the Guardians of Oa visits Superman to confront him about his rule over Earth. But Superman has his own issues with Ganthet—concerning Krypton.

Chapter 6: Superman's peacekeeping force takes control of Gotham. With Batman gone, Gordon seeks help from the Birds of Prey.

Chapter 7: Imprisoned by the Justice League, Sinestro tells the story of how he once ruled Korugar and notes the parallels to Superman's current situation.

Chapter 8: On Oa, the Guardians are about to send out the Green Lantern Corps to Earth to stop Superman. Only one Lantern stands in their way: Hal Jordan.

Chapter 9: With the Green Lantern Corps on its way to confront Superman, Hal Jordan is locked in a prison on Oa, but he may have a secret ally.

Chapter 10: The Green Lantern Corps strikes in full force, putting Superman on the ropes…with shocking results.

Chapter 11: The Green Lanterns deal with the aftermath of tragedy, while the GCPD plan their strategy against Superman’s peacekeeping force.

Chapter 12: Superman must decide the fate of the Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, in Gotham, Gordon steps up the resistance.

Chapter 13: Black Canary and Harley Quinn simultaneously battle and bond in Green Arrow’s former headquarters.

Chapter 14: While Guy Gardner informs the Guardians of their defeat on Earth, Gordon and the Birds of Prey begin their uprising in Gotham.

Chapter 15: Time jumps ahead seven months and the regime of Superman remains in place. New life begins at the same time that a new potential menace hurtles towards the Earth.

Chapter 16: Guy Gardner brings an entire planet to attack Superman. Meanwhile, secluded in the Tower of Fate, a crippled Batman plots the resistance’s next move.

Chapter 17: On Earth, a crippled Batman works with Oracle to rally the resistance. Meanwhile, in space, Guy Gardner has brought together an army of Green Lanterns to confront Superman, including the biggest GL of them all.

Chapter 18: In space, a severe blow is dealt to Superman's forces. Back on earth, the resistance in Gotham makes its most daring move yet.

Chapter 19: Hal Jordan vs. Guy Gardner. Ganthet vs. Sinestro. And then… a deadly choice.

Chapter 20: As the battle between the Green and Yellow Lanterns spreads out around the world, Commissioner Gordon makes his last stand in the Watchtower.

Chapter 21: Ganthet of the Guardians takes a direct hand in the battle with fearsome results. And Black Canary moves in for the kill.

Chapter 22: Hal Jordan faces the consequences of his fateful choice while Superman's titanic struggle with Ganthet rages.

Chapter 23: In this penultimate chapter, Sinestro's evil machinations result in the corruption of another hero and the deaths of even more.

Chapter 24: Year Two comes to an end, leaving the rebellion more devastated and demoralized than ever. Where will Batman and his allies go from here?

Year Three Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: The war with the Green Lanterns is over, but it claimed a civilian victim--one whose death John Constantine will not let go unavenged.

Chapter 2: John Constantine confronts a deadly demon and later takes a meeting with Batman.

Chapter 3: Batman and Constantine try to unite a disparate team of magical beings, super-heroes and ordinary humans. Meanwhile, an ominous threat approaches.

Chapter 4: Disaster strikes in the house of Jason Blood as Batman and his allies face the greatest threat of all. It's up to Batman to confront a god.

Chapter 5: The battered resistance regroups in the Tower of Fate while the status of the long missing Wonder Woman is revealed.

Chapter 6: Batman and Constantine search out a new ally in Madame Xanadu. But there's no warm welcome in the mystic's parlor.

Chapter 7: Superman demands the return of his captured allies -- Flash, Cyborg, Robin, and Raven. But Constantine sets a trap, using Raven as bait.

Chapter 8: Lured into a trap by Constantine, Superman struggles to hang on to his very soul. But it's the mage's life that may be forfeit.

Chapter 9: The tables are turned on Constantine, who is about to feel Superman's wrath. Can anyone save him?

Chapter 10: Deadman confronts the Spectre and gets a shocking surprise. Batman and Constantine face off against Swamp Thing.

Chapter 11: A new Deadman rises and tries to find out who really the Spectre really is. Meanwhile, Constantine and Batman set a new trap for Superman.

Chapter 12: Showdown at the Hall of Justice as the Demon Etrigan squares off with Superman. But with Jason Blood dead, just who is "the form of man"?

Chapter 13: Superman continues to experience his alternate reality while in his magically induced coma. But a loyal ally is about to shake up his world again.

Chapter 14: Superman remains in his dream state, living in a reality where none of the tragic events that set him on his present course ever happened. Who will awaken him?

Chapter 15: Wonder Woman finally wakes from her coma, but she's not at all happy. Much has changed and what she finds doesn't please her.

Chapter 16: A revived Wonder Woman doesn't like the changes she's seeing in Superman since her departure, leading to a face-off with Sinestro.

Chapter 17: The new Deadman finally tracks down the Spectre and learns his terrifying secret.

Chapter 18: Constantine summons forth Trigon, and not even the combined might of Superman and Wonder Woman seems capable of defeating the enraged demon.

Chapter 19: Doctor Fate and Trigon battle against Superman's powerful, mysterious benefactor.

Chapter 20: Swamp Thing enters the battle on Superman's side, while the Man of Steel has his hands full battling his greatest adversary... Batman.

Chapter 21: Poison Ivy enters the battle, and Batman has a final goodbye with Nightwing.

Chapter 22: With the battle between Trigon and Mxyzptlk threatening to engulf the Earth itself, combat is brought to a halt between Batman and Superman's two teams.

Chapter 23: Dr. Fate forms a desperate plan to stop Mxyzptlk and Trigon, but he's going to need one of Superman's allies to make it work. Can the new Deadman get them to cooperate?

Chapter 24: The final chapter of Year Three. Differences are temporarily put aside to stop the threat created by Mxyzptlk and Trigon. And the final fate of John Constantine is revealed.

Year Four Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: Superman has battled against an army of Green Lanterns and the assembled forces of magic and remained standing. But how will he fare against the Gods themselves?

Chapter 2: Before embarking on a deadly mission, Renee Montoya recalls her past life with the GCPD. And Harley Quinn visits an old friend.

Chapter 3: A distraught Renee Montoya decides to escalate the battle against Superman. Meanwhile, Harley pays a visit to Billy Batson's school.

Chapter 4: A super-powered Renee Montoya goes one-on-one with Superman on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Chapter 5: Barbara Gordon makes a critical decision and Harley Quinn contemplates what to do next with the captive Billy Batson.

Chapter 6: Robin, Flash, and Cyborg's friendships are strained, while a new force is drafted in the war against Superman—the full might of the Amazon army.

Chapter 7: Lex Luthor plays a dangerous game, while Batman walks among the gods and picks a surprise champion for a trial by combat.

Chapter 8: Broken and beaten after his brush with death, Batman finds an unlikely friend-a down-on-his-luck Gothamite, who, like Batman, longs for the brighter days of Gotham's past.

Chapter 9: The epic battle Judgment by Combat continues between allies Superman and Wonder Woman. And an old ally returns to the fold in the nick of time.

Chapter 10: Just when it looks like there might be a winner between Superman and Wonder Woman, all hell breaks loose, and the Amazons get into a full-scale war against The Man of Steel’s army of Super Soldiers.

Chapter 11: The Gods now directly enter the fray and order Superman to step down. Will his call for help go unanswered?

Chapter 12: Superman simply retreating is not something Batman thinks is good, knowing from experience that he’ll regroup and return. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has been ordered to leave Superman’s side, and that’s not going to sit well with her, to say the least.

Chapter 13: He's finally back-SHAZAM! Let's see how his "Strength of Hercules" matches up against the real thing!

Chapter 14: It’s a family feud years in the making, and raised to a devastating level, as a superpowered Batman and Robin engage in an earth-shaking battle.

Chapter 15: His warnings were ignored and now he's taking matters into his own hands—Zeus returns to lay down the law and make a proclamation that will not sit well with the world.

Chapter 16: Learn the origins of the God of War while, in the present, he teases Superman with the road to ultimate victory-"In order to fight need GODS."

Chapter 17: Battle rages on Themyscira, where Poseidon is about to sink the entire island!

Chapter 18: Wonder Woman feels betrayed by Superman’s part in the plot against Themyscira, but an old enemy may prove to be an ally in the battle against Poseidon when Aquaman reenters the fray.

Chapter 19: Harley Quinn butt-kicks her way out of her prison in Hell and discovers the real manipulator behind the scenes!

Chapter 20: Poseidon's tidal wave is unleashed upon Themyscira, causing Batman to make a tough decision: whether to sacrifice a few for the many.

Chapter 21: While Superman is away from Earth, world leaders debate how to deal with the tyranny of the Gods of Olympus.

Chapter 22: While Superman is off world, Batman recruits a new ally, and the JLA seeks counsel in Atlantis.

Chapter 23: It's a showdown in Themyscira, as Superman's now leaderless allies get ready for an assault on the Gods of Olympus.

Chapter 24: The shattering conclusion to the Year of the Gods! In this final chapter of Year Four, the balance of power may be tipped by the arrival of a force that could challenge even the Gods of Olympus.

Year Five Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: The series begins its fifth and final year as the regime searches for the criminals who all escaped from Superman's prison.

Chapter 2: Superman is attacked by Doomsday, Flash goes down for the count, and the supply of Super Soldier pills may be corrupted.

Chapter 3: Superman battles Doomsday to a standstill-until an unexpected combatant jumps into the fray and tips the balance.

Chapter 4: Disagreements break out in the Regime about the use of villains for enforcement. Meanwhile, Bane and Killer Frost hunt down Catwoman.

Chapter 5: Batman learns of Bane's alliance with Superman, Bizarro gets some clothes, and Damian undergoes a test.

Chapter 6: Batman takes on Bane on the grounds of Wayne Manor, while Batgirl attempts to rescue Catwoman.

Chapter 7: The duel at Wayne Manor continues, Batgirl tries to save Catwoman, and on Thanagar, Hawkman gets ready to head to Earth.

Chapter 8: Hawkman arrives on Earth, determined to bring Hawkgirl back to Thanagar. But Hawkgirl and her allies in the Justice League have an entirely different idea about where she belongs.

Chapter 9: The Rogues pull a series of terrorist strikes around the globe, somehow managing to stay one step ahead of Superman. But will they be able to evade…Bizarro?

Chapter 10: Bizarro takes on The Rogues with tragic results, while Trickster tries to capitalize on the situation.

Chapter 11: The Trickster bonds with Bizarro, Superman confronts Lex, and a deadly criminal busts loose.

Chapter 12: Superman and Bizarro Superman team up? It may take both versions of the Man of Steel to bring down the threat of Solomon Grundy.

Chapter 13: An encounter with an old friend begins the first of a two part story in which Damian completes his transition into Nightwing.

Chapter 14: A ghost from the past returns, and Damian finally assumes the mantle of Nightwing.

Chapter 15: An underground movement of Joker-worshipping civilians gains momentum, attracting the attention of the Insurgency…and Superman.

Chapter 16: Batwoman and Harley's warning to the Joker-worshipping rebels to lay low may not be in time to stop the group from facing tragedy.

Chapter 17: The Bizarro/Trickster team-up leads to an escalation of violence, as an innocent excursion to find food leads to tragic results.

Chapter 18: Bizarro's trail of destruction sinks to new depths and the trail is pointing back to Luthor. Can Lex eliminate this rogue before Superman discovers the connection?

Chapter 19: As Superman scours the earth for Bizarro, Luthor desperately tries to figure out how to destroy the failed clone he created.

Chapter 20: It's a battle to the death at the Fortress of Solitude between Bizarro and a mind-controlled Doomsday. Only one will walk away from this battle.

Chapter 21: Depressed over recent events, Harley decides to visit with a therapist. But maybe an encounter with Shazam will help her more.

Chapter 22: Harley takes out her frustrations on Shazam, while Alfred is visited by an angry Superman.

Chapter 23: Alone, continuing to stand guard over Wayne Manor, Alfred receives an unwelcome visitor on his birthday.

Chapter 24: An enraged Batman pursues the killer Victor Zsasz. Will the Dark Knight cross a line he's never crossed before?

Chapter 25: Batman and Damian battle over the fate of Victor Zsasz. Father and son relations get more complicated when Superman shows up.

Chapter 26: Batman and Nightwing's confrontation over the fate of Victor Zsasz leads to the appearance of the JLA and a dilemma for the Dark Knight.

Chapter 27: Flash has to face Superman's wrath as a result of giving aid to Batman. Is a permanent rift forming in the regime?

Chapter 28: Flash's attempts to protect Iris from Superman's hired criminals puts the speedster at odds with the Man of Steel. Has Flash's loyalty finally reached its breaking point?

Chapter 29: Superman's search for loyalists from around the world leads him to Kahndaq—and a confrontation with a not very pleased Black Adam.

Chapter 30: Batman hatches a desperate plan to discredit Superman while Hawkman carries out his own mission on an alien world.

Chapter 31: While Batman and Batwoman battle Cyborg and Hawkgirl, Superman is off searching for a former ally to bring back into the Regime.

Chapter 32: Hawkman and Superman are locked in a battle to the death, allowing Batman and his team to escape with the captured Cyborg.

Chapter 33: Superman struggles to fight off the effects of Kryptonite poisoning. Meanwhile, Batman's exposé of Superman's murderous rampage is about to hit the world.

Chapter 34: As Batwoman is about to expose Superman's killing spree to the world, an old ally returns to the Regime to help. Later, Batman reveals a crucial bit of information to Luthor.

Chapter 35: Batman and Lex Luthor recruit Deathstroke to go on a very dangerous mission. What they are after could finally end the battle against Superman and his regime.

Chapter 36: Victor Zsasz faces judgment. Meanwhile, Deathstroke's raid on S.T.A.R. Labs’ secret base is looking more and more like a suicide run.

Chapter 37: As the series builds to a climax, we visit a parallel Earth where Lois Lane never died and where the friendship between Superman and Batman remains as strong as ever.

Chapter 38: On a parallel world, an unprecedented alliance of super-villains draws the Justice League into action. But the Joker has a scheme that may bring about everyone's destruction.

Chapter 39: Batman and his team race against time to finish the machine that will pull the duplicate heroes over from Earth One. Meanwhile, Catwoman makes Superman an offer.

Chapter 40: Year Five concludes as the storyline leads directly into the first INJUSTICE game! Batman and his allies race against time-and a rampaging Superman-to bring over the duplicate heroes from the parallel Earth.

Ground Zero Synopsis

Chapter 1: Don't miss the start of this new series bridging the gap between the recently concluded INJUSTICE digital first series and the upcoming Injustice 2 game! The story of the first INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US video game is told in comic book format for the first time, but from the skewed perspective of Harley Quinn. As heroes from the parallel Earth arrive to tip the balance against Superman's regime, Harley's determined to cause her own brand of mayhem with her newly formed Joker Clan!

Chapter 2: Harley and her gang of Jokers set out to rob one of the Regime's Super Pill factories. But the mission goes awry with the arrival of a bat of a different color.

Chapter 3: Harley Quinn gets better acquainted with her gang of Jokers, while the duplicate heroes begin to arrive from the parallel Earth.

Chapter 4: Sinestro battles the alternate earth Wonder Woman and Green Arrow. Harley considers jumping in, but has her hands full in the middle of a riot.

Chapter 5: Old lovers are reunited--sort of--when Harley meets the Joker from the other Earth. And then he wants to meet her gang.

Chapter 6: Harley's "reunion" with the parallel Earth Joker doesn't go very smoothly, while Nightwing tries to take them both down.

Chapter 7: Harley goes looking for super-villains to recruit for her gang. When some likely candidates turn her down, it's time for a trip into the sewers to find Killer Croc.

Chapter 8: Beneath the streets of Gotham, Harley's gang takes on Killer Croc and Bane. Will Harley's continued mixed feelings about the Joker prove to be a distraction in battle?

Chapter 9: Harley decides to make a mark for herself by breaking into the Batcave and stealing the Batmobile. Only problem? Shazam is guarding the place.

Chapter 10: In Wayne Manor, Batman's team faces Killer Frost and Solomon Grundy. Down below in the Batcave, Harley faces Nightwing.

Chapter 11: As Batman's team moves closer to acquiring their secret weapon, Harley faces off against Black Adam.

Chapter 12: Shazam battles Black Adam, while Batman finally unlocks the one weapon that may take down Superman.

Chapter 13: Black Adam takes on Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Cyborg from the parallel Earth arrives. Harley contemplates killing the Joker.

Chapter 14: Batman's team prepares the assault on Stryker's Island to save his parallel Earth duplicate. Meanwhile, Harley's off to storm the Watchtower.

Chapter 15: The raid on Stryker's continues, while Harley figures out what to do with the Joker.

Chapter 16: Harley's gang takes on the Joker to defend her. Batman and Green Arrow take on Raven.

Chapter 17: As Cyborg races to get the teleporter up and running, Batman and Green Arrow bust parallel Earth Batman out of prison. But it may be too late, because Superman has already arrived to stop them.

Chapter 18: The daring rescue of Batman from Stryker's Island reaches its climax, while the Joker puts Harley back under his spell.

Chapter 19: After battling Harley and the Joker, Luthor finally has his ultimate confrontation with Superman.

Chapter 20: Harley has her final showdown with the Joker, while Shazam confronts Superman.

Chapter 21: Flash defects from the Regime and takes off to find the Resistance. Harley and her gang mourn the loss of a friend.

Chapter 22: Batman versus Batman, Wonder Woman versus Wonder Woman, and Harley and her horde break into Lex Corp to collect an arsenal.

Chapter 23: Harley helps Superman to take down Doomsday and then it's the battle this has all been leading up to--Superman versus Superman!

Chapter 24: This adaptation of the original Injustice video game story comes to its dramatic conclusion with a showdown between Supermen and the reveal of Harley Quinn's final fate.

Injustice 2 Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 1: The all-new prequel to the highly anticipated Injustice 2 video game begins here! Original INJUSTICE writer Tom Taylor continues the story from the hit series INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US. Superman is imprisoned, and it’s up to Batman to put the world back together. But with Superman’s iron-fisted regime eliminated, other forces rise up to fill the void. And Batman doesn’t have a lot of allies left to help stop them.

Chapter 2: Dr. Fate visits two old friends, while Harley Quinn finds herself a prisoner of Amanda Waller, who's recruiting a new Suicide Squad.

Chapter 3: Things don't go quite as planned for the new Suicide Squad, which finds itself having to break out of the Pentagon. All of which leads to a battle between Batman…and Batman?

Chapter 4: While recovering from his injuries, Batman is visited by two allies from the past. But the happy reunion is interrupted by bad news from Superman's prison.

Chapter 5: The Suicide Squad storms Stryker's Island Prison while Batman and his allies assemble to prevent Superman from escaping.

Chapter 6: Batman enacts his contingency plan to keep Superman where he belongs. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn experiences a reunion she never expected, and a deadly new player enters the conflict.

Chapter 7: Harley finally meets the person pulling the Suicide Squad's strings, and their plans are far more deadly--and global--than anyone could have imagined.

Chapter 8: Still missing Alfred, Batman reminisces about Damian's first night alone in Gotham without backup.

Chapter 9: Batman asks Ted Kord to join his new Justice League Council, but Ted runs afoul of Deadshot before he can answer.

Chapter 10: The new head of the Suicide Squad has kidnapped the CEOs of global energy companies and demands major reforms by nations across the globe, promising deadly consequences as the only alternative.

Chapter 11: Supergirl finally enters the world of INJUSTICE! Witness her origin on Krypton, the planet's tragic fall, and learn just who will be her guide on Earth.

Chapter 12: Black Adam deals with outside threats to Khandaq and explains to Supergirl what happened to her cousin, Kal-El.

Chapter 13: Following the death of one of their own, two of Batman's allies make a major decision about their future, but the Dark Knight has his own crisis to deal with.

Chapter 14: The ghosts of Batman's past won't stay buried, and when the other heroes think they're going to have a rare moment of happiness, the Suicide Squad gets ready to spoil the party.

Chapter 15: Ra’s al Ghul holds all the cards and dictates terms to Batman and his team. Batman has a major rift with Black Canary and Green Arrow, leading Batgirl to take charge of operations. But she’s going to need to recruit a powerful ally before she can launch the invasion of Ra’s' stronghold.

Chapter 16: Ra’s al Ghul has kidnapped those who Batman, Green Arrow and Black Lightning hold most dear. In order to rescue them, Batman sets off to recruit perhaps the most powerful man on the planet who isn’t Superman.

Chapter 17: While Batman readies his security team to protect the Presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., Batgirl leads the other heroes on a mission to invade Ra's al Ghul's jungle stronghold. In addition to Green Arrow, Black Canary and Wildcat, she’s also bringing along their secret weapons—two nearly invincible players who could tip the odds in their favor and enable them to rescue the kidnapped children.

Chapter 18: Animal Man explains to Damian why he joined Ra’s al Ghul’s cause. Batman’s siege of Ra’s’ jungle fortress begins and a vengeful Blue Beetle isn’t happy with his role. Meanwhile, Ra’s is prepared and readies his secret weapon.

Chapter 19: Trapped in Ra’s al Ghul’s underground lair, the rescue team looks for another way out. Harley joins with the kids and their would-be rescuers and Batman gets tangled up by an old enemy.

Chapter 20: Harley’s close to freeing the kidnapped children, but can she do so before the other Batman detonates the bomb inside of her head? Meanwhile, the kids may not be without resources of their own. And Wildcat faces off against the fake Batman.

Chapter 21: Steel (Natasha Irons) leads a task force in protecting the President-elect at the inauguration. Batman’s team is on the verge of breaking free from Ra’s al Ghul’s jungle stronghold, but the Dark Knight himself gets tangled up with Poison Ivy.

Chapter 22: In the secret stronghold of Ra’s al Ghul, it’s father versus son as Batman and Damian tangle over who gets to keep the resurrected Alfred Pennysworth. Meanwhile, Harley has a moment with Poison Ivy.

Chapter 23: A resurrected Alfred challenges both Batman and Ra’s al Ghul. When a larger battle breaks out, Blue Beetle thinks he’s coming to save the day, but his inexperience leads instead to disaster...and death.

Chapter 24: While Batman and his allies complete their mission against Ra’s al Ghul, Ra’s is not about to let them have the final victory. Was the mission to enter Ra’s’ jungle stronghold in order to rescue the children merely a distraction from something far more sinister?

Chapter 25: In Khandaq, Black Adam continues his secret training of Kara, the girl from the planet Krypton. But a visitor from the outside world pays a call, which could lead to a potential disruption of Black Adam’s plans. It’s a messenger from Ra’s al Ghul by the name of Damian Wayne.

Chapter 26: Confined to Black Adam’s castle since her arrival on Earth, Kara Zor-el remains ignorant of events going on in the rest of the world. Damian Wayne—visiting Khandaq in an attempt to recruit Black Adam to Ra’s al Ghul’s cause—decides a flight around the world is just what she needs. But when they land in the middle of a Civil War, will it prematurely reveal the presence of Supergirl on Earth?

Chapter 27: The repercussions of both the destruction of Ra’s al Ghul’s sanctuary and the attack on Washington sink in. Plastic Man tries to console Blue Beetle, and Black Lightning is granted an immense responsibility. Later, Beetle gets a most unexpected visitor.

Chapter 28: Batman faces a committee that’s determined to find out whether or not he colluded in the assassination of the President in order to put a more compliant ally in the White House. An old ally returns to make the Dark Knight’s life more complicated and Batman reveals an ominous bit of new technology.

Chapter 29: Black Adam and Damian send Supergirl out on a mission to rescue Wonder Woman from a Themiscyran prison. But before her would-be liberator arrives, the former Princess Diana is visited in her cell by an old antagonist.

Chapter 30: Kara Zor-El acclimates to life among the Amazons on Themyscira, and then discovers that she may have some willing allies in her plan to free Princess Diana from prison.

Chapter 31: Violence erupts on Paradise Island when Philippus, Antiope and Supergirl fight to rescue Wonder Woman and escape from Themyscira. Standing in their way? Nubia and an army of Amazons!

Chapter 32: A powerless Flash travels to Australia to try make amends for an incident that happened early in Superman's reign.

Chapter 33: Harley and Lucy visit Harley's sister. Meanwhile, in Gorilla City, tensions mount as Professor Ivo rushes to complete his secret weapon.

Chapter 34: Hell descends upon a defenseless Arizona town as Ra's al Ghul and Solovar test their secret weapon. But out of the ashes, a new hero is born.

Chapter 35: Although the Justice League wants nothing to do with Batman, he informs them about Amazo's terrible attack on a civilian population--and tells them where they can find new allies

Chapter 36: Batman and the JLA battle Superman's Eradicators at the Fortress of Solitude. And the fortress houses some other unexpected residents.

Chapter 37: Plastic Man enters the Phantom Zone in search of the exiled Titans, but he finds much more than he bargained for.

Chapter 38: Not even the combined power of the Justice League Task Force and the Titans seems to enough to take down Zod. But a vengeful Batman has a secret weapon.

Chapter 39: Batman's desperate gambit to take down Zod gets some unwelcome support from an even deadlier foe.

Chapter 40: An old ally is brought out of self-imposed isolation to try and save the life of Superboy.

Chapter 41: Parallel training sessions find Supergirl being tutored by Wonder Woman, while Blue Beetle gets tooled by Booster Gold.

Chapter 42: Damian leaves Khandaq for Gorilla City, where Ra's al Ghul clings to a tenuous partnership with King Solovar and Grodd.

Chapter 43: It's all out rebellion in Gorilla City, with the Suicide Squad fighting to protect Ra's al Ghul from the usurper, Grodd.

Chapter 44: Nightwing alerts Khandaq about Amazo's attack on Delhi, Batman puts his team on notice, and Superboy prepares for combat.

Chapter 45: As Amazo's attack on Delhi threatens to overwhelm the Justice League Task Force, unlikely allies answer the call to fight for humanity.

Chapter 46: While Amazo rages on the streets of Delhi, the Atom enters inner space. And Ra's team faces a crisis of conscience.

Chapter 47: The battle against Amazo continues, but a surprising player gets ready to join the fray. Meanwhile, the rebellion among Ra's allies continues.

Chapter 48: Supergirl battles Amazo on the moon and Blue Beetle flies to her aid. Meanwhile, things heat up among Ra's al Ghul's allies.

Chapter 49: Batman's team cleans up after Amazo, Supergirl contemplates her next move, and tragedy strikes during a rebellion in Gorilla City.

Chapter 50: Blue Beetle keeps a secret from Batman, Athanasia is rejected by her father, and Wayne Manor gets an unwanted visitor.

Chapter 51: Bruce Wayne is called back home when he receives a distressing message from Brother Eye. Alfred greets an unwelcome visitor.

Chapter 52: Batman finds two of the people he cares about most in the world placed in grave danger in his own home. The intruder is the last person he'd expect.

Chapter 53: Beginning a new storyline, the fate of Hal Jordan at the hands of the Guardians of Oa is revealed. In prison, Hal has a very unexpected ally.

Chapter 54: On the prison planet, Green Lantern Soranik tries to keep the peace with prisoners Hal Jordan and Sinestro. But their verbal jousting is cut short by an invasion.

Chapter 55: Hal Jordan and Sinestro are powerless and their prison compound is under siege by the Red Lanterns. A desperate gambit by Jordan may save the day, but also cost him his sanity.

Chapter 56: Hal Jordan is held prisoner by the Red Lanterns while Atrocitus recruits a deadly new member to Corps. And the Titans consider a recruitment drive of their own.

Chapter 57: The Titans are looking for new recruits and Blue Beetle gets the call. But Jaime may find himself a little tied up with an alien visitor.

Chapter 58: Booster Gold and the Titans hot-wire a spaceship to pursue Lobo, who has kinapped Blue Beetle. Beetle finds out who paid Lobo to take him.

Chapter 59: Metron tells Blue Beetle it's up to him to save the universe, Oa is under siege, and Hal Jordan makes a big sacrifice.

Chapter 60: The Titans and Booster Gold encounter Lobo. The Green Lantern Corps, under great duress, consider an unlikely recruit.

Chapter 61: With Oa under siege and hordes of Green Lanterns falling under Starro's control, the Titans, Booster, Blue Beetle and Lobo enter the battle.

Chapter 62: It's the last stand for Oa and the Green Lanterns unles they can get some help. But are the Guardians desperate enough to recruit the last two people they would ever want to wear rings?

Chapter 63: Against all odds, two former outcasts lead the Green Lantern Corps in defense of Oa. Meanwhile, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold set off in pursuit of Starro.

Chapter 64: Tragedy strikes again as the tide of battle against Starro and the Red Lanterns turns. But an even deadlier menace is about to appear.

Chapter 65: Superboy and Wonder Girl confront an intergalactic menace and Hal Jordan bids farewell to an old friend.

Chapter 66: With Starro headed towards Earth and the other heroes battling on Oa, it's up to Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to try and stop him. But how?

Chapter 67: Brainiac prepares to visit Earth, Alfred tries to smooth over a family conflict, and Harley makes a peace offering.

Chapter 68: Enemies meet in Atlantis to discuss peace and how to save the world. Meanwhile, outside of Gorilla City, Grodd is given the means to overthrow King Solovar.

Chapter 69: Romance is in the air for two members of the Suicide Squad while Grodd makes his move against King Solovar.

Chapter 70: It's the wedding of Killer Croc and Ra's al Ghul has a surprise present for the bride and groom.

Chapter 71: In the White House, President Jefferson Pierce has to make a crucial decision. Meanwhile, in Gorilla City, Grodd makes his move.

Chapter 72: The series concludes with Batman facing an uncertain future at the same time his most trusted ally makes a fateful decision.

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: Believing He-man and the Masters of the Universe defeated, a robotic impostor has seized control of Eternia—but not for long! After freeing his kingdom from this strongman’s rule, Prince Adam learns not everyone is pleased to see the pretender deposed—but Adam knows the value of freedom. So when heroes from another dimension ask his aid in deposing a super-hero turned dictator, he agrees. Teaming up with Batman against the Superman of the Injustice Universe, He-man and his new allies face dangerous and familiar enemies in a battle where no world is safe!

Chapter 2: He-Man has come to his mother’s home-world to save it from a despotic ruler: Superman! As Batman plans an invasion of the Oracle to stop their suicide squads from terrorizing the populace, He-Man wanders an Earth city (in disguise) hoping to understand more of the difficulty they’ll face. Meanwhile, back on Eternia, Zatanna and Swamp Thing are horrified to discover that someone else from their universe has crossed over!

Chapter 3: Batman recruited He-Man to join the battle against Superman’s dictatorship, so why is Prince Adam battling him in the Oracle’s lair? Has Skeletor’s influence helped Superman breach new territory? Things seem dire on Earth, but Eternia is also facing a major threat—from Darkseid!

Chapter 4: Superman scoured the Multiverse for heroes who might threaten his rule—but he dismissed Prince Adam. Will he rue that decision now that he’s facing He-Man in the Oracle? Plus, Darkseid’s attack on Eternia has reached the walls of Castle Grayskull!

Chapter 5: Betrayed by Skeletor and fearing the power Darkseid gained in his attack on Castle Grayskull, Superman takes up arms with his old compatriots. But will their combined might be enough to win a battle against a foe armed with the Anti-Life Equation?

Chapter 6: He-Man is beset on all sides—by enemies and allies alike. If he helps Superman use the Nexus, he may save Earth from ever falling to injustice. But Skeletor has a marvelous trick up his sleeve! The battle rages, but who will prevail?

Year Zero Chapters Synopsis

Chapter 1: The Justice League throw a celebration honoring the heroes who came before them—the JSA! Batman finds himself in an unexpected spar with Wild Cat for old time’s sake while Wonder Woman, Alan Scott and the Spectre contemplate their actions in WWII. Meanwhile, Joker finds exactly who he’s looking for that will come back to haunt the JSA.

Chapter 2: Both Justice League and JSA members discuss legacy as Batman and Superman talk about the possibility of Superman starting a family (and we all know what that led to in Injustice: Year One). Commissioner Jim Gordon reveals to Batman that Joker broke someone out of Blackgate Penitentiary while they were at Watchtower with JSA—who is Andre Chavard, and what does the Joker want him for?

Chapter 3: Flashback to the 1940s in Egypt with Hawkman and Hawkgirl on one of their archeology expeditions as they discover a mysterious amulet that possesses Shiera’s body…what will it take for Hawkman to save her? That is, if it’s not too late…

Chapter 4: We all know Hitler shot himself, but what many don’t know…is why. Discover the morally ambiguous secret safely kept by the JSA about how they ended WWII by using an amulet that was found in the hands of the enemy.

Chapter 5: Superman and Lois discuss their legacy and the possibility of it. Meanwhile, Joker and Harley convince Black Manta to help them get a hold of an underwater chest that holds the key for Joker to be able to control a God.

Chapter 6: Someone in the JSA has been murdered, and it’s up to Batman and the Justice League to investigate who did it. Meanwhile, Joker uses his amulet on his first victim to break into the JSA retrieving important information…

Chapter 7: Batman seems to believe the dead JSA member was murdered by one of its own, but Superman disagrees and has his own theory about what’s going on. Amazing Man gets a surprise visit while Joker experiments with a new way of using the amulet…on Harley.

Chapter 8: Finally, it’s the Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn reunion we’ve been waiting for! Pack your bags and steal a plane-we’re going to Vegas!

Chapter 9: After what happened to Joker, he blows off some steam by taking it out on the JSA…starting with the Flashes and Wildcat.

Chapter 10: It's a race to the death amongst Superman and the two Flash's!

Chapter 11: An emergency meeting between the Justice League and the JSA make them realize none of them are safe from the Joker's Control...on Earth, at least.

Chapter 12: What can the World’s Finest do to save themselves when they aren’t on the world, but instead, flying oxygen-less in the vacuum of space where no one can even hear you scream? Meanwhile, Joker follows a voice leading him to Egypt…

Chapter 13: The final battle begins at what remains of the Hall of Justice where Joker now may have control of the most powerful super being on Earth…and if he does, what will he do with that power?

Chapter 14: Final chapter of Year Zero! After the destruction of the Hall of Justice, who is still alive? And where did the JSA go? Meanwhile, do old habits die hard for Harley Quinn? Find out here in the epic conclusion to the prequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Annuals Synopsis

Annual #1: Superman hires Lobo to track down Harley Quinn. Might not sound like much of a challenge, until Harley gets her hands on one of Luthor's super pills!

Year Two Annual #1: Featuring two untold tales! Hal Jordan’s alliance with Sinestro is tenuous at best. How can it continue? Then, as the resistance in Gotham City digs in, Commissioner Gordon works with his daughter Barbara for the first time. But their time together is running out!

Year Three Annual #1: The Year of Magic is over, and the stalemate between Superman's regime and Batman's resistance continues. But some mysteries remain to be explained, like the true start of John Constantine's involvement. What secret role did Dr. Occult play? And what have the Titans been up to all this time?

Year Four Annual #1: In his efforts to maintain world peace and wipe out crime, Superman has locked up all of Earth’s villains, as well as his enemies (including the Green Lantern Corps), in an undisclosed, impenetrable facility. Now, a surprising new prisoner may have discovered how to free himself and everyone else from this previously inescapable location.

Year Five Annual #1: Catch up on three untold tales from the final year of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US. Harley Quinn goes to The Joker’s oldest hideout only to find a band of ex-Joker lackeys have taken up residence there. Ares returns from his imprisonment on Apokolips to try and win the favor of Superman’s regime, but can anyone trust him? Black Lightning—not seen since Year One—switches sides and takes a leadership role in Superman’s plans to rebuild Metropolis.

Injustice 2 Annual #1: “Paradise Lost.” Ever since the overthrow of Superman’s regime, Wonder Woman—his most trusted ally—has been held a prisoner on her native Themyscira. How did she come to this low point? What is it about the Wonder Woman of this world that made her so very different from any other incarnation and susceptible to Superstiman’s brutal, world- conquering vision? When was love lost and when did the greatest heart harden? The tragic story is told here.

Injustice 2 Annual #2: Injustice 2 ends here-so as the story segues into/sets up the Injustice 2 video game, we take one final look back. Batman and Superman’s alliance was torn apart years ago by the events of Injustice. But when Bruce Wayne receives unexpected visitors, he is reminded of a happier time when Clark was his savior. A time of the World’s Finest friendship.


  • Chapter 13 of the comics was originally released as part of a Gamestop promotion under the name Flash Special Edition.


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