He-Man is a guest character from the Masters of the Universe Franchise and Mattel Franchise that appears in the Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe crossover series.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

Early life

He was trapped in the dwell of delusion for three month with Teela and Man-At-Arms but were saved by Mossman.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

He-Man first appears fighting Faker who took his kingdom for Three months, in the aftermath, he realize that people prefer Faker than him because he knows how to punish criminals. Later, he is taken by Swamp Thing to meet Batman and other heroes from another universe that ask help to defeat the tyrannic ruler Superman. But they got interrupted by Teela and Orko who mistook them for enemies. He than accept to help them with Batman taking Teela and Orko for they use and let Cyborg and Starfire to protect Eternia.

On earth, Adam trying to understand what is a reporter and learn about the past of Superman and who he lost himself. He decide with Orko to go out in Blüdhaven where they encounter a woman named Regina Taylor. They fight Bane and Copperhead who try to punish the woman and they emerge victorious. Later they come back to the base just when Batman was mad at Teela for letting him go and reveal to everyone that he has a plan and everyone are surprise to see him dressed like Bane.

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