Hawkman is the husband of Hawkgirl and appears as a member of Batman's Insurgency in the Year Five Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic series.


Katar Hol was a police officer from the planet Thanagar sent to Earth to capture the criminal Byth Rok. Having become intrigued by the planet, he returned to Earth to study human police methods, along with his wife, Shayera. On Earth, he adopted the secret identity of Carter Hall, curator of the Midway City Museum, and as the hero Hawkman.

Injustice Comic

Hawkman appears during Year 5 as part of Batman's resistance after an altercation with Hawkgirl left him humiliated at the hands of Superman. Hawkman is killed by Superman after he attempted to kill him with a Kyptonite mace.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Hawkman appears as a statue outside the Hall of Justice stage, and is mentioned in Hawkgirl's ending, where it is stated he was murdered by Superman.

Powers and Abilities

Hawkman's organic wings give him the power of flight, while exposure to the metal in his various weapons and armor have afforded him superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, that while lower than such beings as Superman and Wonder Woman, allows him to go blow for blow with Mongul, and overpower Cyborg. Much like Hawkgirl, Hawkman prefers an Nth metal mace as his primary weapon.


Hawkman wears an Nth metal harness with a red emblem with a hawk insignia over his torso, from which his wings are attached to his back, leather studded gauntlets on both arms, red boots, and green pants. Also like Hawkgirl, he wears a hawk shaped mask over his face.


Hawkman statue

Hawkman's statue outside the Hall of Justice

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